HEINERTFORSD.COM domain registered. Looks like Governor Noem has her opponent, and I suspect it’s not going to be pretty.

Looks like Governor Noem has her opponent, as we continue to see and hear evidence that South Dakota Democrat Senator Troy Heinert will be the Democrat party’s cannon fodder for Noem to grind up in the November 2022 election cycle.

The HEINERTFORSD.com domain was recently registered through Google.com according to a whois search, which goes along with what I’ve heard; that in the past couple of weeks, no less direct a source than Heinert himself has supposedly been telling people privately that he’s in.

This follows a June news report that he’ll be making a decision soon:

Heinert, an enrolled member of Rosebud Sioux Tribe, led a bipartisan dissent against the governor’s merger of the two agencies overseeing environmental regulations and agriculture, and he also introduced a resolution approved by the Senate calling for a congressional inquiry into rescinding battle honors awarded to U.S. soldiers who participated in the Wounded Knee Massacre. He told FNS he and his family are “evaluating what my next move will be.”

“We’ll be making a decision fairly soon,” added Heinert.

Former Democratic state legislator Dan Ahlers, who unsuccessfully challenged Sen. Mike Rounds in 2020, told FNS he’s not decided himself on his political future but was excited by a potential Heinert candidacy.

“He’s well-spoken and has a good background,” said Ahlers. “I think he brings a moderate perspective to things, and he is also someone who could help the state mend fences and build bridges on Native issues.”

Read that here.

(Just as an aside, troyheinert.com and heinertforgovernor.com were already off the market at the time that the article was written.)

While Troy is personable enough, I suspect his views, votes, and even some of his legislation will put him squarely in the crosshairs of Governor Kristi Noem on the campaign trail.

Noem will have significant ammunition, with Heinert being among the legislature’s most staunchly pro-choice Democrats, ranked at second most pro-choice Senator in the last election only after former Senator Susan Wismer by South Dakota Right to Life, and previously receiving a 100% ranking from NARAL SD.

Heinert has also not been looked at favorably by the NRA, being graded at a 36% in 2016, 17% in 2018, and a 42% in 2020.

Heinert was also one of the three lowest-rated South Dakota state legislators in 2020 by the American Conservative Union, at 37%, based on their issues.

Had Troy had his way in 2019, I might be risking arrest by writing this article.  Why? Because outrageously he had authored a bill to criminalize speaking against politicians. He actually tried to create a new class of laws creating criminal penalties and subjecting people to arrest for speaking out against politicians.. in America.

And that’s just the start of a laundry list of issues Heinert will have to face running against Governor Noem.

Of course, he’ll have what he perceives as his own ammunition against her. But it remains to be seen if he will be able to convince a majority of South Dakotans that they should replace Governor Noem with himself.

7 thoughts on “HEINERTFORSD.COM domain registered. Looks like Governor Noem has her opponent, and I suspect it’s not going to be pretty.”

  1. 100% rating from the nags at NARAL? 36% by the NRA? Looks like Governor Noem shouldn’t have any trouble with the anti-Constitution, pro-baby killing Heinert.

    Is Heinert against all the lies that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc., put out about Republican politicians or is he a typical hypocritical Democrat?

    They said Obama was well-spoken too, but look at what a Marxist jerk he was.

    America-hating should never win at the ballot box.

  2. GOP should flip his seat. If there’s anything voters like in South Dakota it’s incumbents. Flip the seat and it’s the GOP’s for a long time.

    1. Joel Koskan has tried and hopefully redistributing and no incumbent will help him get over the line!

    2. The tough part about that district is the federal court rulings about redistricting in the tribal areas means Heinert’s district is unlikely to change much. It’s hard for a Republican to break through there. Not impossible but hard.

  3. Heinert is reasonably well liked in the legislature. He’s got a bit of a temper sometimes but still fairly well liked. He’s been pretty critical of Governor Noem so it makes sense he’d go this way. He’s also term-limited.

    But it is hard to see this as anything other than Heinert taking one for the team as their sacrificial candidate. For all the Democratic talk about revitalizing their party, targeting Noem, all their messaging against her, it just shows that it’s all talk. They don’t have the ability to convert that into a serious challenge.

  4. Billie S is the only one who had a chance, and even then it was a small one. Surprised that he’s not trying though. Wonder what he’s keeping his powder dry for…

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