Marty Jackley for Governor campaign tour stops in Brookings

I got caught behind a funeral procession on the way over, making me tremendously late, but Attorney General Marty Jackley was still working the crowd over at Nick’s Hamburgers when I arrived for his campaign’s final tour through Brookings before tomorrow’s primary election:

I’ll be over at the Noem campaign stop this evening too.

17 thoughts on “Marty Jackley for Governor campaign tour stops in Brookings”

  1. I’m confused as to why there are no people at Jackley’s tour stops. Jason Glodt is a renowned grassroots genius, he says they are winning in the largest counties, their turnout is going to be massive, and they have this thing won already. So where are the people? There were only like 40 people at Jackley’s rally in Pierre. Jackley has more people than that who work for him.

  2. Jackley has 1/2 the turnout of Kristi at best. There’s no excitement. It’s not looking good for him.

    1. You must work for Kristi. Without question, Jackley has consistently drawn larger crowds to his events throughout the campaign. Kristi has fewer volunteers, no ground game, and little in the way of interest in her events. Those are quantifiable truths.

  3. Trump would be proud of both sides for comments on who has the larger crowd sizes but at this point it’s all wasted words. The crowds tomorrow are the only thing that really matter at this point.

  4. If Kristi wins it will be by character assasination. She will have a lot of healing to do in the party. This race was slipping away and she hit the nuclear option to try and save it.

    If Marty wins it will be because he ran a surprisingly good campaign.

    I agree his ads were the weak link. There was nothing special about them. Yes they looked good but the emotional connection was lacking. There were not any victims telling testimonials of the good he did. Instead it was the Noem campaign going after him with a negative testimonial.

    Jackleys campaign has been better than Noem’s on every front other than the powerful testimonials.

    The ad people failed to deliver in the biggest moment.

    1. “Jackleys campaign has been better than Noem’s on every front other than the powerful testimonials.”

      Maybe because the most powerful testimonial wasn’t about Noem, but about Jackley’s incompetent handling of a simple management task, costing the state $1.5 million and ruining a woman’s career.

  5. Why does Marty always stick his Neck and Chin out when he shakes peoples’ hands?? Phony handshakes. Sad!!!

    1. Seriously?!? That’s all you have is to condemn is how he shakes hands?!? He really is that good a candidate that you have to attack his physical features because you have nothing valid to condemn him for! Some people smh

      1. Wrong!! I could have gone after his BAD record as Attorney General but that’s been done already. His phony handshakes just bother me! Go Noem. #MAGA!!!

  6. Sad to see Marty soiling the sacred ground that is Nick’s Hamburger shop. Maybe he just stopped in BTown to get his share of the aquaponics loot from Deano..

  7. “I got caught behind a funeral procession”

    You were behind Marty’s campaign bus?

  8. Golly, I don’t see Marty’s trolls on here even trying to compete. He has 150+ people on his payroll, yet he could only generate 40 people to show up at his rally in Pierre. What does that say? Weak! This may be over. I wonder who will be murdered after he loses.

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