Gubernatorial Candidate claims Attorney General Marty Jackley is a “crook who belongs in prison,” and Gov. Daugaard forced “horrible sexual abberance” coming to SD

In the last 24 hours, a Republican Gubernatorial Candidate has accused her opponent, Attorney General Marty Jackley of being a “crook who belongs in prison,” as well as claiming that sitting Governor Dennis Daugaard introduced “forced horrible sexual abberance (sic) in Common Core coming to SD.”

I’d give you a couple of guesses who said it, but I don’t think you’d need them.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate and former State Legislator Lora Hubbel is in the hunt for the2018 GOP Nomination for Governor in a field of candidates including herself, Terry Lee La Fleur, Congresswoman Kristi Noem, and Attorney General Marty Jackley.  And while she’s not likely to win the nomination, she might win an honorable mention for “the candidate most likely to be medicated,” as she makes bizarre allegations against her opponent, as well as the man she would like to follow in the Governor’s chair, Governor Dennis Daugaard.

In a direct statement and an exchange with one of her commenters on Facebook last night, she has attacked her opponent Jackley as well as one of his campaign staff, Dale Bartscher, and claimed that the Governor’s allowance of Common core in the State f South Dakota’s educational curriculum has allowed “horrible sexual abberance” into the state.

But don’t take my word for it. Read for yourself:

I will point out that Lora has been quite critical of my work on this website for following her statements and pronunciations. However, when a declared gubernatorial candidate makes bizarre statements, and claims her opponent belongs in prison, when the declarations as made publicly in social media, it’s news, whether she wants to back her statements with facts and figures.

Whether a candidate is claiming that one of her opponents should be in jail, or that “Brain eating nanobots are being put in vaccines,” it rises to the level of news.

Whether Lora likes it or not.

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  1. This might be even more fun to watch than Annette was. I kind of feel sorry for Lora, though. She obviously could use some help.

      1. We have. Lora is not fit to be dog catcher, much less the highest office in the state in charge of thousands of employees.

  2. Politics is about ADDITION, adding to your base of support.

    Many have not figured that out. All Lora does is screech at people if they don’t agree with her. That turns me off and others clearly from the posts shown.

      1. There’s no reason to look at more than one site to do your homework on Lora. All you have to do is read her own posts on Facebook, and its immeasurably evident that she’s at best unfit to be governor.

  3. I honestly believe Lora hubbel is someone who is smart. She right on Common Core, abortion and couple of other issues. I doubt anyone would deny that.

    Then this stuff creeps up. Some of it doesn’t creep, It jumps up right up in front of you and gets in your face. Some of this stuff just makes you *facepalm* and wonder where does she come up with this stuff. Let’s face it, some of it doesn’t come from just left field, it came from beyond the parking lot.

  4. Her role in public life is to help build character. She says the most insane things possible about good people, and gives them the opportunity to brush it off. It’s almost a calling

    1. Stace is shaking his head right now. There is a reason he doesn’t support her and is asking for Liz May to run.

      I’m not sure why Nelson and Hubbell aren’t all in for Jackley. He’s the only one prosecuting anyone.

            1. Having babies sleep on their backs is a government ploy making them more easily controlled. I couldn’t even make that up, she said it.

      1. On September 4th she shared an article advancing the tinfoil hat worthy idea that Hurricane Harvey was weaponized by the government. There you go.

            1. There you go resorting back to SDWC. He takes one post from her personal fb page. lol. You got to do better than that.

              1. So let me get this right.

                #1 You don’t disagree that Lora shared that article.
                #2 You don’t disagree that is an attempt to advance a hilariously absurd, one could say “insane”, idea.

                However, in spite of #’s 1 and 2 above, you reject the evidence presented to you because Pat also pointed it out a week ago? At this point I’m trying to figure out if you’re trolling or just stupid. Honestly I could go either way so please help a guy out.

