Brookings Co GOP to hear from AG Candidate John Fitzgerald on 9/16

From my mailbox:

Meet John Fitzgerald, candidate for Attorney General, on Sept 16

The Brookings County Republicans will meet Saturday, September 16th, at 9:00 AM at the County Resource Center Board Room in the Swiftel Center.

Following a short business meeting, John Fitzgerald, Lawrence County State’s Attorney, will update us on his campaign for the office of South Dakota Attorney General.

John is a 1977 graduate of Black Hills State University and a 1979 graduate from the University of South Dakota Law School. He has been a practicing attorney in South Dakota since 1980.

John was the Butte County State’s Attorney from 1981‐1995 and a Deputy State’s Attorney in Lawrence County from 1990‐1995.  In 1995 he became  the Lawrence County State’s Attorney and has been serving Lawrence County ever since.

John Fitzgerald is one of three declared candidates for the office of Attorney General.

Coffee and cookies will be served.

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  1. Anonymous

    This man has actually done trials, prosecuted death penalty cases and is someone that can’t be bought, or bullied into anything by anyone. Ask the people of western South Dakota, he’s got the experience to do South Dakota proud. This man and his family survived the La Cosa Nostra. No scandals of Gear-Up or EB5. This is one tough man. But John is fair and no one can say anything different. If you want a politician you know who to vot le for. If you want a man that will fight criminals and corruption vote for John.

    1. Anonymous

      John in my opinion is in 4th place right now, unexciting is a nice way to put it.

      The only one seeming to push him is his wife.

      1. Sam Kephart

        Dear Mr. or Ms. Anonymous:

        A couple of comments…

        1) I simply LOATHE folks who are SO chicken-s–t as to NOT use their real name.

        I’m 66 years old and I have NEVER made a comment on a blog nor written more than 20 published newspaper Op-Eds that I didn’t openly and clearly “own.”

        Shame on you!

        Your snide remarks are both pretentious and have the markings of phony intellectualism.

        You like opining without ownership; pretty sad.

        I find your masked smarminess offensive.

        Go public… or go home.

        2) I have known both John and Mary Fitzgerald for 13 plus years now.

        Further, I have been on a jury where John was the prosecutor… so I have spent an entire day with him (and others) engaged in a very serious trial experience (it dealt with a sex crime).

        Your comment about Mary Fitzgerald “pushing” John is both a cheap shot AND untrue.

        I can assure you that John is his own man in all professional matters – nobody pushes him… Mary included.

        John is running for AG of his own volition.

        John and Mary have a loving and very supportive relationship… along with a tight family. So, are they all supporting his run for AG? Obviously!

        But John chooses his course in life and is very highly ethical in his professional pursuits, including his motivations for running for AG.

        Mary does not make his career choices for him. He does.

        1. KM

          Sam – Brush it off. Don’t let free speech offend you, what they say really doesn’t matter in the big picture.

          I respect your opinion on anonymity, but there are valid reason to not state your name. I’ve never put my name to any comments and this is because we have kids and are not willing to risk their safety. People’s lives can be ruined by a simple statement taken out of context. If I said something that offended someone my husband works with, will they complain and that lead to my husband being fired? In today’s society that could easily happen.

          It would seem, from your second point, that Fitzgerald would be a great choice for our state AG. I’d like to know more so I DuckDuckGo’d him and not much information was available. Does he have a website? A Facebook Page? A Twitter Page? Your positive comments can be helpful and hopefully you’ll share more. SDWC is our one-stop-shop for what’s happening in the SD world of politics, we don’t even watch local news anymore;)

          1. Tara Volesky

            KM, how sad that you are one of many that feels you can not speak out because you live in fear of your children’s safety or losing a job. That’s not the kind of SD we should accept. It’s time to drain the swamp and give people back their freedom of speech without fear of retribution. You are not alone KM…………… The threat or fear of violence should not become an excuse or justification for restricting freedom of speech. Alan Dershowitz.

            1. KM

              Tara – We don’t live in fear, we’re gun owners;) We aren’t going to risk (risk) our kid’s safety or the repercussions of someone being triggered so I don’t use my name. You think SD residents are the only people allowed on this blog? Did you catch the comments from the post about the Argus journalist lying in her reporting? Some were from an IP address hitting in NC, they called everyone the R-word.

              I know someone called you a troll, but you are far from what an actual internet troll is. Spend some time in online chats and you’ll see there are some pretty vile people. Miranda could probably attest to that.

              I think you mean well, but free speech with the threat of fear or violence is real. Antifa? Do you remember that man who was so upset he went to a Senate baseball practice and shot one of Senators who now has to relearn how to walk? Pretty real.

              1. Tara Volesky

                KM, thanks for your comments . Maybe I am just a little more daring than you. lol. There are some real strange ones out there. We just need to support each other for our efforts in making SD a wonderful place to raise a family and not having to live in fear or be blackballed for freedom of speech. 99% of the people in SD are awesome. The other 1%ers will come around. Just be true to yourself. Thanks KM. Miranda is a good person.

          2. Sara Fitzgerald

            My father had a Facebook page: Fitzgerald for Attorney General. Just about everyday something is posted on there. He also has a Twitter account: fitzforag and Instagram account: fitz4ag -We are in the process of working on a website. Just Google John Fitzgerald Lawrence County and you will get tons of hits on the internet. Really not too hard to find!

            1. Tara Volesky

              Hey Sara, don’t let some of these people bother you. It takes a lot of guts to run for office…..something these party elites don’t have.

            2. KM

              Sara – Ya…so you must not know much about the issues with Google? There were not “tons” of hits, but anyway…the website will be most helpful I presume. His Facebook page is nice, not much about him or how he stands out. Lots of nice family pictures though. I’ll keep the FB page bookmarked, thanks for your help.

          3. Sam Kephart

            I agree on the dangers of having unpopular political opinions in this state; quite unfortunate. South Dakota will NEVER understand how many potential deals it has lost nor how much economic development it’s missed out on because of the GOB (Good Ole Boys), their minions, and their opinions on how things should be run. It’s become SO inbred and predictable, these poseurs can’t see what they have done to our economic future. With this crowd, control is more important than growth or even profits. Insanity run amok, really.

        1. Anonymous

          I would hope we haven’t seen nothing yet because so far it looks like Tara, Sibby and Sam Kephardt are supporting him , if they are I am not.

  2. Pat Smith

    Mr. Anonymous,
    Are you making fun of truck drivers or the Army Reserves or both? Additionally, I thought I thought I saw a posting that he is a Battalion Commander in the Reserves? That is a far cry from a truck driver.

  3. Tara Volesky

    Wasn’t Ravnsborg promised the AG nomination from the Rounds if he jumped in the Senate race as a ringer to take votes away from Stace Nelson?


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