Marty Jackley preparing himself for war in the campaign for Governor. But, only with serious candidates.

An e-mail campaign was blasted out late yesterday afternoon by the Jackley campaign at many Republicans across South Dakota making statements about Congresswoman Noem, among them that “We requested she conduct her campaign with integrity, be honest about her record and truthful in her campaign advertising…and she said NO!

Actually, what she stated in response to a request for a Jackley-authored clean campaign pledge was…

She’s not interested in “campaign PR stunts.” Noem says she’s pledging to residents to take on tough tasks in Pierre to improve South Dakota.

Read that here.

That’s quite a bit different than “she said NO!” It was a rejection of the pledge, nonetheless, but one would suspect Marty would probably reject any pledge presented from Kristi. It’s just part of what we expect in the back and forth between campaigns.

And what about Gubernatorial candidate Lora Hubbel? Bob Mercer was wondering about that as well. She’s actually been hard, hard negative in the race. For example:

Coming just a month ago, Hubbel directly accused Jackley of being “a crook who belongs in prison,” which is slinging the mud as hard as you can sling. Yet, if you look at Marty’s pledge sheet….

…I don’t see a place for Lora to sign.. unless it’s on the back. He left off Terry LaFleur’s spot as well.

The truth is, that people including the Jackley campaign, aren’t preparing for the ‘also rans’ such as Lora to be anything more than a momentary nuisance. And unless another feasible candidate jumps in, it will remain that way.

Some are saying that Sen. Stace Nelson has been purposefully pushing hard on his scorecard with cherry picked issues in places such as Facebook and the Liberal Democrat blog because he’s a candidate in search of a draft movement for Governor. But absent a heretofore unknown ability for Nelson to raise money or run a statewide campaign magically appearing, that draft movement isn’t going to find him.

Barring another candidate jumping in, ultimately, the big show remains between Marty and Kristi, and between now and next June both will be moving their chess pieces around on the board.

And, as we saw when it came to the pledge this week, I doubt either has any intention of playing the other’s game.

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  1. Tara Volesky

    What’s wrong with an outsider? Lora has more experience in the the private sector then the other two put together. Time for someone who will take on the tax and spend, Obama Care. and Common Core Republican party.

      1. Tara Volesky

        That’s right Miranda, she is completely different. She is no-nonsense and she just wants to fix the problems in SD. Thanks for posting the forum. Straight forward and honest.

        1. Jon

          Lora is very good at slinging mud, I’ll give you that. Her problem is that she throws most of it at herself. All you have to do is check her FB page once or twice and it’s readily apparent she’ll be an also ran. At best.

    1. Trey

      She could do herself some good by talking about issues and not simply railing against everyone else. And attacking anyone’s faith isn’t appropriate, just leave that alone. The only thing I gather from her, is that people need to be in jail and everyone in the party is a bunch of crooks. What about issues? Voters can only take so much of the personal attacks before they simply start ignoring them. Have her talk about issues without blasting everyone all of the time, it gets really tiring when trying to find an alternative to Jackley or Noem.

      1. Tara Volesky

        Don’t worry, she will definitely get into the issues. She will clean-up health care and education for starters. How do you like Obama Care and Common Core?

  2. Thomas

    Stace Nelson doesn’t have the temperament to be governor. Frankly, I don’t know how he got elected as senator. He’s a slash and burn guy who uses his prior military service as a club to denigrate others who may not have served. And he’s one of those selective Constitutional supporters. He opposes anything which might endanger or reduce the power of the political elites.

  3. Mary

    I’m confused, I thought Hubbel was a general election candidate for the Constitutional Party. Didn’t she leave the GOP and run as Lt Gov with Meyers in 14? Did she rejoin the GOP?

    1. Tara Volesky

      Yes Mary, she ran as Mike’s running mate as a Republican. Mike was Independent. She was I believe Chairman for the Constitutional party for a short time, but there just wasn’t enough interest or momentum, so she is decided she could have more influence as a Republican.

  4. Anonymous

    Did Marty just go negative touting his clean campaign? Ironic.

    One could say Kristi did first by slamming Marty in a press release for something Lee Schoenbeck said.

    I bet Stace Nelson runs and is the Mike Rounds nice guy in 2018. Yeah ok maybe not.

      1. nony

        Noem alleges that former South Dakota lawmaker Lee Schoenbeck, a supporter of Attorney General Marty Jackley, cited the vote of Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) as an example of those standing against the bill.

        “Trial lawyer Marty Jackley and his band of trial lawyer supporters may want to rethink their opposition to saving taxpayers $50 billion and lowering health care costs. I look forward to hearing them explain that to Republican primary voters,” said Justin Brasell, Noem campaign spokesman.

