Citizens Against Assisted Suicide presents to Brookings GOP

Former State Representative Fred Deutsch gave a great presentation on the vast numbers of problems with the South Dakota Assisted Suicide Measure, which threatens to redefine the Dr – Patient relationship, as well as to allow people – not family members – to administer the Suicide treatments.

I’ll be bringing you more on this dangerous measure if it makes it on the ballot. In the meantime, if presented with it, absolutely don’t sign it!

13 Replies to “Citizens Against Assisted Suicide presents to Brookings GOP”

  1. Anne Beal

    What Dr-Patient relationship?

    If this passes, physicians will be on notice that if they don’t kill their patients, somebody else will.

    When I did occupational health I often saw Workers’ Comp staff request IMEs, Independent Medical Evaluations. The insurance companies can request, and get, IMEs any time they think a particular case is costing too much money. And the advice of the IME is all they have to follow.

    1. KM

      I’m going to take the leap, why I don’t know…

      So, Jaa Dee, my husbands choices are none of my business? How about my kids? My mom and dad? You have some of the weakest arguments.

      I’m glad to see you have stopped saying “you folks” and have gone straight for the stereotyping. Who here again is the bigot?

    2. Anne Beal

      Ok so if you have lots of money your court-appointed guardian or spouse can spend all your money and give you a lethal dose of barbiturates and it’s nobody’s business, not even your children’s.

    3. Tara Volesky

      That’s for damn sure. Why not advocate for seniors that are manipulated, against their will in making their own decisions. If you want to kill someone, just take their decision making and independence away. That is a much bigger problem than the final few days or months of a persons like.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    We try and tell people, especially young people, that suicide isn’t the answer. Then some out of state group funds a ballot issue trying to get our state to say suicide is good, if it’s aimed at grandma.
    On behalf of parents everywhere, vote no and tell these folks to get their snake oil out of our state

  3. Anne Beal

    If you really want to kill yourself, it’s easy. People do it all the time with no assistance at all. You can consume a lethal amount of drugs and alcohol. You can do it with carbon monoxide. You can put a plastic bag on your head and suffocate yourself. You can use a gun and blow your brains out. You can cut your own throat. You can go for a long walk in the winter in your underwear. You can swim out into the middle of a lake or jump off a tall building.
    You can even ride a bicycle on the interstate.
    So what’s the problem?

    This physician-assisted suicide law just allows somebody else to kill you whether you want them to or not. Somebody with legal authority over you will make the decision and give you the drugs.

  4. Tara Volesky

    That’s true Anne, I think Drs. and patients know best, not Government. Drugs and machines keep people alive. Just stop taking your drugs, and you will die.

    1. Anne Beal

      Actually that’s not true. Several times I had delirious or unconscious clients and it was decided to stop their medications and they ended up coming around, even walking and talking again.

  5. Cliff Hadley

    This gruesome measure would implicate others through the coercion of law — all in the soothing language of “choice” — in causing death. It’s barbarism masquerading as compassion. Along the way conscience claims will be swept aside, much as has already happened in similar obsessions with abortion, birth control and sexual identity.

    In the Netherlands, family members held down an elderly woman struggling to live so a physician could give the fatal shot. Meanwhile, the Dutch state chooses who deserves to live among the most vulnerable — the old, the sick, the developmentally challenged. Lovely.


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