      1. I just posted what you asked me to. How about you respond to that instead of badgering Lee like a petulant child.

  5. MC,

    Holding the right position on an issue doesn’t make you smart or a good person.

    A person who wants to reduce/reform poverty programs because they think the programs do more harm to their intended beneficiary than good is right for a right reason.

    A person who holds the same postion because they hate poor people isa bad person who should be ignored not matter their position.

    A person who holds the same position because they think it will eliminate nanobots is a stupid person who should be ignored no matter their position.

    Lora is not a bad person but she doesn’t seem to discern good and bad information upon which to discern and can’t seem to reason when she has good information. This is not smart. She just happens to hold some right positions with the same frequency coins land on heads.

    1. You guys can’t handle the truth. She is a straight shooter who stands up for the voiceless. Hang with the 1 percenters, she represents the rest. Drain the swamp.

      1. She represents less than 1%; don’t fool yourself. Look at her posts and those are the FACTS you are looking for; Hubbel comes across very poorly-she always uses the vinegar.

  6. A candidate has a message, how they deliver that message is crucial.

    Much like MC states, her stand against abortion and Common Core are valid. Why not come out and hit hard with facts? Common Core is not effective, it’s based on a system that uses the exact same curriculum and assessments to determine level of proficiency for all students when we know not all students learn the same way; fact. How about information for parents looking for other options when deciding how/where their children receive an education; home school or private school. Or…When I’m governor, I will do whatever it takes to help and support women contemplating abortion.

    Smearing the competition is unattractive and nasty word choice doesn’t help lure people in to listen. I want to hear about your ideas, priorities and solutions, not how bad the other guy/gal is. It’s similar to MM’s posts about legalizing MJ, there may be reasonable information but her comments are laced with such vulgar language (“circle jerk”), who wants to listen?

    1. I don’t want to derail this thread about Lora, but I need to jump in a say that your statements about Common Core are not accurate. The Common Core State Standards are set of education standards (which are what children should know by the end of the year) in the two subjects of English and Math. They are not a curriculum (which are how teachers go about teaching the material throughout the year). Nor are they an assessment (which is a test used measure that knowledge). Local teachers and administrators still determine how children are taught and can individualize instruction based upon the needs of the child. States that use Common Core choose their own tests. South Dakota uses the Smarter Balanced Assessment, which is an adaptive test that changes based upon the child’s individual abilities.

      1. You’re wrong or being fooled. You should do more research. Evidence for your statement?

        Here’s mine… Michelle Malkins S2E2: Homeschool Rebels, The Ultimate Resistance Movement. Give me time and I’ll give you the exact minute that statement is made. She has a show on CRTV, you have to subscribe, but there are countless stories online that support my statement. Another great resource is Glenn Beck’s “Conform” book.

        Common Core is a joke. I know a family that moved out of SD because their special needs child was being required to meet Common Core standards and she couldn’t even speak.

        1. Nicole Russel, Journalist & Homeschooling Mom, makes the statement (19:00min mark) and you could also check out Dr. Brian Ray, President of National Home Edu. Research Inst. They are both featured in the episode.

        2. I’d watch the video you mentioned, but, as you noted, a subscription is required. I’ve done my research, and I’m not being fooled. My evidence of what I said is the source material itself. Go read the standards:

          Follow the link and then scroll down to the English Language Art section and the Math section. You then have access to every standards for every grade. Nowhere does it define the curriculum or how teachers are supposed to teach. If I’m wrong, show me in the standards where I’m wrong.

          Citing Michelle Malkin or Glenn Beck is not persuasive because they are trying to sell a book or boost ratings. Maybe this Dr. Ray has some good points, but I don’t know who he is.

          And Common Core did not chase the family you knew out of state. Any child with special needs will have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that determines that child’s educational goals. A child who can’t speak would not be required to meet the same standards as other children. If they were, that was a problem with the local administration not doing their job correctly. It wasn’t a problem with the standards themselves.

