Is there an alliance brewing in AG contest?

This is an interesting meeting going on in the pool area with 2 of the 3 Republican Attorney General candidates. Lance Russell, Zach Lautenschlager, John Fitzgerald and John Teupel all having a meeting about 4 pm today.

Is there an alliance brewing?

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  1. I saw it too...

    Well Russell did run Fitz’s failed AG bid in 2002 so is it falling into an old established role or time to repay a favor or have they decided their only chance is to double team Ravnsborg?

  2. Anonymous

    This leads shady as all heck, doesn’t make me feel good about Lance or Fitzgerald. Hope the delegates see the shenanigans going on. I wouldn’t vote for Lance or Fitzgerald.

  3. Morris

    I wonder if this means the NRA will endorse Ravnsborg. Brian Gosch has to be at the convention and has just as much stake in this now as ever.

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  5. Anonymous

    Just a stunt they cooked up. Nobody wants to see a debate after the wine has been poured; Jason is too smart to get suckered into it. If we want to ask the candidates questions we will go to the hospitality rooms.

  6. Anonymous

    Not surprised to see Fitzgerald and Lance speaking. If everyone remembers, Fitzgerald was character witness at Lances disciplining hearing where he was censored.

    Make you wonder about Fitzgerald’s judgement abilities.


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