Frye-Mueller Scandal: Political Action Committee appears to be attacking Senators anew in their neighborhoods for Frye-Mueller vote

A Political Action Committee cited earlier as having been involved in the campaign against Julie Frye-Mueller’s suspension, as well as attacking her opponent in the prior primary, is apparently targeting Senators in their own neighborhoods in direct retaliation for their near unanimous vote to censure Frye-Mueller for her unbecoming conduct with an employee.

It was reported to me that over the last few days that this flyer has appeared in Legislative District 2, in the Brandon area, attacking State Senator Steve Kolbeck for his vote to censure Julie Frye Mueller for her highly inappropriate and comments on a Legislative Research Council’s infant vaccinations and nursing habits:

Claiming that “The Pierre Swamp Is Trying to Silence a Conservative Champion,” the flyer provides the legislator’s personal cell phone number, and superimposes his photo alongside that of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, for voting to censure Senator Frye Mueller over accusations that Mueller made crude and sexually charged suggestions on how a young mother can initiate lactation. According to sources, a “strange car was putting them on specific houses” in at least one neighborhood in Brandon.

As noted in a previous post, the group backing this material is the Not One Step Back Political Action Committee.  According to Secretary of State Records, The “Not One Step” political action committee was started in 2021, as fronted by Anthony Mirzayants, who is noted as being the contact for the South Dakota School of Mines Young Americans for Liberty organization.

And in the last reports,  most of the funds for the Political Action Committee came from Anthony Mirzayants and Taffy Howard supporter Luke Blindert, with Freedom Caucus Director Jordan Mason also noted as contributing funds in the pre-primary reports.

Previously, this same political action committee had been deeply involved with having made Independent Communications Expenditures in the Julie Frye Mueller/Tim Goodwin primary, spending thousands to go after Goodwin via postcards on COVID, Gun Rights and Spending:

You can read the original documents at the Secretary of State’s website, or in my previous post on the topic here.

The materials curiously use the language that “Senator Kolbeck voted to deprive 24,000 citizens of District 30 of their voice in Pierre,” referring to Frye-Mueller’s suspension for three days. Which is kind of a pittance compare and easily refuted in comparison to the amount of times she has been reported as being absent from the legislative session, skipping 6 days in 2021, 5 days in 2022, and after her suspension ended, Frye Mueller immediately skipped her responsibility to those same 24,000 voters the very next day.

With Frye-Meuller’s sycophants choosing to attacking legislators for the near-unanimous vote to censure her for her improper conduct with a Legislative Research Council employee, in what many were considering a done matter, is now setting up Frye-Mueller to extend the conflict.

With no allies in the body besides her seatmate Senator Tom Pischke, her lone vote of support, Frye-Mueller’s allies may be trying to continue a battle that was done, and have her serving in a far more combative environment against her colleagues.

19 thoughts on “Frye-Mueller Scandal: Political Action Committee appears to be attacking Senators anew in their neighborhoods for Frye-Mueller vote”

  1. What a waste of money.

    Aaron Aylward is costing himself a lot of relationships by saddling up with Jordan Mason.

    1. Anon 1:11 FYI Aaron Aylward is one of the most principled politicians and conservative Christian legislators anywhere who thinks things through extremely well in all that he does. Being a friend of Mason or anyone else for that matter won’t affect his drive for excellence one bit.

  2. it’s fascinating to see how much more destructive this tantrum can become. pass the popcorn.

  3. The Republican Party is slowly coming to the realization that you that when you attempt to accommodate the crazy the crazy will eventually devour you.

  4. I sure hope Anthony Mirzayants wasn’t counting on Biden’s student debt relief money before he gave $4100 to this PAC.

  5. Take the license plate number down on these cars and ask for a trespass. This craziness is scary and needs to be stopped. Everyone should be vigilant for their district senator.

  6. Steve Kolbeck is a hard working, diligent senator. South Dakota, and his district, are fortunate to have him. These anti-American attacks by these unusual, extreme folks, won’t play with good South Dakotans.

    Which apparently means those people are wasting money like the strange political souls they are, at heart

  7. Wow! It’s about time somebody actually stood up to the GOP establishment in this state. Nice job to this young man for fighting for what’s right. Shame on those who are trying to push him out of the conversation.

  8. Steve Kolbeck is a friend of mine. He is honorable and well respected by everyone who knows him.

    The Senator’s comments were entirely out of line. Her response to the complaint was immature and self serving. If she would have simply apologized for what she said and vowed not to do it again, that would have been the end of it. Unfortunatly her false sense of pride prohibited her from doing that.

    This is not a freedom of speech issue. Rather it is an example of poor judgement a lack of restraint.

    1. Yep, a lack of restraint by quasi-conservatives in the senate by completely over-reacting.
      Anybody with common sense knew that it would end with verbal or censure discipline, but the leadership decided to showboat instead. This will bite all of them in the end, metaphorically and realistically.

  9. Along with freedom of speech comes responsibility to know what and when to say something to someone, obviously JFM does not understand this concept nor accept responsibility when she is in the wrong.

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