Lora Hubbel throws gasoline on her spat with Stace Nelson

Pass the popcorn!  Former US Senate Candidate Stace Nelson and current Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel had been bickering with each other a while back, supposedly because Stace wanted to run, and Lora did, effectively splitting the hard right vote.

The bickering had settled down, but from this facebook post, I think that assessment may have been premature:

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  1. gasoline….smh…all i did was ask Stace WHY he was gushing over Billie Sutton and then I posted Billies Vote Smart page where he is 100% pro-gay-marriage, 50% pro-abortion and 30-40% conservative…so WHY Stace are you gushing over him for Governor and denigrating me for Governor when we are friends?

    1. it is because Stace is a RINO….he loves democrats and only attacks Republicans

          1. I am and Independent. I don’t like getting boxed in a corner. I vote candidate over party…..Party means nothing to me. It’s all about what the candidate stands for. I am color blind when it comes to party affiliation.

  2. Lora was just pointing out some facts on Sutton’s voting record, and Stace was just complimenting Sutton on being a Christian. Stace is the most Conservative person in the Legislature, while Hubbel is the most Conservative candidate running for Governor.

    1. Tara, you are a Democrat operative who wants to sow chaos in the Republican party. You are not fooling anyone.

      1. Sorry to disappoint you but I have been an Independent for several years.The late Representative Jim Rothstein , my good friend,from Mobridge took me down to city hall when I turn 18 in 1978 and got me registered as a Republican so I could vote for him. I also worked for Senator Jim Stoick at Stoicks Super Value. Mobridge is pretty much over 90% Republican. I think the cattle are maybe registered Democrat.

  3. Thank’s for posting Anne…..My comment to Billie Sutton was to keep pounding on SD corruption……..now read all the 43 comments under the article and it will show who I was defending. Thanks again. It’s quite clear who I am supporting.

  4. Geez Pat, you already have 87 shares?????? Hubbel is the best thing that ever happened to SDWC. Sorry to say, but those other candidates are so boring.

    1. Boring? I think the phrase you were seeking might have been “in control of their faculties.”

      1. They get very few comments comments or shares. How about a little excitement?

    2. Tara this is another choice for voters again in their choice for sanity vs insanity, conspiracy theories and chaos.

      1. Or how about draining the swamp. Who are you referring to sane and insane and conspiracy theories and chaos. Could you show me some facts.

        1. Ms. Volesky, take most everything your young friend Ms. Hubbel says and then look at the opposite. Those are likely facts.

          1. Tara, Lora will get hardly get any votes again with such a strong field. She is an obscure, sometimes entertaining very much of a fringe candidate. Lets face it. her reality is very and I emphasize very different from South Dakotans. Perhaps she could be a regular on the Alex Jones InfoWars show. That would be a good fit for her.

        2. Besides you or Lora do not like facts. Both of you just claim things without anything to back it up. We have asked you and Lora many times where these so called FEMA camps are in South Dakota and all we get is deflection.

          1. What does FEMA camps have to do with anything? I don’t know anything about that except someone asked her a question about FEMA camps when she ran with Mike.

            1. Tara with Lora’s last run for Governor she acknowledged that she knew about these so called FEMA camps here in South Dakota when asked that question. Where are they? What are they for?

              1. Watch her you tube on SD corruption. I was there and someone asked her a question on FEMA camps. It had nothing to do with what she was talking about. You can pull it up and watch it. I think there were some other people that made some comments. Just watch it. I think it was a planted question. But you have to expect that when you run for office. Does anybody know if we have any, where are they, what are they for. Just curious.

                1. She answered that question saying that she knew about them and saying yes. You two when always pressed for the facts and answers never give them. That is why no one ever takes you two seriously. Have fun enjoying an exercise in futility.

            2. Looks like the rest of my answer has been edited. I am not deflecting at all . Watch the you tube on SD corruption. I was there. It’s all on video. Lora is speaking first.

              1. Tara, what are you talking about? I only edit comment by redaction, and I make a note that it has been redacted, typically because it crosses the line of being demonstrably false or libelous.

          2. I have never mentioned FEMA camps….when I had a press conference on corruption a plant from the audience asked me about FEMA camps….not an issue that keeps me up at night (SD corruption on the other hand DOES!). Who cares about FEMA camps? I have said that the city belonging to FEMA for flood insurance is a waste of money….but why are you guys so fixated on FEMA camps?

            1. Lora, This may be what they’re referring to:


              Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel at a campaign event Wednesday entertained out-of-the-mainstream theories about the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the powers of county sheriffs.

              Hubbel, a former state lawmaker who is challenging Gov. Dennis Daugaard in the Republican primary, told a crowd of several dozen citizens and reporters that sheriffs have the power to keep federal officials out of their counties.


              Moments before discussing sheriffs at Wednesday’s news conference, Hubbel said she shared some of the fears of an audience questioner who was concerned about concentration camps being set up in South Dakota by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA.

              After being asked if she knew “where the two FEMA camps in South Dakota are,” Hubbel said she had “heard rumors” but didn’t know. She agreed when the questioner called it a “scary thing.”

              “I hear you,” Hubbel said. “People are afraid of our federal government. That’s really sad. Some people say when they hear airplanes above, they wonder, is that a friendly airplane, or is it the government? It’s sad that people have to think that way. One of the reasons why I want to run for governor is that I want to make sure that fear is gone. I want to make sure that you are safe in South Dakota. I want to make sure that you have a governor who says ‘No way, federal government, you’re not crossing this line into our state and you’re not messing with us here.’ ”

              Fears that FEMA is setting up concentration camps around the country to imprison American citizens is a common conspiracy theory on the Internet. FEMA officials have denied the plans, and experts have debunked many of the claims made in videos and websites espousing the theory. Some of the sites identified as “FEMA camps” have ended up being innocuous — or in other countries, such as North Korea.

              After the news conference, Hubbel said she doesn’t actually believe FEMA is setting up concentration camps — though she’s not certain they’re not.

              “That’s kind of out there,” Hubbel said. “Some people have those fears … I don’t know anything about FEMA camps. It may be legitimate. I don’t know.”

              I’m pretty sure those were your direct statements.

            2. Ryan Gaddy asked the question at your press conference at the SF library in your last run regarding FEMA camps in South Dakota which you said yes you knew about them and went on about them. Was Ryan Gaddy a SDGOP plant?

  5. Report cards of the most reliability show that Mr. Nelson votes with the Democrats 92% of the time and against the Republicans 71% of the time.

    1. Well I think the Democrats maybe are voting with Conservative Stace Nelson.

      1. Mr. Nelson is not a Conservative. I have report cards that show he is the least effective since Kloucek in the legislatures. He is simply the mouthpiece for those who are insaner than most.

        1. Why do you think Stace is insane….isn’t insanity a mental health issue. You shouldn’t make fun of mentally ill people.

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