Dem AG candidate Seiler sponsors Pierre LGBT pride festival, brags about stopping law to prevent boys from using women locker rooms.

Not a story you read every day in South Dakota. But today’s Capital Journal leaves little doubt that there’s a definite difference between the AG candidates.

Democrat AG Candidate Randy Seiler is joining Dem party leaders in pandering to the hard left, and was bragging about his efforts at stopping the proposed law to prevent boys from using women locker rooms:

In his remarks, Seiler described his role in Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s veto of a “bathroom bill” in 2016. The bill said that school restrooms and locker rooms “shall be designated for and used only by students of the same biological sex.” Daugaard’s veto message was widely reported with a couple of points Daugaard had made to explain his veto – that the bill addressed no pressing issue and such matters were best left local authorities.


The reason for that part of the veto message, Seiler told festival attendees on Saturday, was the effort he made as U.S. Attorney for the district of South Dakota at the time. He had done the research to determine that the bathroom bill was unconstitutional, and he had told Gov. Daugaard that his office was prepared to bring legal action against the state if the bill were signed into law. Seiler said he’d told the governor that he’d be “buying a federal lawsuit” if he signed the bill.

Read that here.

The story also notes that the Seiler for AG campaign was a sponsor of the festival:

The event featured remarks from a couple of Democratic Party nominees for statewide office who’ll appear on the November ballot – Michelle Lavallee, who’s Billie Sutton’s running mate as he seeks the governorship; and attorney general candidate Randy Seiler. Seiler’s campaign was one of the sponsors of the event.


The highlight of Pierre’s inaugural Pride Festival were two drag queen shows, which were performed by Pierre resident Kelly Turner, along with Martina Shakers and her drag queen family from Sioux City, Iowa – Giselle Jacobs, Alessandra Jacobs, Devin Shakers, Satine Kennedy, Georgia Rose Shakers.

Read that in the same article.

To each their own, but I’ve got to say that I’m not sure how all of this is going to play among the church-going folk in South Dakota who believe that boys should not be showering with girls. It also says nothing about how Seiler would defend a locker-room law if it was passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Noem.

If anything, it gives the impression that Seiler is campaigning to be a liberal social activist attorney general, the kind who will be suing the president for every action he takes against the liberal agenda, such as suing on immigration, or suing oil companies over ‘global warming.’

The campaign is just starting. Stay tuned

52 thoughts on “Dem AG candidate Seiler sponsors Pierre LGBT pride festival, brags about stopping law to prevent boys from using women locker rooms.”

  1. Along with Seilers anti-death penalty stance; pro-abortion stances; public statements he wants to restrict gun ownership and have red flag laws …this guys a liberal activist…no thanks….he may have experience but he also has Poor judgment

    1. If voters elect Mr. Seiler, he’ll squander precious state resources filing lawsuits against our chief executives, both in Washington and in Pierre. When I ask Democrats if Seiler will sue the administration, Dems EXPLICITY AGREE that he WILL. Indeed, they cheer it. I assure you it’s no illusory concern. Other Dem AGs are engaged in the practice already. Look no further than Maryland, where the Dem AG ignores his state’s skyrocketing murder rate, preferring to instigate suit after suit to undermine the President.

      If you oppose Trump’s policies, vote against him. That’s your right as a citizen. If you want “45” impeached, vote for congressional Dems. Maxine Waters has promised impeachment. Bjorkman agrees. But the good man we elect SD’s Attorney General must focus his attention on local issues, specifically DRUG CRIME.

      Meth is a plague and opioids a scourge. We need boots on the ground. We need our AG reinforcing police efforts. Forget Washington. Keep your focus here. Defend South Dakota. Our troopers require logistical support. Help our valiant Sheriffs identify & lock up the invading, drug-fueled army. Jail the narco-gangster insurgents who infect our state like a virus. Do I agree with those calling MS-13 “animals?” No, because that’s an insult to animals. MS13 deserves far worse. They murder. They torture. They rape. Unless you want your week ruined, do not Google the atrocities these monsters & pimps commit against our vulnerable women and children. The problem is here: in our schools, in our parks, in our alleys and playgrounds. Let DC politicians bicker and squabble. Keep South Dakota Safe.