          1. Let me guess, you think Common Core is state-led? Do you know who funds SBA and decides what questions are included in the assessment? You have truly been fooled and I recommend you do more research. The library should have Beck’s book and Chapter 12 is where you should start.

            Malkin, Beck, Levin, Limbaugh, Shapiro do research and cite/interview experts on specific subjects. They make $ and boost ratings because they’re thorough and present factual information.

            I never said “chased” out of SD, can you find where I said that? I can’t. If you manipulate my words, is it easy for you to change the narrative to fit your agenda?

            Thank God we pulled our kid from public school.

    2. KM. like Lora isn’t getting smeared? Really? Is she just suppose to shut up and be a good girl? Her opponents condone what Pat is doing. The are getting what they are paying for. They love what Pat is doing, or they wouldn’t be buying adds on his blog.

      1. Tara – You’re reaching…far.

        I don’t have a direct line to the people advertising on SDWC, but I’m sure they’re not doing it for the reasons you just stated.

  7. Lora doesn’t play political correctness. She is straight up honest. She is a flower child compared to Donald trump. Who did you people vote for president? Quit acting like leftists snowflakes.

      1. well you can spell that many ways either Tara Volesky or you can spell it Lora Hubbel…either would get you through the national spelling bee as an acceptable answer 🙂

  8. Who is this Tara Volesky who dominates these postings, over and over again? Is she related to Ron Volesky? Just curious.

    1. Tara is a Democratic Party political operative who is trying to encourage division within the Republican Party.

      1. Geez, you’d think from her whole-hearted support of Lora Hubbel that she is a hyper-right-winger. I suppose Volesky supports open primaries which tells people a lot about her goals.

      2. I left the Democrat Party years ago. There has been division in the Republican Party long before I met Lora Hubbel.

        1. With all due respect, what is your political philosophy at this time? Are you still a Democrat? What party do you support? I assume you are connected to RonVolesky in some way? Is he still a Democrat? I understand he is pro-life, and that is good. Thanks in advance.

          1. C. Ermle, thanks for your thoughtful questions. Well I am a fiscal conservative and I am pro-life, but I believe we have some major problems that need to be dealt with. The late State Representative Jim Rothstien took me down to I think city hall in Mobridge in 1978 to register as a Republican. Well, Walworth County is pretty much Republican. I was a Republican for years and then turned Democrat after graduating from BYU. I think because a lot of my friends were Democrats and Don Cook from Huron talked me into it. I still am the same person I have always been. Well a few years ago I turned Independent. I just didn’t feel liked I wanted to be boxed in a corner being affiliated with a party. I don’t support any party, I support the candidate. Ron is my husband. He’s registered Democrat but is a never Hillary. Yes he is very pro-life.

            1. Thank you Tara. That was an excellent reply, and I highly respect you for your well thought out conclusions. Ron was a friend of mine for several years (when he was still a Republican). In this day one really needs to be an independent thinker, even when that takes us into conclusions that sometimes do not click with the establishment. I may not agree with all of your positions, but you certainly do have my respect. Simply speak the Truth. – C. Ermle

  9. There was a day when it was a pastor’s job to hold to account those in their parish for unGodly behaviour and speech that brought Christ and his Church into disrepute. Hubbel resembles Christ in no way. Even the demons “believe” and yet they hate people. If Hubbel attended any of our churches she’d get called before the elders for being such a lousy witness, slander, false accusations, hate, venom, malice, gossip, etc..

    Unless things changed,
    Lora Hubbel and John Thune are members of the same church.

    She should not be a member in good standing in any church. Either act like Christ or don’t call yourself a Christian.

    1. She needs to be hauled in before the elders, but I doubt if she would submit to them. She would just walk out of the church and find a new religion, or start her own.

    2. Is the President of the United States in good standing with his church Steve? lol. You surely didn’t vote for him or you would be called a hypocrite.

