Democrats have Barry Hulse as their candidate for Governor. Jay Williams must have been busy.

As of last night, it looks like a Democrat has declared himself as a candidate for Governor.

Barry Hulse of Vermillion has filed paperwork to form a committee declaring himself as a “Democratic Candidate for Governor of South Dakota.”

His on-line footprint is a bit sparse at the moment, but he does have a Facebook page for his candidacy.  We’ll see if he gets any farther than that.

I’m kind of thinking that Jay Williams must have been busy.

5 thoughts on “Democrats have Barry Hulse as their candidate for Governor. Jay Williams must have been busy.”

  1. A lot of times, it’s not a legal requirement, but a statewide candidate has at least one buddy to be the chair and another to be treasurer. Not required, just say’n – probably he needs to find a few more friends (real quick)

  2. On a statewide basis, whether they’re Republican or Democrat, candidates have to get about the same number of signatures, and I’d get a good cushion for bad petitions & signatures. That takes time and volunteers, and you have to gear up for that critical mass to get it done.

    If someone has never run before, unless they have significant volunteer manpower, or can pay for paid circulators, the clock has nearly run out for them.

    With Hulse being a newbie with aspirations of taking on one of the top political figures in the state, I have a sense he has not truly taken stock of his situation.

  3. SDDP clock running out. Does he have a pulse? Can he communicate or speak? Yes on both? He is in! Prep the news release and worry about the details later.

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