Gov. Noem Announces Details for Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration

Gov. Noem Announces Details for Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration 

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem announced specific plans for the July 3rd fireworks event in celebration of Independence Day at Mount Rushmore. President Trump has announced his plans to attend the event as well.

“Following months of planning, I’m pleased to announce our specific plans for Mount Rushmore Fireworks on July 3,” said Governor Noem. “There’s truly no better place to celebrate America’s birthday. We’re excited that President Trump is coming to enjoy the show with us. He and the Department of the Interior have been great partners in bringing this celebration back to our great state and the entire nation.”

South Dakota has worked tirelessly with the Department of the Interior, including the National Parks Service, to ensure that this celebration is as safe and successful as possible.

“President Trump recognizes the celebration of our nation’s founding to be about our history, our people, and the heroes who proudly defend our flag — the brave men and women of the United States Military,” said Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. “Bringing an incredible firework display back to Mount Rushmore is for the American people and those who have made the United States the greatest country in the world, and I thank Governor Noem and the State of South Dakota for being wonderful partners in helping us make this possible.”

The South Dakota Department of Tourism has spearheaded planning for this event in collaboration between several agencies, including local, county, state, and federal officials.

“Now more than ever, South Dakota and our nation need something to look forward to, and we can’t think of a better event than celebrating our nation’s independence at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  We are very honored to be working with our partners at the Department of the Interior and the National Parks Service,” said Jim Hagen, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism. “Millions of people from around the globe will witness this incredible spectacular happening right in the heart of the beautiful Black Hills of The Mount Rushmore State.”

Details about the Mount Rushmore fireworks celebration, including how to attend, and answers to other FAQs can be found National Parks Service also conducted an environment assessment in preparation for the event, and that assessment can be found here.


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  1. He is the president of the United States of America whether you like it or not, so quit your whining. Obama was the one who disgraced our country as is evidenced by his spying on President Trump’s campaign along with Fast and Furious, his attacks on conservative groups through Lois Lerner and the IRS, his failure to protect Americans at Benhghazi, etc, etc.

    At least President Trump loves our country unlike the last occupant of the Oval Office and many who voted for him.

    1. Wow, step away from the FoxNews for your own sake.
      Actually I’m part of the majority of Americans, many of them Republicans, who did not vote for this guy.

      1. Good luck with that. President Dementia in his place? BTW, did you see the employment numbers today? It could possibly be a record number of jobs being opened up again. 2.5 million with the “experts” expected another 7.5 million in lost jobs. A 10 million job swing! Yes, keep hoping to defeat the best President since Ronald Reagan. BTW, I don’t blame you for being embarrassed to be a Republican. After the way they shafted President Trump and allowed lies to stand that they KNEW were false, I would be embarrassed to be a Republican too.

        1. Of course I saw those. He’s doing victory laps all over the place.

          I don’t want to burst your bubble, but there is a lot of sorting to be done yet on the numbers reported today. There were a lot of rehirings (so not new jobs) and a lot of reclassifications of statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Um, that happens to be an agency under the control of the president, right?

          So, here’s a thought: remember when T was just a candidate? Speech after speech he attacked the BLS #s as fake. Hmm, now they’re wonderfully glorious when he’s in office?

          Let us know when we get to your Land of Milk and Honey.

          1. If the jobs lost counted for the addition to unemployment, then the jobs regained count towards the subtraction of unemployment. Nobody said they were new jobs, but they are created just the same. Oh, you just have read that incompetent Krugman who predicted a major recession after Trump took office. Enjoy your KoolAide

            1. We aren’t out of the woods yet. A lot of financial institutions are still planning for some serious issues. Our revenue dropped 60% overnight and it has only came back 10%. There is going to be a ton of open commercial space and that is going to cause some snowball effects with investors.

            2. No need for Kool-Aid here, DuggerSD, but thanks. Your dear leader on his Twitter feed is crowing about “2.5 million jobs added”, the implication being, of course, that they’re new. And like I said above, when the effect of the reclassifications of lobs lost and other items are taken into account, T should not be doing victory laps yet with an unemployment rate still at more than 16% according to BSL’s footnote to their Jobs Report.

