Democrats out begging for Lobbyist dollars to get elected. After they were trying to ban Lobbyist donations.

As you can see from the above postcard, which I received from a lobbyist, on December 5th, State Democrats will be shilling for dollars and cozying up to state lobbyists to raise money for their elections.

Would that include some of the same Democrats who were helping to circulate the Taxpayer Funded Campaign Act which as part of the measure limits lobbyist gifts and donations to elected officials?

Damn, that’s ironic.

14 Replies to “Democrats out begging for Lobbyist dollars to get elected. After they were trying to ban Lobbyist donations.”

    1. mhs

      Look like Mosin-Nagants. Are the Dems promoting Russian assault rifles now? Is the Majority Project really just a cover for a return to the teachings of Lenin? What would Lora say?

    2. The Guy from Guernsey

      Rep Verchio, since you insist upon a literal representation of this piece, then certainly you can agree that the attendees are going to use those guns on birds (not “going to use those rifles on their invitations” as you have written above).

  1. anon

    The Dems are really trying to spotlight Billie Sutton which made me take a notice of him last session. He is overhyped. Good story but not a great speaker or policy guy.

    1. Anonymous

      But Billie is a very nice guy, fairly conservative, and actually sensible and logical, unlike many Dem legislators. Spence isn’t too bad either. They were smart not to put some of their left-wing kooks on the cover.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    The interesting thing is the title “Majority Project”, that’s going to take some work. About 75% of South Dakotans would have to change their minds

  3. PlanningStudent

    In my limited experience, I hunt ducks and other waterfowl amongst the cat tails. Pheasants in grass and corn stalks..

  4. Anony

    Yes let me give them money while they let Rick W run with ridiculous ballot measures. I’m stupid generally but not that stupid.

  5. Anonymous

    You all missed the point. The question to ask is: there are democrat lobbyists? If I ran the GOP any lobbyist who donated to the opposition would be off the list. No invitations. No testifying. Members would be barred for interacting.

    But there are no need for democrat lobbyists here. So that would need to happen. Thankfully.

    1. Anonymous

      You would have loved to live in the Soviet Union. Why don’t you find a good solid dictatorship and move there.

      1. Anonymous

        The point is that there is no need to lobby democrats in this state ever. It’s a bad use of clients money to do so.