GOP Convention this week – Are you registered yet?

The Republican State Convention is taking place this week, and we’re going to be covering it on the ground starting Thursday night! In case you haven’t seen it yet, the schedule is below.

But, you can’t take part if you aren’t registered. Go to the Republican State Party website at to register for convention and to find out more!


WEDNESDAY6 p.m. Executive Board Meeting

7 p.m. Staff Planning Sessions


THURSDAY(All committees to have reports prepared by 3 p.m.)

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Registration – Lake Oahe Lobby

9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Committee Sessions

• Credentials – Lewis and Clark B

• Site Selection – Amphitheatre I

• Platform – Lake Francis Case

• Resolutions – Lake Sharpe A

• Rules – Lewis and Clark A

• Training by Delve Communications from Jeff Berkowitz – Amphitheater II

• Training by Advertising Arts from Matt Bonacker – Lake Sharpe B

3 p.m. Coffee Break sponsored by Hy-Vee

3:30 p.m. Convention convenes for the following business: – Gallery A

• Election of temporary convention chairman and temporary secretary

• Adoption of the Report of the Credentials Committee

• Adoption of the Report of the Rules Committee

• Election of permanent convention chairman and secretary

• Adoption of the convention schedule

5 p.m. Convention Adjourns until 9 a.m. Friday

6 p.m. Stanley and Hughes County GOP Hosted Dinner at Fischers Lilly Park in Fort Pierre

9 p.m. Hospitality Suites


FRIDAY(No Committees – Just Convention Sessions to approve Resolutions and Platform)

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Registration – Lake Oahe Lobby

8 a.m. Constitutional Breakfast with Statewide Constitutional Officers and Candidates hosted by Americans for Prosperity – Grand Galleria

9 a.m. – Noon Convention reconvenes to consider Platform and Resolutions – Grand Galleria

10 a.m. Coffee Break Sponsored by Black Hills Energy

Noon Congressional Luncheon with Guest Speaker, US Senator John Thune and Congressional Nominee Dusty Johnson
hosted by POET – Grand Galleria

1 p.m. General Session – Grand Galleria

3 p.m. Coffee Break sponsored by South Dakota Medical Association

3:30 p.m. General Session – Grand Galleria

4:00 p.m. End of debate and amendments on platform and resolutions – votes will be taken on all pending motions or resolutions—
any resolution not yet considered will not be voted upon

5 p.m. Convention adjourns until 10am Saturday

6 p.m. Governor’s Reception and Dinner sponsored by Jack Links at Ramkota

9 p.m. Hospitality Suites hosted by Statewide Candidates at Ramkota Hotel


SATURDAY(Only Candidate Nominations and Site Selection Committee Report)

8 – 10:00 a.m. Early morning coffee service hosted by Woods Fuller

8 – 9:30 a.m. Registration – Lake Oahe Lobby

Registration will close 30 minutes prior to start of convention for Credentials Committee to organize registration

9 a.m. Convention Brunch at Ramkota Free to all paid registered guests hosted by Senator Mike Rounds – Grand Galleria

10 a.m. General Session – Grand Galleria

10 a.m. – noon Late morning coffee service sponsored by May Adam

Election of Constitutional Officers

• Lt. Governor • Secretary of State • Treasurer • Auditor • School & Public Lands • Public Utilities Commission • Attorney General

Report of Site Selection Committee

Convention Adjourns Sine Die

22 Replies to “GOP Convention this week – Are you registered yet?”

  1. Anonymous

    Good for the people who have offered their services to run for office. It is a great week! Best to them all.

  2. Anonymous

    in the link you misspelled

    also, on eventbrite, no ticket catergory for saturday only delegate.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      You are correct. I did have a typo. As for the rest, that’s the party’s thing. I believe you just have to show up and register before 9:30.

      1. Anonymous

        you mean the, “I have a life and a job and people that depend on me so I can only make it to Pierre for a few hours to vote on constitutional office candidates,” option.

        you think you are clever but you are not. do you really want a republican party full of elites that can take time off during construction season? but I get it, I must be a fake republican. funny.

        1. Anonymous

          Everyone should be pay $100 to help pay for the convention. Even if you are only going Saturday. That is money that would otherwise go to elect the people that are being elected Saturday.

        2. Anne Beal

          No but I put you in the same category of people who enter radio contests for concert tickets and music festivals, win them, and then don’t go.

        3. Pondering

          I am going to guess that you don’t do anything else for the party either. Don’t knock on doors, or contribute money or make calls.

        4. Anonymous

          Ugh. Just what the party needs is another ribbon-cutter. Wants to show up for the picture, but not in it for anyone but themselves.

  3. Sal R.

    Best slate of candidates in a long time. Should be a clean sweep for the gop this year! I know everyone worries about Sieler but this will be a numbers game. The party needs to hire Jason Glodt for GOTV. Sure his race with marty didn’t go as planned, but he’s a pro with grassroots. Plus all the dems are try to pretend they are conservative this year, voters will see right through it.

  4. anon

    Anyone know the difference between the two training sessions?

    Training by Delve Communications from Jeff Berkowitz – Amphitheater II

    Training by Advertising Arts from Matt Bonacker – Lake Sharpe B

      1. Anonymous

        Like business casual? Or for a male, is khaki shorts and polo shirt type dress OK for hospitality and Saturday voting? Husband not there in time for banquet…

        1. Anne Beal

          Business casual. I don’t believe in lowering the tone of the event. People behave better when they are dressed better.

  5. delegate

    Judging anyone who is willing to make it to Pierre to vote but may not be able to be there for the whole time is ridiculous. Period. Suggesting these people don’t knock doors, donate, etc is even more absurd. We are a team, folks. As a livestock producer and feeder, I totally get it. Everyone drive safe to Pierre, and let’s have a good convention representing the entire party in SD.

    Also, good luck to those on the committees doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us. Thank you.


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