              1. Well, in anybody’s English, if a job is lost it is gone. If a job is added it is here. Whether it is new or not is up to you interpreting. You can look for all of the bad in good news you want, but the bottom line is the people you read expected a loss of 7.5 million jobs. Instead there were 2.5 million jobs ADDED to the economy. Yes, I said added. That is a swing of 10 million. And everyone except you and the Washington Post, that IS good news as President Trump said.

  2. Well then you’re against Kristi Noem and you can just go live in Chy-nah.

    1. Is she going to have storm troopers clear a path for her to make a stupid photo op?

  3. He’s an impeached, disgraced loser. Even Thune hesitated to praise his protest response. I know he saw the graffiti’d up bathroom, I just hope he could read what it said.

    1. > He’s an impeached disgraced loser. < Who lost in 2016, H Clinton or D Trump?

      1. Who lost at the trade war, building a wall, pandemic handling, maga, repealing ACA, keeping associates out of prison? He is winning at making money from the position though, I’ll give him that. He can no longer control the narrative, who will be the last to jump ship?

        1. You can place a lot of blame on the America-hating left in DC along with a lot of RINOs in DC; if President Trump had some support and not constant opposition from the left he would get a lot of good things accomplished, but I guess that is too much to ask of the left-they hate him more than they like America.

          1. GOP had full reign the first 2 years and he still couldn’t get anything done. Bummer indeed.

      2. Anon 6:06, you can’t fix stupid, as Ron White says, so trying to argue with Trump haters and the left is like trying to sweep the tide back with a broom.

    2. The only reason he was impeached was due to the left’s insane hatred and inability to admit they lost. If Obama had faced half the active opposition from the media and Republicans that President Trump has face, Obummer would have folded like a cheap suit.

      Frankly, the majority of people on the left will never admit that anything President Trump does is right, so the opinion of the left means nothing to a lot of people because the left has no honesty or integrity, they only have a lust for power and a hatred for our president.

      1. The “left” does not have any hold on this disagreement with so much of what T does. From Day 1 Mitch McConnell made public how he and his party were going to do everything in their power to oppose President Obama’s policies. What goes around comes around.

    3. Yes he was impeached. He was also not convicted. I would not call that a loser. It is interesting you believe those “trumped” up charges.

  4. How much longer till he loses “confidence” in Secretary Esper? Thank heaven for officers like him, Mattis, and Kelly who don’t want to be party to use of military against Americans.

  5. I honestly wish she wasn’t so enamored of T. We could have done so much better.

  6. I have many fond memories of the 3rd of July and he’s just the President to celebrate that day with fireworks.

    1. As do I, but I’m not in the same boat with you on him being “just the President to celebrate that day with fireworks.” Romney, Kasich, Rubio, or Cruz would have been so much better than this reality TV actor. Look how divided the country is right now, and he’s doing nothing to unite us. Are we going to see Trumpcops on the Avenue of Flags?

      1. Romney or Kasich? That’s a joke; those two turned out to be liberals in Republican clothing. Romney is a child who is trying to do everything he can to undermine President Trump, and Kasich is another sore loser who was veering left to try to get votes.

        You can blame the left for the divide in the country-they like nothing better than to play identity politics. Do you claim that Obama was a uniting president? If so, then I really question your objectivity.

        Cruz would have been a great President as well, but that’s as far as I agree with you on this post.

        1. I don’t see much from Trump this year to unite the country, and this month he’s literally got rioting in the streets. His version of “uniting” is to have his Trumpcops or “his” military storm everyone into submission.

      2. Romney?!? “No Cojones Romney”, the backstabber who could not even defend himself against Candy Crowley and gave up against Obama in the debates? Yeah, he’d be good. Funny thing, if he hadn’t rolled over and quit fighting, he probably would be President now.
        Kasich??? LOL! Little Marco Rubio who has turned into a soft rube? Yeah, he’d be great. I do agree President Cruz sounds good, but I am glad with who we have.

        1. I’m curious, did you support T from the beginning? What were your thoughts when T insulted John McCain? What are your thoughts now that 3 prominent Republican groups are running ads against him, and so many former military leaders (e.g., Powell, Mattis, McMaster, and Kelly) have come out in opposition to him?