  2. ZOMG, HE SUPPORTS GAY PEOPLE!!?!?!?! Why is this being reported as though it is a bad thing? Consenting adults can do as they please without the government interfering.

    1. He supports a guy going into the same bathroom as my 9 year old daughter, that is the problem as presented in this post. I don’t support putting my daughter’s privacy and innocence at risk, no matter what you believe.

      1. The article brought up two points: the bathroom bill and his *gasp* support of an LGBT parade WHICH EVEN HAD DRAG QUEENS. Who cares about the second? And if it is not an issue, why was it brought up?

    2. Sounds like Randy and Trump are in agreement when it comes to gay and transgenders. Leave it to local control and private businesses.

  3. “To each their own” kind of seems like the antithesis of this blog and perhaps conservatism in general.

    1. Ah, the liberal call for tolerance in the face of absolutely anything a liberal wants, but very little tolerance for those who think differently than they do about things. Typical of a left-winger which is why I and many on this blog don’t listen to your “arguments” for tolerance.

    2. I think it’s evidence Seiler has no expectation of winning, so issues he wants to highlight will be brought forward during the campaign.
      Anybody who thinks this agenda is going to fly in SD has a few screws loose. It doesn’t matter what us political junkies believe about LGBT rights and privileges.

      1. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a woman who doesn’t waste her time with politics, who said same-sex marriage is “the stupidest thing I ever heard of! It’s stupid!”
        I pointed out, to no avail, that stupidity isn’t a crime. Stupid is stupid, and she’s not going to vote for stupid. She doesn’t care about morality, religion, law, tolerance or politics, she cares about stupidity, and she’s not going to support it.
        How do you counter a belief that your position is stupid?

          1. It’s a tough sell to the average voter, who just views it as a progressive slide to societal collapse
            . The underlying problem is San Francisco; in the 60’s it was all about the hippies’ counterculture then it was all about gay rights and pride parades and then it was a sanctuary city for illegals and now they are getting buried in human feces everywhere. That’s what tolerance gets you, sidewalks covered with shit.
            South Dakotans don’t want their sidewalks covered with shit. It doesn’t matter if the LGBT agenda is all about tidy little houses with perfect landscaping, the public looks at San Francisco and thinks “hell no.”
            How do the Democrats plan to turn that around?

            1. Anne, Those who are LGBT are much more common than you could possibly imagine in yes even South Dakota. Those who are LGBT come from some of the most conservative deep faith traditional families too. Rural, small town or the bigger cities they are in South Dakota. It can happen to anyone no matter how well you believe you raised and tried to protect your children. It is not uncommon the most anti-LGBT activists out there are dealing with their own sexual orientation or identity issues. It happens.

              1. I think you need to get out of your bubble and talk to some ordinary people about the LGBT agenda. They don’t see this as a civil rights issue. Some see it as a religious issue, but I haven’t encountered much of that. Most of them think this Is stupid. How are you going to counter the stupid issue?
                They think same sex marriage is ridiculous, and they think gender dysphoria is delusional. That’s your starting point: convincing people that you aren’t stupid. Once you get them past stupid, you might get them to accept this as a civil rights issue. But most people won’t vote for something they think is stupid. They just aren’t going to do it. Pointing out that Americans have a God-given right to be stupid, that stupidity isn’t a crime, or that somebody else’s stupidity isn’t necessarily going to hurt anybody else doesn’t work. They still aren’t going to vote for stupid. It’s always been like that; I have noticed a lot of voters will vote as if they are betting on a horse race: they don’t vote for the candidate they think is the best, they vote for the one they think will win. People like to think they voted for the winner, not the loser. It makes them feel good about themselves. Voting for stupid does not make them feel good about themselves.
                Start there. How can you make people feel good about themselves?

