Chip Campbell PAC which took thousands from sketchy Washington DC Group back at it tonight.

The Chip Campbell PAC which took 10,000 from a sketchy Washington DC Group To influence party committeeman and committeewoman races, and also funded the Laura Kaiser endorsement mailing for Lance Russell just sent out a negative email blast attacking Attorney General candidate Jason Ravnsborg:

They certainly seem to be pulling out all the stops in order to influence the Attorney General’s race.

At this point, I think delegates are numb to the constant stream of negative. They’re ready to go have a beer or an ice cream cone in the hospitality suites, as opposed to reading negative screeds.

7 thoughts on “Chip Campbell PAC which took thousands from sketchy Washington DC Group back at it tonight.”

  1. At breakfast this morning Marty Jackley made the statement that we need an AG who can work with all the sheriffs and county states’ attorneys.

    Russell and Fitzgerald soiled themselves.

  2. Delegates…. Please know that mainstream republicans won’t vote for Russell in November. If he’s the nominee, there’s a very good chance we will have a democrat AG elected.

  3. Jackley and our other GOP leaders should have recruited a top notch candidate in the first place. Just like rounds appointed Jackley and Long was supported by Barnett. But our current office holders seemed content with this weak crop of candidates. I view it as part of their job to make sure we have good candidates after them. #legacy

    1. anon GREAT POINT. i have never perceived the gop leadership ever before, having such a weak hand on the rudder as they display right now. as a mainstream center-right voter and firm party member my danger sense is ringing off the hook right now over this.

      1. we need a godfather-type boss of bosses to grab that rudder and use that compound of vision, engagement and fear to glue things together and we need it now.

  4. At dinner last night, it was my GREAT privilege to be seated next to Governor Frank Farrar. Before he became South Dakota’s Attorney General, Gov. Farrar served our nation in time of war and then as a U.S. Army reserve Captain for 15 years. He’s a Great American. His service demands RESPECT.

    Any fat keyboard jockey/ internet-posting jackass who wants to insult American soldiers, denigrate war fighters’ valor, and ridicule a fellow Republican’s military career in the reserves can meet me outside the convention center today. I’ll be in a red shirt, and I’ll be pleased to discuss your churlish, “hilarious” anti-military comments man to man.

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