Political Action Committee involved in Frye Mueller/Goodwin primary in 2022 is now attacking State Senate for Mueller suspension

This is an interesting development. A Political Action Committee involved in the Julie Frye-Mueller/Tim Goodwin legislative primary in 2022 campaigning against Tim Goodwin has taken to the internet to start a campaign against this last weeks’ suspension of Julie Frye Mueller in the South Dakota State Senate.

The “Not One Step” political action committee was started in 2021, as fronted by Anthony Mirzayants, who is noted as being the contact for the South Dakota School of Mines Young Americans for Liberty organization.

According to documents filed with the Secretary of State, this group started back in 2021, initially contributing $695 towards the Taffy Howard for Congress campaign during that initial year, with nearly half of the PAC’s funds – $2000 of $4500 coming from Taffy Howard supporter Luke Blindert.

Sdcfdisclosure Not One by Pat Powers on Scribd

However, those funds were more than doubled in the following pre-primary report with Mirzayants adding another $4000 to the PAC, and Blindert contributing an additional $5000 to PAC funds.

Not One Step PAC by Pat Powers on Scribd

Where did the cash from Mirzayants, Blindert, and the minor donors to the effort go?  $3500 went into direct cash donations to the Bruce Whalen for US Senate campaign and the Cole Heisey State Legislative campaign.

They also filed a later report – and here’s where it gets even more interesting. In the organizations pre-general report (also in the pdf above), the group filed as having made Independent Communications Expenditures in the Julie Frye Mueller/Tim Goodwin primary, spending thousands to go after Goodwin via postcards on COVID, Gun Rights and Spending:

Why is this important to know? Because after defending Julie Frye Mueller’s campaign against Tim Goodwin, the political action committee is back assisting the campaign of Julie Frye Mueller. This time the “Not One Step” Political Action Committee is actively trying to gin up support against the State Senate itself for suspending Mueller while the Senate investigates allegations of inappropriate conduct with an employee:

It’s highly unusual and irregular for an allegedly independent political action committee to involve itself in a disciplinary investigation against an elected official. South Dakota didn’t even see this type of interference attempted during the Ravnsborg impeachment investigation last year.

Which begs the question as to who is holding the leash on this group and Anthony Mirzayants?

And where are the marching orders to attack the members of the State Senate for their vote to suspend Senator Julie Frye Mueller coming from?

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  1. The next best question is where is Anthony mirzayants getting that much money… Laffy Taffy paid him but it couldn’t have been enough for that donation

  2. [*snip – keep it to fact & opinion, please]

    ….. Dude …. leads that YAL group that is so far right even TurningPoint won’t go anywhere near it. He still proclaims that nobody did anything wrong on Jan. 6th

  3. There’s more where that came from 😎

    [*Snip* – no shilling for your group here.]

  4. The crap that we received in the mail here in District 30 about Goodwin was straight-up lies and pretty disingenuous. If Goodwin would have campaigned harder and called out Mueller on all her lies and consipiracies she spreads out west here, he would have cleaned the floor with her. He took the high road and it cost him. I used to do most of my business at JFM’s store in Rapid but got tired of hearing about the conspiracies of schools inserting, injecting, fondling kids and weird worries about refugee resettlement camps in the Hills. I can’t believe the majority of District 30 voted for her.

  5. if a candidate goes hard on attack ads and turning out their own vote, you gotta match them on both fronts to beat them, for sure. the high road ends up at lovers leap.

    1. awesome piece. great work, this is why many of us come here, to benefit from articles like this. thanks @SoDakCampaigns

  6. Perhaps these folks can tell us exactly what JFM said to the LRC staffer. In her presser today she simply said she “shared” the same advice she had been given when she was a young mother. She did not articulate what the advice was or who gave it to her, so I think we can figure it wasn’t along the lines of “my kids’ pediatrician said breast feeding is best.”
    Did she recommend wearing a tin-foil brassiere to prevent 5G contamination of breast milk? Did Lora Hubbel discuss the evils of the Back-to-Sleep program with her? So many possibilities.

    1. Without the ability to hear all sides (regardless of how wild they may seem), there is no such thing as Informed Consent. There is eventually only establishment indoctrination where you accept what the controlling element of the government wants you to think. As for the Covid vaccinations, there are countries in Europe now banning it for certain age groups. What does that mean they have learned about it? I guess we will never know because it would seem that it is unlawful for us to discuss it.

      1. Recommending that people under 30 get the Pfizer vaccine instead of the Moderna is NOT “banning it for certain age groups.”

        It is unfortunate that so many people are making up so many stories, or twisting data to fit their own desired narrative.

        Listening to Dan Bongino’s radio show the other day I heard them talking about how, in New South Wales, everybody currently hospitalized with covid had been vaccinated. Sounds bad, right? Unless you dive deeper and find out that in New South Wales, 97.1% of the over-16 population has been vaccinated, Anybody could see this coming: when 100% of the population is vaccinated, 100% of the people who get sick anyway will have been vaccinated. That is because people’s immune systems are variable. Some people have primary immunodeficiency, the kind you are born with or develop during old age, some have acquired immunodeficiency, like you get from HIV, and some have induced immunodeficiency, which you get with chemotherapy or treatments for allergies and autoimmune diseases, like asthma and arthritis. There are a lot of people with immunodeficiency which means getting vaccinated, against anything, doesn’t work that well for them. People with primary antibody insufficiency get vaccinated multiple times, because they need more boosters to achieve adequate antibodies. So using data that shows the people who had the most boosters got sick anyway is disingenuous because they have a pre-existing problem. People with intellectual deficiency then use that information to disseminate false information, and they need to knock it off.

    1. imbued, infused, invested, infested, imbibed, inhaled, yet i think invoked was a good choice made by HH’s smartphone spellchecker.

      1. LOL!!! I would’ve added involved to your list of possibilities but I get your point– it’s too innocuous to properly describe Jordan Mason’s influence.

  7. Anything the very young and pretty Ms. Taffy is involved in is no doubt a fraud or scam, and you should wear a tin-foil hat if you even dance with this crew.

  8. Didn’t see political action committee type advertisements during the impeachment are you forgetting about the illegal robocals and the illegal billboards???

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