                1. playing the red herring card Ann……people really do care about people’s personal lives, do you?

                2. “People like to think they voted for the winner, not the loser. It makes them feel good about themselves. ”

                  With that reasoning in South Dakota you are socially active in the Republican Party and slamming Democrats after being a long time Democrat in Mass. If you moved to say the Twin Cities you would then be socially active being around winners in the DFL and then slam Republicans? It makes you feel better? Interesting.

      2. i think seiler smells the blood in the water on the gop side and absolutely has intentions to win. but he will take opportunities to send a clear message to the grassroots that he is their guy, regardless of how rigid and republican he has to sound while running against ravnsborg. that’s what this is i think.

        1. What are you talking about enquirer, you must be a plant from seiler’s side. Seiler has no chance of beating the GOP candidate, zero chance. Keeps smoking whatever you are smoking.

            1. You are right Tara, Seiler will get destroyed by the GOP candidate’s knowledge, experience, and common sense approach about issues.

            2. Tara, I was looking back at you post, and you were right, Ravnsborg DESTROYED randall ! Just wanted to comment on what a world class genius you are in calling that! If you were a tenth as smart as you think you are you would have seen the tidal wave coming.

              1. I thought I said that if John Fitzgerald was going to jump into the race, but I could be wrong. Hey Jesus Christ could be on the ballot and he would lose in SD. Status quo is what people are comfortable with. I have been watching to Ross Perot. I thought he was by far the best candidate.

  4. I have tolerance for other beliefs, as long as they are not harming others. Anti LGBT is actively harming others so I have no tolerance for that.

    1. What are your thoughts about lesbians pushing back on trans-women and the pushing out of bisexuals? Are these movements actively harming the LGBT community? There’s more intolerance coming from within the movement than coming from what you call “Anti LGBT”.

      Be cautious of Seiler’s intentions, he’s pandering to the LGBT community. He’s a white, cisgender male who may not really know or care about what’s best for the community, his only desire may be the attention.

      1. Why would he pnder to the LGBT+ community? There’s less than 10,000 in the whole state?

    1. Conservatives are not scared of change as long as it doesn’t come at the cost of constitutional values and beliefs. One thing that was not invisioned in the framing of the country was to allow gender identity to alter beliefs and morals that have been in place since the dawn of creation. As for the bathroom thing, the cost implications that come to the tax payer is ridiculous, and for what, to accomadate the 3 students who protested when the measure hit the floor.

      1. You don’t know what the Founders were intending unless you were there-

        Let’s not forget when they were saying all men are created equal- they still counted a negro as 3/5s a man and didn’t even bother to count women at all. And now shockingly women and African Americans, minus those in the LGBT+ community, have 100% equal footing to cis-gendered Caucasian males.

        It’s about equality. Same sex couples got the ability to get married and be as miserable as every other married couple less than 5 years ago. Everyone else had the ability how long ago? Same sex couples aren’t even a new idea- they’ve been around for centuries!

        The LGBT+ community wants equal protections under the law that everyone else gets. And yes, there will be some accommodations that seem foreign or unfair to you- but shouldn’t you just be greatful you don’t need them?

        Where is the South Dakota common sense in anyone who would oppose treating someone equalliy.

        1. You are lacking life experience and an informed perspective, that’s okay I can help you grow.

          How far does equality need to go for you? Do we all have to drive equally efficient cars? Our appearances must be equal? Our level of education? Everyone’s homes must have the same layout? All people should use the same public bathrooms/locker rooms? You demand equality, but sometimes that’s not reality. You’re not willing to make accommodations, you only want to be accommodated for.

          You say the LGBT+ community wants equal protections under the law that everyone else gets. However, you don’t state any protections they’re not granted. Police officers don’t respond to their calls for assistance? They’re denied medical care? Do schools refuse them an education? They’re denied permits for parades and public events, blocked from social media?

          Your comment is lacking truth or common sense and is easy to breakdown exposing your SJW, radical agenda.

