7 Replies to “Drone footage from Sioux Falls on the damage from last night’s tornado”

  1. Priorities

    Here at DWC the focus is on the devastation in Sioux Falls and recovery efforts. The other blog is focused on their favorite subject over there. It’s no wonder their party is completely broken here in the state.

  2. grudznick

    I suspect out-of-state-name-callers are more interested in bashing real South Dakotans and finding fault with every nit-picky thing, while here there are more bloggers thinking back to 9-11 and keeping our Sioux Falls sisters and brothers in our minds.

    1. Anonymous

      Their favorite subject over at DFP is weed. I have found that once you get them started taking about what they love to toke they just don’t stop,

      The discussion will be about wind or nuclear energy and they steer it towards weed.

      We talk about Medicaid expansion and they end up going on and on about how great weed is.

      The Ag economy is brought up about how our farmers are really hurting and guess what they think our farmers will make millions of hemp and then it turns to smoking weed and how Colorado is the tokers paradise flush with money and no problems.

      Sirens are howling with trees uprooting, houses and other buildings getting destroyed, people getting hurt and they are talking about what they toked.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh the irony.
    You criticize the other side for not being engaged or sympathetic enough about this storm… on a post about the storm where you could instead be engaged and sympathetic yourself, but choose to be negative instead.
    But its the “other” side that are politicizing and ignoring this tragedy. L.O.L.

  4. enquirer

    the sooner that you all accept that big “D” democratic party politics has collapsed, the sooner you see that everything they ever do is based on day to day political warfare and that’s about all. OF COURSE the tornado incident (or whatever today’s bad news is) exposes the state’s utter failure to install the proper kind of expensive government social program infrastructure. OF COURSE the financial ruin of the democratic party in south dakota exposes the corruption of the gop. OF COURSE farmers affected by the year’s serious flooding and storm damage can save themselves with hemp. of course. yes.