Dolphins to be released in Pactola? Yeah. I’m thinking this is April fools.


A tiny fish is causing giant trouble in large stretches the country and, experts warn, appears be headed for KOTA Territory. That is unless an experimental program funded by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife grant proves effective.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that first word reached authorities. An early season fisherman along the shore of Pactola Reservoir saw something that didn’t seem right. Large numbers of fish were dying off.


Traditional eradication efforts have been ineffective but state and local officials quickly learned they could be eligible for an experimental program that has shown promise: Dolphins.

“The snout’s Number One natural predator is the dolphin,” said Marine Biologist Hudson Fairhope from the Marco Island Marine Institute in Marco Island, Florida. “We’ve had great success in certain closed, lake environments where dolphins have turned the tide on a snout invasion.”

If Pactola is approved for the FWS grant, officials expect to release four male fresh water dolphins into the reservoir in May.

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You know I’m good with that if they’ll do tricks for my entertainment.  But otherwise, that’s a pretty good April Fools’ joke.