Lora Hubbel throws gasoline on her spat with Stace Nelson

Pass the popcorn!  Former US Senate Candidate Stace Nelson and current Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel had been bickering with each other a while back, supposedly because Stace wanted to run, and Lora did, effectively splitting the hard right vote.

The bickering had settled down, but from this facebook post, I think that assessment may have been premature:

The sock puppets must not have been available. Stace Nelson to produce own TV Show on KCPO?

(H/T to Dakota Free Press)

KCPO Television which hd in the past produced the Public Affairs Show The Facts, which I had appeared on from time to time, is now advertising a new show on their facebook page coming in the near future: The Nelson Verity:

Advertised as “A fair, honest, and balanced look at South Dakota politics,” the video includes snippets about stories or misdeeds involving state government.

Given the subject matter as well as the title, there’s speculation that the program is possibly going to feature sitting State Senator Stace Nelson.

A relationship with KCPO might also be assumed if you notice the Stace Nelson narrated advertising for R. Shawn Tornow Law office on the KCPO Facebook page…

…with Tornow having represented Nelson in the past as counsel for the defense in the continuing Rushmore PAC filed robocall lawsuit against Nelson (which I hear recently had another filing which the plaintiff hopes will bring it closer to final judgement).

It’s not that it’s a major technological stretch to get on TV, it’s more of a cost barrier, so Nelson must have some extra cash laying around to pay the expenses for the show (about $300-500 per). The questions swirling around it are more of the nature of ‘what he’s going to do with it?’ and ‘will the exposure justify the ongoing expense?’

I don’t get KCPO via DISH Network in Brookings, so you’ll all have to tell me how it goes.