College Fix covers story on Campus free speech bill noting “lawmakers fed misleading info before rejecting”

From the College Fix comes a recap on the story on the demise of the first Campus Free Speech Bill, noting that legislators were fed misinformation before they voted against it:

Now a cohort of student government members from South Dakota State has alleged that the student testimony was “misleading.” Six South Dakota State student senate members claim the student resolution against the free speech bill was passed hastily, disregarding typical procedures and without sufficient campus input.

“The testimony and the resolution are in many ways misleading, and untrue because nearly no student organizations or students were consulted on this issue,” the senators stated in a letter, a copy of which was posted on the political website South Dakota War College.


Ryan Sailors, another student senator who signed the letter, echoed similar sentiments.

“I personally would have liked to see the resolution being tabled and give us more time to meet with the student body and get more educated on the legislation,” he told The Fix via email.

In addition to the senators who have spoken out, the editorial board of the campus newspaper, The Collegian, also criticized how the resolution was handled. In an editorial published last week, the newspaper said a vote on the resolution should have been postponed.

Read it here.

They’ll get a chance to set things right via the Senate version of the measure, which is soon to be heard in Senate Education committee.

22 thoughts on “College Fix covers story on Campus free speech bill noting “lawmakers fed misleading info before rejecting””

  1. I sincerely hope there are meaningful repercussions for those who mislead the legislature.

    1. Rhinos voting against Republican bills isn’t “mislead.” It is par for the course. We have seen this problem splashed across the headlines all over the country and the Board of Regents lying to the legislature is nothing new, neither is the making excuses for the fake Republicans voting with the Democrats on key Republican issues.

  2. The administrators at SDSU behind this need to be fired. So does Barry Dunn for letting it happen. Will the legislature stand up and fight?

  3. Great article.
    It’s appalling what happened here.
    Where are the reporters in South Dakota who should be covering this scandal?

  4. The bureaucrats from the Board of Regents are spending tens of thousands in taxpayer money trying to kill a free speech bill and flying in university presidents in jets and twisting student arms. It’s a wild scene. What are they so afraid of? The legislature may open a civil investigation into what is happening

    1. They are afraid of the state sliding further down the wingnut rabbit hole, because they know that the nuttier this state becomes, the less likely young people are going to want to come here to go to school.

      1. Mike from Iowa, I presume? Please, kindly stay on your own side of the Big Sioux and in the words of Herm Edwards:”Put your name on it!”

  5. USD’s President Abbott has been working very hard to kill this bill. Very sad to hear of his condition by the way.

    1. He isn’t the only one. I have seen at least six different people working the senate education committee hard to kill SB 198.

  6. Rush has badly mishandled this whole issue. He makes it look like the universities have something big to hide. I guess they do. SDSU refuses to hire Republicans because liberals in charge

  7. Here’s a good class SDSU can offer these student senators: How to not lie under oath to a legislative committee

  8. The lawmakers who sunk the bill need to be held accountable. But they won’t be. Conservatism is a nuke wide and an inch deep in South Dakota politics. (And, no, I’m not Stace. Can’t stand that self-serving blowhard.).

  9. can someone please explain to me why the Regents are so passionate about killing this one simple bill? feels very weird

  10. I want to thank Kristi Noem for strongly backing this bill and showing leadership. When she’s governor the Regents will have their balls cut off and won’t be running wild in Pierre while the current governor administration pleasures themselves. Just watch how many of the current people in governor administration take jobs from the Regents next year

    1. What exactly has Kristi done? How has she “strongly” supported it? Is she lobbying legislators? Is she speaking out daily in the press? Is she leaning on the board of regents? What’s she doing?

      1. I know for sure that she issued a press release indicating her support. Also, she and AG Jackley were mentioned in a separate press release from the State Republican Party as supporting it.

        1. I’m glad to hear she said she supports it. However, talk is not the same as “strong” support.

  11. All donors to SDSU should call Barry Dunn and tell him they will never give another penny until he cleans house and hires some non-liberals to teach over there. When they call me begging for more money they will get an earful

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