Krebs for Congress q1 2017 FEC Report Filed: 140K Raised, 133k cash on hand.. but where are all the bills?

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs’ campaign for Congress filed her first FEC report this morning..

Krebs 2017 q1 Fec by Pat Powers on Scribd

The Report lists a respectable 140k raised, with a 133k cash on hand. But what struck me as a bit odd is the fact that her expenditures are unusually low in this report at about 7k.

Where did she raise the 140k from? There’s as many familiar names on her report as we saw on Dusty Johnson’s recent report. State Reps Tom Brunner and Elizabeth May donated. So did former State Senator Stan Adelstein and wife, who kicked in $5200 collectively. Who else gave? Former Senators Dave Knudson, Bruce Rampelberg, Mike Vehle, Phyllis Heinemann, & Dave Omdahl. Former Reps Bob Faehn, Charlie Hoffman, Jim Hood, Al Kurtenbach, Eldon Nygaard & Lorin Pankratz. Former School and Lands Commissioner Bryce Healy, former AG Roger Tellinghuisen, and former Governor Frank Farrar, among others. Chuck Turbiville, Roger Hunt, and Jim White also donated, except it was from their political committees.

Getting back to the expenditures.. The report only noted about 7k in expenditures, which seems unusually low, given that the campaign rolled out during this period.  About half of that is for on-line donations, and the rest is for minor printing and postage.

However, nothing for video production for the rollout video, nothing for website, staff, consultants, or the myriad of expenditures that campaigns incur, especially at the onset of a campaign. I suspect it’s simply a matter of the bills not being submitted to the campaign as of the date that the filing was due. They’re likely not going to impact the campaign’s bottom line significantly, but we don’t have an accurate picture of the campaign’s burn rate without them.

As I noted before, it’s going to be a long campaign. So keep things dialed in to the SDWC for all your 2018 campaign coverage.

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