Russell/Fitzgerald campaigns working together to blunt Ravnsborg campaign efforts

The Fitzgerald campaign has been playing hardball since last night circulating negative flyers attacking AG opponent Jason Ravnsborg..

But since the Russell/Fitzgerald poolside meeting late this afternoon with Russell flanked by Zack Lautenschlager, and Fitzgerald attended by John Teupel, it seems the West River candidiates are joining forces as the two AG candidates team up to try to take out their opponent:

After months of joint appearances, the two candidates apparently were demanding…. another joint appearance!

(As I’m writing this, Zach Lautenschlager is dropping copies on tables. I seem to recall this not working well for him before.)

At this late hour, I’m not sure how Ravnsborg getting drawn into the other guy’s game benefits anyone but them.

They can complain, but I don’t think it’s a tactic showing any strength or moving any votes. They might as well issue ‘a clean campaign pledge’ at this point.

The vote is tomorrow. The time for hastily assembled gimmicks is over.

The game of thrones continues.

43 thoughts on “Russell/Fitzgerald campaigns working together to blunt Ravnsborg campaign efforts”

  1. At the state bar convention the attitude about this field is amazement. Can it be true that no other Republican Attorney is willing to step up and do this job?

  2. Seems like a last minute act of desperation by two camps that certainly don’t have enough votes to win on their own and very likely that they don’t have enough votes combined to beat Jason either.

  3. I personally saw Mary Fitzgerald make a snide remark to Ravnsborg…he just smiled and took the high road. Good for him.

    1. The funniest claim is Russell and Fitzgerald touting their record of winning elections against Democrats. These guys are in LAWRENCE and FALL RIVER counties. Winning as a Republican there isn’t exactly a crowning achievement.

    2. Mary is an a hypocrite who does nothing but lie for her husband. It is very shameful seeing how desperate she is to see her husband win. She is a bullly who uses the method of screaming at people supporting Ravnsborg to try and sway their support. I for one can’t wait to see her go into the night and be quiet.

        1. Mary, you joined the discussion. Done with telling lies for the night I see. The democrats are more excited about facing Fitzgerald who can’t raise money and can’t win a court case. Or, Russell who was censored and fired and also raises very little $s.

          1. Cant win a case?? How many criminals do the other candidates have on death row?? John is amazing and I’m proud to be his friend and supporter. If only Minnehaha could actually reach out to their hard core supporters and get good delegates I might be there to help!

        2. So you’re telling me they want to face off against a guy who literally has no baggage attached to him rather than one guy who has been scenaored by the supremes and another guy who has an absolutely aweful trial record for which he’s touting his “experience?” That makes sense.

          1. Yup. Fitzgerald and Russell are very desperate at the weee hours of the night. It shows you the lack of ability they have.

            1. Ravnsbourg support peaked yesterday. He was in hiding for most of the afternoon today. He will come in last.

          2. Do we really want someone who hasn’t had a career run for the important office of AG? I think we need someone with experience in that office. One that’s dealt with the scary part of society is who we need! Go Fitzgerald!!!!

            1. How has Fitzgerald dealt with the scary part of society if he barely wins cases. A 25% conviction rate is not a good sign that Fitzgerald can handle anything. It sounds like he struggles at being an affective prosecutor and knowing what cases to take to trial.

              Poor discussion making abilities by Fitzgerald.

  4. Two ensconced establishment types scheming against the fresh face. Typical of two people who have run out of ideas and will resort to trash. I hope neither of these two get in. They are past it.

  5. So which of these two is going to be running tomorrow? Which is going to step aside? The time for a debate was much earlier in the campaign IMO. We are coming tomorrow to vote and we are supporting Ravnsborg These tactics are in poor taste.

  6. The last time SD elected an AG without trial experience was Kermit Sande. Anyone remember how that turned out?

  7. There is a reason late night talk show hosts are all comedians. Post-prandial events should be FUNNY; the serious part of the day is over.
    We’ve had a long day, a big meal, and now we just want to zone out.

    1. A nobody who can win a court case. Lowest conviction rate among all states attorneys.

      1. Is that correct? I actually am curious. If it is true what does that tell us about the guy?

        1. I heard he has around a 25% conviction rate. For a man that touts his experience, it is ironic that he struggles to win a court case. Makes you wonder how good Fitzgerald’s law knowledge and ability to judge how to prosecute really is.

      1. Tara,
        Go to sleep, no one wants to hear your lies and blabber tonight. Thank you.

  8. Third place Fitzgerald and ethically questionable lance are desperate. They are using every dirty tactic they can. God help South Dakota if either one of them Wiesel their way in to the nomination.

  9. I wish I heard anything about what they might do as AG. I know their resumes. I don’t care about the half-true slurs they can dream up. For smart people, they appear dumber than Reynold Nesiba.

  10. The blue smear sheets are being shoved under the doors of all the guest rooms in the Ramkota.
    Not all of those rooms are occupied by delegates.


  11. Honestly, I really do agree with them that he has no experience. And if he was so confident, why wouldn’t he debate them in front of the delegates. I would have told him to respond “heck yeah I’ll debate you two”. But he’s afraid of being exposed.

    1. I’ll tell you why he didn’t get suckered into a last minute debate: he’s not stupid. The convention center is run like a machine; lots of rooms set up at precise times for particular events. The schedule is set before it begins.
      You don’t wait till everybody is full of food, planning the rest of their evening in the hospitality suites, to announce an extra event which none of the delegates are in the mood for.

      I personally thanked Jason for sparing us the agony of having to sit still for another hour or two listening to them speak. It was time to have fun.

    2. I was told he had a previous engagement speaking to “Americans For Prosperity” at that time

    3. Was too late. Other things were already planned. They should actually be glad he turned them down. If they treated him verbally in front of people the way their attack ads were written, they probably would have lost by even more today. It’s a big turn off.

  12. John Fitzgerald would be a tremendous pick for AG. All the pettiness aside. The man is by and far the most level headed, accomplished, experienced, competent, and mentally prepared man for the job. When he steps in the room with the other two there is no difficulty seeing who the alpha is. I’m just being as honest as possible.

    1. Fitzgerald:

      -Zero Leadership skills
      -Zero Management Skills
      -Low Conviction Rate

      -Career Politician

  13. Russell teaming up with the SDGO… That’s the end of him!

    There’s got to be other lawyers at the convention… Throw out all three and get someone new… Draft Schoenbeck…

    1. Do you really think Kristi would support Schoenbeck, who campaigned loudly for Jackley?

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