11 thoughts on “Is it morning already?”

  1. It is very simple… If Russell gets the nomination, we WILL have a democrat in the AG’s office! Mainstream Republicans will never support him.

    1. I agree, If Russell gets the nomination South Dakato will have a democrat in the AG’s office. Russell can’t win in the general election with all his baggage of being censored by the state supreme court and fired from a public appointed office.

      Though I will throw in Fitzgerald can’t win either. No money and no leadership/management experience. Plus he defended Russell at the hearing Not good decision making ability.

  2. Stace, I see you are up early with your jealousy of Ravnsborg’s military career again. I am surprised with all your scheming, crookedness, late night capers you are up so early.

  3. Lance was never a consideration for my vote. However, Fitzgerald impressed me from early in the campaign and I planned to support him. Last night I changed my mind after seeing the negitive stuff being circulated by Chip Campbell. Integrity means something. This shows Fitz lacking in it.

    With a few hours to go until the vote, I’m squarely in Jason’s camp.

  4. as a casual outside observer, i’m really picking up a huge vibe that all is not well in republican-land. i dont know what’s going on behind closed doors but i can’t say i’m wildly thrilled about the candidates for AG. seiler is atypical of his party and this can become a mess of historic proportions. please get this right people.

    1. Correct, Ravnsborg is the only candidate that is competitive and will win in November. Russell and Fitzgerald has zero chance of winning. I have been speaking with many delegates and they all are saying the same thing that Russell and Fitzgerald don’t have the expertise and have a lot of baggage.

  5. Isn’t Chip a pastor or something? But I guess so was Jim Bakker. He’s turned into a disappointment.

  6. It is clear to me that for the first time since, maybe ever, the best candidate for AG is a Democrat. Randy Seiler is the total package, and the Republican Party’s best did not step forward for this race. And maybe it is time to have some real checks and balances in Pierre anyway.

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