  5. Don’t be fooled by the underlying intentions of most of the bathroom bills. While supporters profess that the bills are all about the safety of our children, the real intentions are to pander by the cultural warriors of the hard right of the GOP without any level of tactical thought except to energize otherwise disinterested voters.

    Did the sponsors have a plan to install “bathroom police”? We all know that isn’t the case. The fact is there are already two existing statutes on the books that cover exactly what the proponents seek to address. One statute covers those who would enter the facility with the purpose of “flashing”, and the other statute addresses persons who would be “peeping Toms”. Each of these covers individuals who have criminal intent. What they don’t address is a situation where someone who may be different than the majority of us might have to relieve themselves. This is the ground the proponents seek to cover.

    The underlying issue that befuddles the supporters is the fact that we are a diverse society, so in order to battle the prospects of losing our cultural homogeneity, the state has to deal with legislation that pits “us vs. them”.

  6. ADG, you mean like homosexuality that was practiced by ancient Greeks and Romans? Interesting though that you’re admitting that maybe the founding fathers didn’t get everything right. Things change, the constitution should change with the times.

    1. Anon 1:11, I mean as in the Bible. The founding fathers left those issues for the states to decide not the federal government. In South Dakota we have different beliefs than those on the left coast, we don’t want gender identity instruction, we don’t want transgender bathrooms, and on a state level we have spoken. As far as changing the constitution with the times, it has, 17 times since the Bill of Rights.

  7. Hello Stace, why do you keep thinking the GOP AG candidate that won the convention against your pick is in the Air Force? Stace, you are so hung up on him it is very pathetic.

    We all know Seiler is no heavy favorite, his has little to no chance of winning Stace.

        1. Hi Stace, only you and Mary think Ravnsborg lies and spew that all over trying to spread that lie.

  8. I’m doubtful Noem will sign it anyway. She will have to deal with the wrath of the NCAA and I thought Dykhouse influenced Daugaard on this issue and not Seiler.

  9. Pat and all these voices in his head all know South Dakota’s Trump-appointed Republican US Attorney attended the PRIDE festival in Sioux Falls, right?

    1. Why shouldn’t the US Attorney?

      It’s a celebration of individual liberty- the pursuit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      Or do we want a government just big enough to fit in all of our bedrooms?

  10. I like you Anne but you’re not the same Anne you used to be. Have you seen a Doctor about the thought process issues you’re exhibiting? Don’t take our party down, too.

  11. I personally have gay and lesbian relatives who are good people and don’t shove their lifestyle down anyone’s throats and aren’t out matching in gay pride parades. I leave any judging of their lifestyle to Someone greater than I. But I do have a huge problem with those LGBT proponents who protest, who get in my face and shove their lifestyle down my throat, who demand that a person violate their religious beliefs and provide a service when another person is available who would do it, who demand tolerance while being intolerant of others.

  12. Spring-Dinger … We both know that has never happened to you, lady. LGBT people want nothing to do with people like you. If seeing protesters on FoxNews upsets you , tough toenails, sister. If you think your tender throat doesn’t have to swallow what the world is cooking, go sit in the basement.

    1. Wow! Guess I got under your skin! No, I haven’t been asked to provide a service which violates my personal beliefs and an LGBT then proceeds to destroy my business and life, but this has happened to others and you know it. This while another business would have gladly provided it. But the LGBT many times demands tolerance by others but offers none in return and this is the problem.

      1. I believe they look more for acceptance and understanding rather than tolerance.

        I tolerate paying higher gas taxes because I know the money is going to fix roads and infrastructure. I accept that some people are just dumb ignorant.

        The GOP tolerates Stace Nelson and his cronies in the party- yet accepts everyone else who wants to move the State forward.

        There’s a huge difference-

    2. Why do we need a gay pride parade? Would you be offended if there was a straight parade Cheryl?

      1. The same reason why we need crop insurance, SNAP food assistance, and social security- they’re important to people.

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