          You’re comfortable with this occupant of the White House who’s so anti-immigrant and anti-environment, and who demonstrates so much disdain for the Constitution (anti-1st Amendment) putting on a rally in front of the likenesses of 4 of our most honored presidents?

  7. His politcal misuse of both the military and the Bible this week have really soured me on Trump. Any way we can run Pence against sleepy Joe?

    1. We better hope he steps aside for someone else to run because at this rate, senile Joe is going to win.

    1. Anyone who dodges the draft and continues to insult great leaders like Mattis doesn’t deserve respect. He is going to turn the military against himself and many vets are speaking out against him.

      1. Isn’t it ironic that a few month ago, the left painted Mattis in a different way.

        1. I’m not the left. I’m the right and I made that comment. President bone spurs needs to know his place when it comes to criticizing those who served.

      2. Perhaps if Mattis had kept his mouth shut and shown is lack of knowledge on the US Constitution, we wouldn’t be hearing about a lack of respect.

  8. Looks like we will be paying for a campaign rally. I’ll be doing my part and applying for tickets just so I can throw them in the garbage. Trump is a cancer on the republican party and we could do better. His Bible photo op is a disgrace and a threat to the rights of all Americans.

  9. This was supposed to be about fireworks, but…

    I guess the Trump haters are organized on here and repeating the media talking points. Maybe do a little investigation yourself. Do you really want to live in a country run by the people advocating for these criminals and violence?

      1. Ah, anecdotal evidence; so we need to disband the police and let social workers respond to crimes?

  10. Sooooollo I’m supposed to keep people apart in my restaurant, limit occupancy but 7500 people shoulder for shoulder for hrs is fine here because………America ? Is the gov going to announce social distancing is no longer a recommendation or is that only in this instance? Confusing. Or calculating.

  11. Where is the outrage by all these posters for the at least four BLACK police officers killed by the rioters? Or for the innocent free elderly BLACK lady who was on the news trying to clean up after rioters destroyed her business? Or for the innocent BLACK man crying as the business he had spent his life buulding was destroyed? Or for the rest of the innocents who have been stabbed, shot, or beaten up, some ro death, by these wonderful protestors? Just who are you going to call for help after you have gotten the police defunded and thugs are breaking into your home and trying to rob and/or kill you? Of course you don’t believe in guns so you wouldn’t have that to protect yourself and family either.

    1. There is plenty of outrage to go around. All of those things should anger you along with racism that is still prominent in our country. Your attempts to tie the actions of a few rioters to that of the majority of peaceful protesters shows your bias. I have more guns than you ever will and I stand with the protesters and all the cops who have condemned these acts. If you want safe cops, stop letting bad cops put them in danger. The fact you didn’t care until things got violent for those you care about is the majority of the problem. Start listening to those who are still be marginalized. You have to acknowledge you have privilege as a white man. You don’t worry about doing daily common tasks or fear for your life for simply existing.

      1. You assume a lot about me, mostly wrong, but whatever. You think unless I march, shout slogans, hate the police, hate Trump, I don’t care. I think you are the one who has more than a smidgen of guilt for your assumed white privilege and are trying to assuage that guilt with righteous indignation.

    2. classic case of “what about-ism” which only deflects from the real issue without addressing the real issue.

      1. Have you watched this current president’s Press Secretary? There’s “what about-ism” for you. And she promised to never lie.

    3. You left out the former police captain murdered in his pawn shop by rioters and then they looted the place.

  12. I can chew gum at the same time.

    I can also condemn the murder of George Floyd, cheer the arrest of a rogue Minneapolis cop and his cohorts, and appreciate the vast majority of great cops who get up and serve and protect all Americans no matter where they live.

  13. Most of American voters did not vote for him, but rather voted for HRC or one of the independents.

    We’re seeing this year conservative after conservative step up and denounce him for his actions, words, demeanor, you name it. People like George F. Will, Max Boot, Joe Walsh, John Kasich, and Jennifer Rubin have spoken and written almost daily against him. Even Ann Coulter denounces him. Groups like The Lincoln Project and Republicans for the Rule of Law are waging strong media campaigns. And FoxNews isn’t his favorite one, anymore.

