Heidelberger still sexualizing female politicians in his posts. And this hasn’t been the first time.

This morning, after taking a beating from his commenters this past week (as opposed to taking a beating from Al Novstrup) over his sexualizing comments about State Representative Scyller Borglum, former Democrat State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger is back again creeping over female politicians in not one, but two separate posts:

Cory’s never-ending obsession with Noem is bad enough, but continued comments referring to Representative Scyller Borglum and now Representative Lynne DiSanto and “naked” in the same sentence is bizarre, as if he’s doubling down to try to degrade them in sexualized terminology.

And this isn’t the first time Heidelberger has done this – in 2017, he was called out in a letter to the editor in the Aberdeen American News over his calling a woman “a pole dancer”:

Should Heidelberger decide to run for office again, his crass and sexualized views on women certainly opens up a line of inquiry.

10 thoughts on “Heidelberger still sexualizing female politicians in his posts. And this hasn’t been the first time.”

  1. Let us not be too harsh on young Mr. H in these cases. He does have a swell grasp on English and has taught it in the past.

  2. Wayne
    2019-07-01 at 08:04
    This is two posts now where you’ve used sexual imagery in reference to a female politician. I would challenge you to think about your choice of language. Mock behaviors all you want, but do you do the world a service by touching on old tropes of painting a woman as promiscuous to discredit her?

  3. Cory is a real piece of work, a sexist, racist, socialist, atheist sycophant who thrives off of attention no matter who he gets it from. That guy will never be anything and it scares me that he runs a blog. Why is it always the craziest and most immoral among us that always make up the voice of the left wing?

  4. Other than his out of state name caller cultists that comment on his blog and think he can do no wrong there are many within his own party including leadership that realize he is a liability to their efforts. His chronic sexist comments, non-stop fixation with petty attacks against Al Novstrup and his family, rudely trying to take over a meeting before getting kicked out. District 3 residents are sick of his antics including a growing number of Dems.

  5. Important to remember that the only prayer dry drunk atheist Cory Heidelberger has of influencing thought leaders in South Dakota is the one his pastor wife says every morning to get him the hell out of the house and out of her hair.

  6. Gropin’ Joe Biden has a local rival for sexual creepiness: Cory Heildelberger.

    Would any of Corys “students” like to disclose just how creepy Cory was/is?

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