Daugaard to deny funding for IM22 in favor of education.

Governor Dennis Daugaard makes no bones about the fact that IM22 would divert badly needed funds away from education – and he’s not going to propose that they fund political campaigns from state coffers.

Daugaard on Monday told Argus Leader Media that he plans to ask lawmakers to support him in opting out of funding a so-called “democracy credit” program that could cost the state close to $4.91 million. Under the law passed last month by voters, the state is required to fund a program that grants two $50 vouchers that let voters support political campaigns of their choice.

“I’ll be up-front in my speech and ask them not to fund that,” Daugaard said of the program. “Especially in a year that’s so tight for revenue, I just can’t believe that voters would want us to reduce the money we could be spending on education or Medicaid or nursing homes.”

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8 Replies to “Daugaard to deny funding for IM22 in favor of education.”

  1. Jaa Dee

    You people have stepped in on this one..There have been 2 very informative columns and one editorial pointing out why the corrupt elected repugs. don’t want this and at least one column in the A.L….

  2. Springer

    Would you rather fund this boondoggle instead of teachers or Medicaid? Because that is what you are saying. Or is this extra $5 million just going to appear like manna in the desert?

    1. Anonymous

      I voted against 22. I absolutely disliked the democracy credits, but liked the anti coruption portions. You and the govener are claiming a false dichotomy. Reserves could be used too, but he is choosing not to do that. I didn’t want the bill passed, but we need to respect the vote of the people. As a Veteran I’d take this as a slap to the face of Democracy if they completely repealed the bill. At least take out parts that are unconstitutional, and work with the other portions to minimize corruption.

      1. Annon

        What corruption? Put up or shut up. Name one case of corruption in the legislature. Just one! I am so sick of the BS that keeps getting thrown out.

        1. Steve Sibson

          The increase in sales tax to fund higher teacher pay is an example of corruption (unless you argue that the Associated School bards and School Administrations are somehow exempt from IM22). The voters said no to sales tax increases and the legislature ignored the “will of the people”. Pure hypocrisy by those who supported that tax increase and whine about IM22 being the will of the people. And how many South Dakotans that voted yes actually read the bill? Anybody want to do a poll on that? Perhaps we should have Weiland explain how democracy is served by voting on laws you haven’t even read, let alone understand.

      2. Springer

        The people were duped! Now it’s up to the legislature to fix this for the people and to make it harder for such IM’s or proposed amendments to even get on the ballot. This year was undeniable proof that in SD it is too easy to get these on the ballot and then lie about what they actually will do.