Dems headed for extinction in Pennington County.

There being hunted so aggressively, GFP is going to have to take the bounty off of them. Democrats are quickly headed towards extinction in South Dakota second largest county:

Suddenly, even independents and no-party-affiliation voters taken together outnumber registered Democrats in South Dakota’s second-largest county.

Absolute numbers won’t be available until later, but the statewide totals posted Tuesday by the Secretary of State’s office showed Republicans in the most dominant position in generations.

In Pennington County, there are 34,359 people registered as Republicans, 17,799 registered as independent or no party affiliation, and only 14,707 registered Democrats.

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2 Replies to “Dems headed for extinction in Pennington County.”

  1. enquirer

    this is why it will be a sign of insufferable distraction, ignorance or lapse of reason, if even half of the ballot items are approved on tuesday. the inability of the establishment to counter the flawed simplistic minimum wage increase last time was awful to watch happen in slow motion. even this time, the proponents of the ‘no’ votes on these many bad measures are doing way too little way too late for this voter’s comfort.