Dems tap Quinten Burg for Senate in 20.

I see that the SDDP has tapped former Democrat Legislator Quinten Burg to challenge Joshua Klumb for the open Senate Seat being vacated by Mike Vehle due to term limits.

Off and on, Burg spent about 10 years in the legislature between 1999 through 2010 out of Wessington Springs.

Things could get interesting. That is, if voters in 20 can be convinced to pick a Democrat residing somewhere near the edge of their district, as opposed to Davison County.

7 Replies to “Dems tap Quinten Burg for Senate in 20.”

  1. Cliff Hadley

    Always liked Quinten. He’s well liked among farmers. Should be a worthy opponent.

  2. grudznick

    Mr. Burg is always a little down in the mouth and seems to live under a cloud, if I recall his talkings in the legislatures correction. If this is the same fellow.

  3. Lee Schoenbeck

    Josh will be formidable. He understands campaigns, works hard, and supports Mitchell Technical Institute

  4. Troy

    In what I heard was a strong Freshman class, I heard Holmes and Klumb were among the best. Their hard work was most noted.

  5. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?? He didn’t have the guts to stick with his no vote on taxes. I respect anyone with principles but not people who cave under pressure. Guess that switch to yes on taxes didn’t hold off the democrats.