Did someone forget to get their campaign finance reports in?

From the Secretary of State’s Office comes the list of people who nearly two months after the deadline that the Secretary say have yet to file their campaign finance report.

Included on the list are the Ballot Question Committee for pot promoters New Approach South Dakota, as well as the committee for a long dormant political campaign from it’s leader Melissa Mentele.

Both extremes of the political spectrum are represented, with the far end of the left coming from Bernie Sanders endorsed Clara Hart, who apparently isn’t big on timely reports, and representative of the extreme right Shad Olson, who is treasurer for Political Action Committee ‘Bright Future,’ which the SOS has also given a tardy slip to.

Two of the more notable names on the list are perennial failed candidate Lora Hubbel, and the chairwoman of the South Dakota Democrat Party herself, Ann Tornberg.

Here’s the list as it stands this morning:

Committee Name Committee Type Ending Balance Treasurer First Name Treasurer Last name
Ann Tornberg For District 16 Legislative Committee $34.77 Ann Tornberg
Beadle County Republican Women County Political Party $1,506.83 Ardyce Jensen
Bootz for House Comittee Legislative Committee $0.00 Nicole Bootz
Bright Future Statewide Political Action Committee (PAC) $0.00 Shad Olson
Dewey County Democrats County Political Party $0.00 Michelle DuBray
Douglas County Republican Party County Political Party $120.23 Rex Winter
Ericks For SD House Legislative Committee $207.37 Garry Denker
Friends of Melissa Mentele Legislative Committee $55.00 Melissa Mentele
Friends of Tammy Basel Legislative Committee $2,993.59 Joseph Urbaniak
Friends of Zachary Kovach Legislative Committee $0.00 Alexis Dooley
Hamlin County Republicans County Political Party $2,233.74 Stephanie Sauder
Hanson for House Legislative Committee $508.87 Michael Hanson
Hart for House Legislative Committee $19,402.67 Clara Hart
Hubbel Campaign Legislative Committee $21.60 Lora Hubbel
Koch for SD Legislative Committee $0.00 John Koch
Leary for Legislature Legislative Committee $0.00 Mary Leary
Matt Rosdahl for South Dakota House of Representatives – District 4 Legislative Committee $41.60 Matt Rosdahl
Midwest Action PAC Statewide Political Action Committee (PAC) $0.00 Zachary Nistler
Miner County Democrats County Political Party $0.00 Mary Leary
New Approach South Dakota-Medical Cannabis Statewide Ballot Question Committee $191.89 Melissa Mentele
Renville for SD Legislative Committee $0.00 Allison Renville
Silvis for Senate Legislative Committee $0.00 Alanna Silvis
South Dakota Young Democrats Auxiliary Party Committee $0.00 Zachary Anderson
Troy Lunderman for district 26A State Representative Legislative Committee $0.00 Troy Lunderman

8 Replies to “Did someone forget to get their campaign finance reports in?”

      1. Troy Jones

        Another example when I wish we had a like button. Good thing I wasn’t taking a drink when I read this. Too funny.

  1. Fred Deutsch

    Apparently, there is no teeth to the requirement – the guy listed as running for House from District 4, Matt Rosdahl, ran in the 2016 election.

    1. Anonymous

      yes, and I wonder why he would have to file now ? Are there others on the list yet from 2016 ? By the way, Rosdahl moved to GA this summer.

  2. Pat Powers Post author

    Actually, I think there are more teeth now, and the laws were revised in the recent past where everyone has to file.

  3. Anonymous

    So, the head of the Democrat party can’t even file her own campaign finance report but is in charge of every Democrat candidate. Hmmm.


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