    Here’s an hilarious thing about Trumplicans: if you say anything at all critical of him, you’re a “left-wing USA hater” or worse, yet all the birthers and Trumplicans so vocal about President Obama are not. That’s love of country?

    I hope for the sake of our party this guy is a 1-term fluke and we can get back to where we once were.

    1. Noem fan–Not if your precious Noem wants to go to DC, which we all know she does….

    2. Get back to where we once were with Joe Biden? Then kiss the country goodbye. Maybe you don’t like President Trump, but the alternative is a death sentence for this country. Maybe you are one of those “burn it down so we can build it up” types.

      1. Wait, “burn it down so we can build it up” is T’s motto. Like all you MAGA hat-wearers don’t believe our country was already great? Wow. That’s messed up. He’s made us a laughingstock around the world.

  14. The nation is suffering from the deaths and economic impact of Covid.

    The nation is suffering from the death of George Floyd and the chaos in most of our major cities.

    The President of the United States wants to come to the Shrine of Democracy on the 4th of July to celebrate a unique experiment on the face of the earth (imperfect as we all are at living up to the promise of this experiment) which as done more for human rights and human development than anything since that rebellious document was signed.

    I wouldn’t care who the President was, I am most grateful for our State and Governor to host the President on this day for such an occasion, especially in the context of all that is occurring in our nation.

    And, we want to fight about and on the one day we can and all should celebrate something good? This is messed up. Totally messed up.

    1. Troy,
      I think people are starting to question all of these ploys that are happening, especially since he removed peaceful protesters to take a photo with a Bible. Trump is coming because he sees this as a gesture to stick it to those who felt it was too dangerous to have fireworks. It just feels ingenuous to me. Noem is playing right along with it. Are we celebrating America or are we celebrating sticking it to a dirty lib? It seems like the latter is more of his motives and it is becoming more and more apparent as each day passes. People aren’t buying into it anymore because the constant dividing is destroying our country. He lacks leadership when that is exactly what we need. He isn’t even trying to bring us together and that is sad. He is just throwing more fuel on the fire with every one of his tweets. History will not be kind to him.

    2. The 3rd of July Troy, the 3rd. A fake president celebrating a non-holiday with fireworks. On the 4th, Independence Day, Trump will be celebrating America’s independence by golfing at one of his resorts at taxpayer expense. Maybe he’ll celebrate Veteran’s Day on Nov. 12th because his bone spurs were acting up on the 11th.

    3. “I wouldn’t care who the president was..”

      Are you seriously going to make us dig up your comments from the Obama presidency?

    4. What’s good to celebrate? Thousands are dying, cities are in shambles, economy sucks, more division than ever, racists are feeling empowered, cops are beating the shit out of us. MAGA?

      1. Did you have the stuffing beat out of you? Gee, that is too bad. Maybe if you were not rioting it would not happen. Or if you did not participate as a member of Antifa. Or maybe if you did not throw rocks at the cops trying to keep order in a situation where a bunch of thugs are taking advantage of a tragedy to destroy property and steal from them.
        Are there times when cops make mistakes in situations like this? Of course. But then if you look at all of the times they do things right, the right outweighs the mistakes.
        The reason cities are in a shambles is because a bunch of people are destroying them with their attempt at anarchy. And yes, racists are feeling empowered. Just try being a white person trying to stop a bunch of rioters from destroying someone’s business. Racism works in many ways.

        1. Yeah, those 75 yr old men are a real threat. You poor white person. You are about as sad as Trump always trying to make things about yourself.

          1. Let me know when you get a reading level above 2nd grade. I did say mistakes are made by the police. I also said what they do right happens WAY more than what they do wrong. Even that 75 year old man incident has some more to it than what is being said right now. And making this about myself? Now I know you are not able to read at a 2nd grade level. BTW, the day you condemn the rioters, the looting, the killing of innocent people and the general mayhem, I might have some reason to have respect for your ideas. Until then, you don’t deserve it.

            1. Ah, so we have to condemn the 1% of the bad people before we acknowledge the 99% of the good protesters. You were complaining about the peaceful protests since Colin took a knee in 2016. You just don’t care about the cause and you never have. Continue with the whataboutisms. It says more about you than it does even the rioters.

