IM22 Constitutional Amendment revisited provisions approved for ballot as Amendment W

The Secretary of State’s office quietly approved a measure for the ballot yesterday, approving petitions which vow to return some of the provisions overturned by the legislature as a result of not being constitutional after the last election:

Title & Official Petition Official Ballot Number/ Letter Validation Date
An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution changing campaign finance and lobbying laws, creating a government accountability board, and changing certain initiative and referendum provisions (VERSION #1) Constitutional Amendment W Dec. 28, 2017

Amendment “W” (for Worthless) is the first measure approved for the 2018 election ballot.

24 thoughts on “IM22 Constitutional Amendment revisited provisions approved for ballot as Amendment W”

  1. Where is Dan Lederman at on W? I see him in pretty pictures standing next to our President and elsewhere, but I don’t hear squat from him on issues of leadership concerning W or other IMs. I attend my county GOP meeting each month waiting to hear from him about how the GOP is going to fight Amendment W, yet I hear nothing. Dan, is there a battle plan? Please show us the same passion you showed us during your campaign to win the position you currently occupy.

    1. are you not paying attention? Dan was all over the don’t sign ont eh line campaign…way more than Pam Roberts ever did on ballot issues…

      1. This has nothing to do with Roberts. Nothing to do with past campaigns. This has to do with the here and now. Where is the campaign NOW? 50,000+ people were convinced the GOP is screwing the state and regardless of the steps taken by the legislature, “W” is necessary to bring back from the brink of disaster. That’s the BS that’s being sold. Yet there is nothing that’s being done to push back. For example, I recall at least two editorials in the Argus in the past 4-8 weeks in support of the Amendment. Not a single rebuttal from the GOP. I am looking for leadership for the Leader-.

        1. Are you kidding me…he has put out press releases on issues all year…..Pam didn’t put out ONE!

          Hey here is an idea…why don’t you doa letter tot he editor yourself! you seem to be an expert

          1. 1:47, Pam is history. This is the present. Everyone in the GOP should be concerned that we are preparing for W. Are we? I’ve not seen any evidence.

            As far as the monthly press releases, where are they? I don’t see them on this blog. And they certainly aren’t provided at our monthly county GOP meeting.

  2. “overturned by the legislature as a result of not being constitutional after the last election:”— Tell me the court, judge,. date, and findings if that claim is true..

  3. Jaa Dee having served in the House for six years and always wondering when the envelope of Franklins would be pushed into my suit breast pocket for a Vote Change I was surprised that only repugnant lying postcards sent by the South Dakota Gun Owners with United States Postal Non Profit Priority were given out to my constituents in my Honor.

  4. W was approved with over 28% of the 50k signatures being found as invalid. this leaves about 36k valid signatures versus 28k required. Based upon their reckless disregard and systematic violation of state law requirements that petition circulators be 18 years old, be South Dakota residents, and personally witness the petition signors, this is probably open to a successful court challenge.

    1. agreed when they got the stoners involved with their forgeries & drama it opened it up to court challenge

    2. It may be open to court challenge, but the point is who is going to step up to challenge it, and who is going to pay to challenge it? Where is the leadership, and where is the money? Dan Lederman, it’s time to put on your big boy pants and start “doing” something.

  5. Lederman’s been spending SDGOP money on bringing his tribal fight against Muslims to an inevitable terror incident in South Dakota. Leave those people alone. They hit.

  6. I am trying to read this which isn’t easy, the print is really small etc, but I think it will put an end to any Democratic Party candidates. No contributions from Labor unions allowed? No using campaign funds for personal expenses? What are the Democratic Party carpetbaggers going to live on when they move here to run for office?

    I am also wondering about the requirement that the kegisture appropriate $389,000 for ethics enforcement. How did they come up with that figure?

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