26 thoughts on “From facebook, Jim Bolin explains why we don’t have Gerrymandering in South Dakota.”

  1. Would you care to look at the maps around Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Aberdeen and explain how all those squiggly lines represent any effort to maintain geographical or community integrity? Can you tell us how Democrats get concentrated into Sioux Falls District 15, how Rapid City’s American Indian population gets dispersed among districts, and how Chuck Welke and Burt Elliott get separated from their Brown County base without the 2011 redistricting commission looking at specific addresses and voter affiliation?

      1. Nonsense. Redistricting in 2011 was entirely legal, was approved by the ACLU and the Obama Justice department. It complied with all rules.

  2. Mr. Bolin may not have the same swell haircut that Novstrup the elder has, but he’s a fine looking man regardless.

    Why is concentrating one group in one district (Democrats) a bad thing and spreading another group over multiple districts (Indians) not a good thing? You can’t argue it both ways, Bubba.

      1. It is interesting indeed that Federal law says the Indians must be spread over multiple districts. I did not know that but learned something new today.

        1. You learned nothing. Indians may not be dispursed among districts or in any way have their voting block diminished. Beer vs United States 2006.

  3. Further, two rules apply. Demcrats are a political party and Indians are a recognized minority. Political parties can’t be gerrymandered into a group and minorities can’t be dispursed. Republicans show disregard for both,

    1. It is hard to have any SD legislative districts with a majority of Dems! Currently there are 169,000 Dems and 247,000 Reps in SD, that equates to 78,000 more Reps. There are 35 legislative districts in SD. On average there could be about 4800 Dems and 7000 Reps in each district, or 2000 more Reps per district. If the Republicans were to really gerrymander like you say they do, they could literally produce districts with NO Democrat majorities.

      The reason that the are so many fewer Democrats registered than Reps is the vast majority of the voters in SD prefer what the Republicans are doing as compared to the ideas that the Dems espouse.

  4. Sioux Falls should be represented in Pierre with seven solely urban legislative districts. Instead, there are only four legislative districts within the city of Sioux Falls which meet that description.

    Trust me, Sioux Falls is definitely gerrymandered. To be gerrymandered is not only a partisan reality, but also a class reality. The owners class, which controls the GOP in South Dakota, intentionally denies a true urban voice from coming out of Sioux Falls and going to Pierre under the current laws; and whether you care to see this reality as partisan or class, or a combination of both we are definitely gerrymandered in this state.

    Why would anyone be opposed to a non partisan group drawing up our legislative district boundaries? Unless you are purely partisan and purely bent on manipulating the rules, or boundaries in this case, to your advantage – and if that is case, is that not gerrymandering, and if not, what is it?

    1. I don’t trust you and there is no Gerrymandering in South Dakota. you just don’t like the outcome.

  5. We don’t do it as badly is not equivalent to not doing it. Jim Bolin is just another intellectual embarrassment to the state. Districts 9, 10, and 14 clearly have no respect for city boundaries.

    1. That doesn’t make sense.
      9 – Humboldt and Hartford together don’t have enough population to constitute a separate district. In keeping the school district together, population had to be taken from the NW part of Sioux Falls to make up the difference.
      10 – Brandon also by itself doesn’t have enough population to constitute an entire district. Again, population had to be found in Sioux Falls to make up the difference.
      14 is entirely within Sioux Fall, that makes no sense.

  6. Aberdeen was gerrymandered also but the brown county dems are absolutely outclassed by the leadership of the brown county GOP. The BCR’s are inclusive of chamber republicans, Ron Paul republicans, libertarians, soft R’s, social conservatives, complainers, doers, young and old. It’s why I quit volunteering for the dems in Aberdeen. The other side is a group of happy warriors and our side drinks, complains and excludes anyone who isn’t a Bernie sanders or Elizabeth warren dem.

    1. Warren in ’20!! She is the Democrats’ Reagan (In landslide capability only) who will defeat the Republican Carter, I mean Trump, in 2020…..”A new vision for America in 2020 with Elizabeth Warren!”…. 😉

      Oh, and when I claimed “class,” I meant social strata and not behavior…. And where do these Sanders/Warren Dems meet in Aberdeen, any how? They sound like a good group of people. I would love to meet them….Unlike the other Dems which are heading us for a train wreck in about 45 days….

    1. Klochek’s district had to be expanded geographically because the population of South Dakota was increasing and his District had not. He was doomed by demographics.

          1. Dave R you lose credibility when you beat the drum that there was no gerrymandering and then say “so” when confronted with the ugly blatant evidence of it.

            Correct me if I am wrong, they were unable to use that map because of the outrage over the blatant gerrymandering. Which refutes you and Representative Bolin’s propaganda claims that none occurred.

  7. How about you post a picture of your face and let everyone decide how attractive you are?

    PP, comments like anon’s at 11:30 am should be taken down

  8. The Brown County complaint is kind of funny in a historical context. Day County was split for twenty years, and Joe Barnett and crew kept Brown County intact and largely with Aberdeen getting most of 6 legislators. I didn’t read any articles about the plight of Day County through those two decades. Now, Brown County, finally gets its turn at being the place where you have to make a cut between districts and some complain about this crisis. The fact is that you can’t use county lines any more and large populations are the most realistic places to draw your cut lines – you can get to population targets without moving large areas of geography. There’s no perfect or clean way to make this sausage. An “independent” commission would draw complaints in short order too.
    Run candidates instead of complaining, any district is winnable – ask Liz May

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