I hate it when that happens…..

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) had one of those head slapping moments recently on CNN.  Talking about the debt ceiling and shutting down the gov’t, Schumer said, “We have three branches of government.  We have a House, we have a Senate, we have a President.”

As a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School — how embarrassed do you think Schumer was when he realized he misspoke — eliminating the Judiciary as the third branch of government.

(For the record — the three branches of government are Executive, Legislative and Judiciary)

Youtube has the clip

10 Replies to “I hate it when that happens…..”

  1. 73*

    I think Chuck proved why we chose someone without a college education over one of those libs from an upperclass east coast school. Just having a degree doesn’t mean you know anything.

  2. Elais

    Wow, a right wing blog highlight a Democrat who said stupid stuff, how remarkable!!!

    And yet ignoring the profoundly igorant statements, from Palin, Bachman, Ron Paul….and dozens of other Repubicans who barely made it past grade school on their education.

  3. Duh

    Elias: A public official who doesn’t even know the three branches of government??? That’s a little different than mispronouncing someone’s name or some other harmless gaff.

    “Made it barely passed grade school”??? Still pissed about the election and the downfall of the annointed one aren’t you???

  4. Duh

    Apparently, this website is approximately 4 days ahead of FOX News. Just over the lunch hour FOX started with a bit that the MSM always harping about what GOP’er gaff on in speeches but one elected official really messed up and why didn’t you see this on MSM…. It was this statement by schumer.

  5. Elais


    Intersesting isn’t it? Fox is all over highlighting Democratic gaffs, while sweeping Republican ones under the rug or joining in on their stupidity. And some other media do the same for Democrats.



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