        She was attacking Jackley for a statement that Schoenbeck made. She is incapable of running a clean campaign. Lee is capable of having his own opinions, as everyone here knows. Jackley has not made a statement on this issue to my knowledge, but that doesn’t stop Noem from slinging mud. “His band of trial lawyer supporters”? From a Congressional Press Release? Way to keep it classy Noem! And people wonder why anyone would want a pledge from her.

  5. Mary

    I think the Noem press release attacking Jackley for the Schoenbeck post is just a taste of things to come from her. If she is willing to attack for something a supporter says she will attack on anything. I think she will go negative early. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Anon

      Lee Schoenbeck criticized Noem’s vote for tort reform. Justin Brasel criticized Jackley and his trial lawyer friends for criticizing Noem.
      Is that correct?
      Just trying to sort out who said what about whom.

      1. Lee Schoenbeck

        Just to be clear, I criticized Congresswoman Noem voting to take away the state’s right to deal with local issues concerning insurance. She supports expanding federal law. For that, she issued a press release atacking me. I have thick skin – just thought it was kind of weird for her to support more federal government, and then put out a press release attacking a constituent that doesn’t agree. My comments were from me, not from any other candidate she wanted to attack

  6. Anonymous

    Jackley’s decision to double down on this political stunt is ill advised. The Marty I know from the county Lincoln Day Dinners is thoughtful and this action is out of character.

  7. Anon

    He’s preparing to play the victim whenever Noem points out a flaw of his or disagrees with a decision he has made.

      1. Fled to Red


        Yeah, I don’t know much about either, but generally think of both as. “good guys”. This stunt, and the follow-up push me towards Kristy. Not enough to seal the deal, but more than a nudge.

  8. Anonymous

    I would agree that Jackley’s actions are out of character. His strategists are sabotaging his campaign from the inside by pushing Jackley to appear clumsy, uncalculated and inept.

      1. Anonymous

        no looks like people with common sense are back….I am an undecided on governor’s race and Marty lost this week…

        Pledge seemed foolish, when Noem responded drop it….Marty is on radio, pushing on social media to contact Noem to run a clean campaign…seems like he is crying foul before she did anything at all to attack him….that does not make him look like a leader to me!

  9. Anonymous

    Stace is trying to be the puppet master…get everyone else to run, but doesn’t have the courage to run himself.

  10. Anonymous

    The pledge strikes me as a stunt as well, and it didn’t woo me to Marty’s side. I think he would do well to avoid things like this and just let his campaign speak for itself. Much like Trump-and I voted for him-Jackley is taking away from his focus by pushing this and making Noem’s failure to sign an issue.

  11. Anonymous

    Jackley should have lead by example and said he would run a clear campaign and made that promise to the voters. It would have forced all the other candidates to do the same. Instead he now looks like a whiner and a hypocrite.

  12. WR

    This is getting pathetic, Marty. You are straight up lying about the way she responded. She said “no” to your flopped PR joke, not to a clean campaign. Stop whining that your opponent won’t sign a phony piece of paper with YOUR rules on it. Grow up, stop prophesying yourself as a poor little victim, be a man, and be a leader.

    And for goodness sake, if you sign a pledge leave the contingency out of it. It reminds me of a hypothetical wealthy Democrat who wants everyone’s taxes to go up to be given to the poor. They’ll only give to the poor if everyone else does.

  13. WR

    Is this the way you plan on governing? Write legislation on your own then kick and scream, blast misleading emails about people, and circulate petitions when it won’t pass through the legislature? A leader would have made a proposal then worked with all parties to draft a stupid pledge that all could agree on.

    1. Chris

      Amen Pat- the Noem attack machine is already gearing up. This is getting old fast. Looks like the clean campaign pledge really got under her skin.

  14. Anonymous

    Considering the comment here Marty’s getting bad advice. South Dakotans want a strong leaders with ideas not a whinny hypocrite. It’s really too bad Mark Mickelson and Matt Michels have decided not to run.

  15. Anon

    I was undecided but starting to think maybe I’m not anymore. Bringing Bartscher and Glodt on were both red flags and now this pledge thing is very negative.

    1. Conservative Voter

      Wow- is Noem’s team teally going to attack Bartscher and Glodt? Glodt was in the trenches running GOTV in 2010 to help elect Noem…heck, he has been working to elect Republicans in our state for at least 20 years. I remember when he was the ED of the GOP when Thune beat Daschle. Dale has been fighting for the conservative cause most of his life and built the most effective values voters organization in the state. I know them both and have nothing but good to say about them.

      1. Anonymous

        Why do you think Noem’s team is on here?

        Can’t you imagine that she has supporters, just like Jackley does.

        Your post sounds like you are Jason Glodt though.

      2. Anon

        Bartscher is a theocrat obsessed with the sex lives of consenting adults and Glodt gave us Marsy’s Law.

        Both issues represent bigger government so the argument that only Noem supports big government kind of falls flat. Nobody should be worrying about what consenting adults do In bed, especially government agencies, and Marsy’s Law is costing a lot of money.