  15. Kristi better buy some chastity belts, you know he loves grabbing those kitties!

  16. With all due respect, this current president wants Mt. Rushmore as a backdrop for footage in commercials. I would bet we’ll get Teleprompter Trump, at least for Governor Noem’s sake I hope that’s who shows up.

    This discussion is not “messed up.” What’s messed up is the current president bragging on camera about protecting peaceful protests while you can hear in the background the explosions of the charges used by Trumpcops to clear a peaceful protest so he could shamble across the street for a ridiculous photo op.

  17. Trump supporters can call Biden “sleepy” or preach that he is losing mental faculties. Have these same supporters actually listened as the president riffs on any given topic? Trump can barely string together a cogent thought without repeating it and twisting it into some surreal word salad. Add to this common practice, the mess he just made this morning when he had the opportunity to pound his chest on the improving jobs numbers: “Hopefully George [as in the murdered George Floyd] is looking down right now and saying there’s a great thing happening for our country. It’s a great day for him (George). It’s a great day for everybody.” Since when do murdered people, or perhaps even their grieving loved ones, really care about the US economy in a time of mourning?

    Do you really think Trump has it all going on upstairs? If you do, you haven’t been paying attention for a long, long time.

    1. Trump thinks anyone who protests something he supports are good people. When he doesn’t agree with their protest, he thinks they are terrorists. He has proven this time and time again. Dictator or fascist are just a few of the things that come to mind when talking about him. He is a horrible leader.

      1. You have been watching too much CNN. Trump has come out and said people absolutely have the right to protest peacefully. The people he is calling terrorists are the Antifa crowd. He is finally listing them for what they are.
        CNN: Cops are using tear gas.
        Normal person: No, those were smoke canisters.
        CNN: But the smoke can still make your eyes water!

        1. Ummm Sioux Falls pd and many other depts flat out said they were using tear gas.

        2. Since it is the anniversary of D-Day, I thought I’d remind you that the Allie’s who stormed the beach and took down Hitler’s fascist regime were some of the first people who were a part of the Antifa movement. Antifa is no more a group than feminism is a group.

          1. You are seriously comparing the allied soldiers of WW ll with the present antifa thugs and anarchists?!! Wow.

            1. Yeah. I guess if that bothers you, maybe you should be upset at today’s anti-communist Republicans who embrace dictators such as Putin and Kim Jong. Doesn’t deter from the fact that they have existed for a long time, the degree just varies. Now, go give Putin a big kiss for Trump.

          2. The allied forces who participated in D-day are all either dead or at least 94 years old. None of them are running in the streets with Antifa.

  18. I’m very jaded about Presidential visits. I grew up in Atlanta, where we got a lot of them, my college commencement speaker was the First Lady, and before I moved here I lived in Virginia during several election and inauguration years. So, like I said, jaded, but in my experience it’s nicest when the President stays far, far, away – whether he’s one I voted for or not, whether I think he’s doing a good job or not. I do not look forward to this.

  19. Is it weird I’m a South Dakotan who likes Trump, who is a terrible person, way more than Noem? All she is doing is positioning herself to look good in the eyes of the groper in chief. She doesn’t have an original idea and does whatever POTUS wants. Noem ran on fighting federal intrusion, but has her head so far into the ass of DC I wonder if she meant it. We all know she is trying to get an appointment in DC. I’m insulted for her thinking we are so ignorant to notice. Count how many times she says “I” and “my” in her speeches. I vomit in my mouth every time I hear it. Managers use I and leaders use we. She’s not a leader. Fireworks at Mt. Rushmore? Great idea as the peak of COVID is slated to hit the Rapid City area at that time. No social distancing? Awesome! Cases are decreasing she says. Not in the Hills. Complete irresponsibility by the state’s Firecracker in Chief. Whatever we have to do to get her out of SD and back to DC I guess. Going to suck when grandma goes to watch fireworks with Noem and dies of COVID-19. Anyone think Daugaard and Michels want to come back? People didn’t need to be drunk in the Senate to think Michels is hilarious.

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