Dems sort-of move away from Nesiba following arrest for unwanted sexual contact. 

After several days, State Dems are sort of shunning Reynold Nesiba after his arrest for unwanted sexual contact, dropping the news late Friday, when they hope no one is paying attention. 

At least, they’re going to pretend to sort-of shun him, hoping he’ll get off on the charges:

In a statement Friday, party leaders said Augustana University Professor and Sen. Reynold Nesiba, D-Sioux Falls, would not be allowed to participate in caucus activities pending the outcome of the charges.


Party officials said they would reconsider allowing Nesiba to caucus with Democrats following the conclusion of his legal proceedings.

Nesiba was arrested Monday on one count of sexual contact without consent for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances on a woman in September.

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10 Replies to “ Dems sort-of move away from Nesiba following arrest for unwanted sexual contact. ”

  1. Spencer

    Who is going to be there? If your party only includes 3 or 4 people and one cannot attend, you cancel the party. I am presuming that the “Democratic leadership” that sexually harassed that woman from Cory’s blog made this decision. The irony.

    1. Tara Volesky

      Hey Reynold, it’s time to dump the Democrat Party and switch Republican….they are much more empathetic and forgiving.

  2. Tara Volesky

    Sure, I can explain. They forgave Donald Trump for his sexual antics and he got I believe 90% of the evangelical vote. OK, I am probably going to offend my gender, but I have a lot of questions for this woman that decided to call the cops 2 days later. I have met Mr. Nesiba and he seemed like a very descent man who would never intentionally sexually assault a women. He was very kind and respectful. He has no history of this behavior. I do believe Mr. Nesiba when he said he thought she was playing hard to get…….Many women do it…….Gosh I could have called the cops dozens of times. Instead I took the law into my own hands and took care of it myself…….As an adult woman I can honestly say I have not been affected the numerous times I have been so called, sexually assaulted. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty of sexually assaults happening all the time, but in this incidence I don’t believe Dr. Nesiba had any criminal intent, therefore, give him a break.

    1. Anonymous

      The accusations against Trump came during a hotly contested presidential race and supposedly happened years ago. No charges were filed then and nothing was ever said even though Trump was a well known high profile person. A setup? One woman has since come forward and admitted that she was paid by the Clinton camp to accuse Trump.