  16. Chplraj

    We are thinking many more will look closer at Lora after DWU forum the other night. Her answer perfectly joined the past, present, and future in telling us what makes SD great and how she would govern ideologically.

      1. Tara Volesky

        So Pat, how is she unfit for office? And don’t talk silly tin hat stuff. Just stick with the issues. Is she to conservative for you? You like Obama Care and Common Core, because your candidates do? Did you watch the DWU forum? Post all the stuff she said. Is she to authentic for you? Maybe you don’t like her because she doesn’t put up with your BS.

        1. Anonymous

          The silly tin hat stuff makes her unfit for office…..I don’t care where you claim to be ont he issues (especially as one minute you run as a GOP, then as an Independent then as a Constitution chair) when you are chasing every crazy conspiracy theory known to mankind.

          Drop out Lora and save yourself the embarrassment

          1. Tara Volesky

            You still didn’t answer the question. Instead you keep changing the subject. Not going to work.

            1. John

              Yes the poster did. Let me try.

              Lora has no credibility because of all the conspiracy theories…thus it doesn’t matter what she says about the issues…no one is going to listen to her.

              Next she is scatter brained all over the place. Focus on a message….but her message is at best everyone is corrupt but her…she like Stace….look down on everyone else as not conservative enough….while they prove they are hypocrites by jumping from party to party or only attacking Republicans and standing with Democrats.

              She has 0% chance of winning and no one issue message cause …so I have no idea why she is even running.

              1. Tara Volesky

                John, a very weak answer. What conspiracy issues are you talking about? She is just stating facts. SD has many fake conservatives in Pierre and Washington. Just look at their voting records. It’s hard to argue facts. You may not like her personally because she knows what is going on, and isn’t afraid to say it.

        2. grudznick

          Mrs. Volesky, I think Ms. Hubbel is very fit and you can see that in her sleeveless dresses. I think the insanerness that Ms. Hubbel displays on a regular basis is very attractive as well. Can I ask you where Ron stands on all this Hubbel business, and might you be able to convince him to make some public appearances on her behalf? I think that would help her mightily.

          1. Tara Volesky

            It’s time for a little insanity right Gruz. You will have to ask Ron yourself. Lora will be in Vermillion today attending the Tribal Affairs meeting. That’s pretty close to the State hospital isn’t it? I’ll see if I can get her admitted, ok?

  17. Anon

    This is going to be a long 9 months….

    Every time someone on here disagrees with Jackley it is automatically the “Noem attack machine” or “Noem’s team”. Is there a possibility that average citizens can disagree with Marty? Playing the victim and blaming Noem every time someone says something negative about him or his team is getting really old, really quick.

  18. Anonymous

    to jackley supporters; I am an undecided voter

    What do you consider dirty politics? what issues are out of bounds or intended by this pledge?

    If it is talking about a candidates’ spouse or kids I would agree….otherwise talk of EB5, Gearup, cases handled, legislation pushed for or not pushed would all seem to be fair game…..

    Then go the other way—what are things you would not attack via this pledge about Noem and what also is fair game?

    We seem to have a lot of talk of the pledge itself and not the substance of the pledge…trying to move the discussion in a different direction

    1. Fled to Red

      We seem to have a lot of talk of the pledge itself and not the substance of the pledge…

      There isn’t any substance. It’s a PR stunt, followed by “Mom, she hit me, she thinks my pledge is silly”. I’m nowhere near really worrying about this election yet, but being accused of being a shadow-puppet for Noem, or being on her hit team is certainly not enamoring me of Marty. I had enough of that from Hillary last time around.

  19. Anonymous

    Either Jackley is getting bad advice or he’s making bad decisions on his own. All this proves is he’s not a leader. Noem’s Team is on the attack. Both are losing support. It’s going to be a long and ugly election, maybe it’s time to draft someone like Russ Olson, Cory Brown, Tim Rave, Bob Gray, Dave Knudson, or Scott Munsterman. Any of them would make a good alternative choice to these two mud slingers.

  20. chief

    This is just gutter tactics by Jackley. I don’t blame Noem one bit for not signing. There is no guarantee that Jackley will be honest and truthful whether he signs it or not. When you’re the AG you can get away with anything. I hope Noem has the guts to expose the truth about all the crime and corruption that Jackley has overseen as AG.

    1. KM

      Well, lookie here, Chief Detective has been doing some honest and profound investigative work. The only thing lacking is evidence. Funny thing those facts can be, care to elaborate on the “crime and corruption that Jackley has overseen….”? Curious minds want to know.

      If AG Lynch or Holder were the subject of your statements then we’d have more truth being told.

      “gutter tactics” can be used by politicians and non-politicians, but please do continue your insight is so riveting.

  21. Anon

    “Accuse the other side of that which you, yourself, are guilty.”

    Think of that adage every time you hear a politician accuse another of anything.