Dem’s latest FEC report shows some serious problems under Tornberg.

Wow.  I’ve been chiding South Dakota Democrats for being on life support for a while now, and in looking at their latest FEC report, they’re starting their death rattle.

Sddp_JAN FEC Report

In the federal account for the state Democrat Party, they took in $24,270.18, and spent $20,895.95, leaving $14,736.77 cash on hand. But, that’s only part of the story. What we need to look at is what they took in and where.

The party took in an extremely anemic $2725 in itemized donations, and $5231 in unitemized funds, totalling $7956. Those itemized donations should be the party’s bread and butter, as these are the large donations that keep the lights on, and give them money to operate. Money they didn’t have.

Moving on from there, Tim Johnson’s South Dakota First PAC kicked in $5000, and the national Democrats sent them $11,289.18, to total $16,289,18 – over twice as much as they took in from all donations, and almost six times as much as individual donations.

Burning $20,895.95 in expenditures, this means that South Dakota Dems are almost completely dependent on the National Democrats and Tim Johnson for keeping the lights on in January.  Because they couldn’t have done it on their own.

With two lackluster federal candidates, and only a smattering of legislative races, it’s hard to concieve how the SDDP is going to have the money to pay their staff, much less be competitive in elections in 2016.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well, maybe they could they could become bail bondsmen like you to raise money on the side. You could help them get signed up!