Jackley Rapid City Fundraising Event on the 22nd

Hot off the press, I managed to get my hands on the latest fundraiser invite from Attorney General Marty Jackley for his Rapid City fundraiser at the Alex Johnson Hotel on June 22nd:

32 Replies to “Jackley Rapid City Fundraising Event on the 22nd”

  1. Red

    Holy host list Batman! Dang. Maybe Noem isn’t as strong west river as she is telling people.

  2. grudznick

    How will Mr. Jackley even have time to thank all his hosts, let alone the 10 or 15 other couples that might fit into that facility up there. This should be a really swanky event.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s a show of force. Most of these people won’t be “hosts” in the sense that they won’t have any guests they being with them. But that’s beside the point. He’s making a statement about his west river support by hosting an event with 80% of the significant fundraising organizers and politciql figures in RC.

  4. Anonymous

    Kristi bit off more than she can chew with this race. The Thune guys should switch there support quick.

  5. Anonymous

    We better see congressional action on healthcare, tax reform and a farm bill or this will become a runaway.

    At least for now, Marty’s in the drivers seat.

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t know about that but he’s definitely better than her advisors said he was. Go Marty go!

      1. Anon

        Can we dispel this notion that Noem and her team somehow thought this would be an easy race? I have never gotten the sense that she or anyone around her thought this would be a cakewalk. This is going to be a hard fought race between to well-liked and well-funded candidates. Every time Jackley does something good we don’t need to hear all these Jackley trolls saying “oooo he’s proving her ‘advisors’ wrong”.

        1. Anonymous

          Lauck, MacCaulley, Brasell, and Rave got this race wrong. Marty is in the driver’s seat.

          1. Anon

            Please explain how they got it wrong? Are you saying that she shouldn’t have even gotten in?

            No one is in the driver’s seat at this point. I think it is a very close and competitive race.

            1. Anonymous

              Kristi thought this race was a cake walk and Jackley was some D league candidate. She got bad advice and now she’s in a dog fight.

              No she shouldn’t have gotten in this race. She’s going to lose and that sucks because she’s a pretty good rep for SD. No one understands why she’s walking away from her influential position.

              I’m blown away by the number of Jackley supporters I come across. It’s 10-1.

              1. Anon

                How do you know Kristi thought this would be a cakewalk?

                I’m not saying she’s for sure going to win, but it is definitely too early to say she is going to lose. Should be a good race over the next year and I’d say she has just as good of odds as Jackley.

                1. Kelly Lieberg

                  Team Thune and Team Noem would have benefited from being primaried in their respective races. This would have forced them into the party. They both suffer from a lack of sounding board and have become candidates of a disconnected echo chamber. They both have become people different from when we first knew them as South Dakotans. Now they are some mix of DC and establishment which has never played well in South Dakota. There stripes have changed to spots and everyone can see it. Once you’ve lost that ground, one’s attempt to recover it rings insincere. They’ve broken their trust with the electorate. She’s twice backed an ineffective Speaker and John’s “root and branch” is empty rhetoric.

          2. Anonymous

            If only because Noem is in DC actually doing her job. Marty is still collecting hit state paycheck and spending 95% of time doing personal campaign work.

  6. Anonymous

    More than half this list are Rapid City attorneys, and many are former law partners or associates with Marty. Of course they are going to support him.

    1. Veritas

      “More than half are lawyers”- not even close, but nice try. I believe 25 people out of the list of over 120 names are lawyers.

  7. The King

    This group ties up ~85% of the money men in Rapid City. Might even bring out the paparazzi. The Gnome camp should be concerned.

    1. Anonymous

      Hustead has been driven to hosting Sioux Falls fundraising events. Amazing west river support for Marty.

    2. Anonymous

      Get serious. There are only two or three real money players on this list. Very few of the Mickelson folks have moved over to Jackley and the ones that did aren’t big money givers. Pretty much the same names as his last fundraiser.

      1. Anonymous

        Who are the big money people on here? and why isn’t Harry Christiansen on this list he’s a big deal in Rapid.

        Did Mickelson have big Rapid city support?

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous 10:08 – I also lost count of all the lawyers on the list.

    When someone makes the claim that “This group ties up ~85% of the money men in Rapid City” it makes them sound dumb. I doubt there’s 8.5 percent of the people who can write a thousand dollar campaign check here, much less 85.

    Someones campaign job must be to spend the day blogging under multiple names about how their candidate is best. Instead of acting like a unsubstantial cheerleader, why don’t you let us make up our own minds?

  9. Jake

    I don’t believe in the narrative that either candidate thought the race would be a cakewalk they’re running for governor no matter who’s running it’s never a cakewalk.

    It appears to me they both have significant support and it is a very competitive race.

    I do wish both of them would talk more about the issues though what is their Vision? what are they going to do for the state?

    1. Anonymous

      I wish we’d talk issues also but I’m more certain Kristi is going to go negative now that she knows she’s in trouble and the race is slipping away.

      If mickelson was still in then she’d be walking away with it. But a head to head hurts her.

      If Stace runs then she might start to rebound.

  10. Anon

    Seems to me like every time Jackley does something positive in this race (i.e. this fundraiser) we hear from his trolls things like “Oh Noem got bad advice”, “she thought this would be a cakewalk”, etc. But when Noem does something positive (i.e. her SF fundraiser) you don’t hear any of the same comments. Him doing something good is “proving people wrong”, while her doing something good is simply expected.

    1. Anonymous

      People are just tired of not seeing results from DC. They don’t even fight.

      Jackley gets results. He’s the little engine that can and he’s doing. I’m sure it’s taken Kristi’s staff off guard. This was supposed to be a blowout. Looks like Marty is poised for victory 11 1/2 months ahead of schedule.

      1. Anon

        Where was it said that this was supposed to be a blowout? Jackley doesn’t get any credit for making this a contested race, everyone expected it to be one. All the insinuation otherwise in these comments is obnoxious.