  10. She’s running for Governor, not Pastor. Let’s have a little separation between church and state.

  11. This has gotten Way out of order here. Lora Is a good person with a heart of gold who would do most anything for anyone when asked especially the less fortunate. Her politics are indeed unorthodox and possibly questionable but she owns her own style. How bout everyone stop “casting the first stone”….relax AS will step up and vote in the ballot box and not influenced by Enquirer-inspired blogs. Everyone take a deep breath…….Let God be God let Lora be Lora…..let the campaigns roll….we are more than 9 months to primary. .May the best man or woman win who is suited o every race. Not one person here can open all of their closets and be certain of no cobwebs….let us move forward with common sense…..h

    1. “Lora Is a good person with a heart of gold?” Really Linda?

      Bullsh*t. I’ve never seen a politician say such vile and outright libelous false things about others as Lora has. For example…


      Not a lick of truth to her accusation that the GOP was led by “gay men.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg to a number of venomous lies.

      And that’s in addition to her repertoire of outlandish statements.

      1. Pat: yes we have seen the “good side” of Lora and are aware of numerous beneficiaries of her generosity without looking for gain. The comment is correctly stated as we see it. Not commenting on her politics as we do not know enough but that hers is an unorthodox approach. No need to cuss!

  12. Getting a little tired of all the people pointing fingers at who is or is not a Christian.

    A Christian is anyone who confesses either the Apostles’ or the Nicene Creed. Period. That’s all one has to do to be a Christian. If you do that, you’re a Christian. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks of you, you are not in this world to live up to others’ expectations.

    1. Anne, should a Biblical Christian also accept this proverb?:

      Proverbs 27:17King James Version (KJV)

      17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

    2. Sorry, but confessing a creed with the mouth does not make anyone a Christian. A Christian is one who has had a born again experience. Believing creeds does not a Christian make. Without the born again experience, confessing creeds with the mouth (and not the heart) may well be fake Christianity.

      1. Bullshit. Justification is by faith alone. Sola Fide.

        The emphasis on works was a corruption created by a papacy which wanted money and power. The laity were conned into believing that they had to buy their salvation.
        The Catholic Chirch doesn’t tell people that anymore.

        1. Anne- I too am a Protestant and I can’t agree with you. It sounds like a false-grace message to me where Jesus loves me as I am and therefore I don’t have to change anything, just believe. Even the devil believes.

    3. Nicene Creed? Why pick that one? It came about in 325 AD. Was no one a “Christian” before that time? Jesus said you’ll know who his followers are by how they treat people. Christianity is far more than some intellectual consent to some uninspired Creed. Ever notice there is nothing in the Apostles Creed about the life and ministry of Jesus? Skips right from born of the Virgin Mary, to Suffered under Pontius Pilate. Apparently nothing in-between was important? Or, the creeds were specific and precise statements that were drafted to counter certain heresies that were emerging at that time. They weren’t meant to be concise statements comprehensive of Christian belief. In case you wonder, I hold the Nicene and Apostle’s Creed dear. It’s just that they don’t trump the Bible or what Jesus said he followers should be like in the world. Creeds deal with doctrine. Jesus taught how to live and modelled it. It’s at this point Lora’s church needs to call her out.

  13. Pat, Lora is a Church girl compared to other politicians. Remember the Daschel, Thune race? Very nasty. Remember Kirby, Barnett, Rounds? I can go on. The difference between Hubbel and the other candidates is she doesn’t hide behind PAC money and blogs. She is issue orientated and wants to make serious change. Sometimes the truth hurts. Her opponents are paying you to dig up all kinds of dirt on her. Well I think she is winning that battle, just ask Angela Kenneke KELO and the GOAC , Bob Mercer, etc.

    1. The difference between Lora and other politicians is that she is lying. Or did she have evidence of her claims of sexual orientation of the GOP Leadership when she made that statement (and countless other false claims).

      As for your statement “Her opponents are paying you to dig up all kinds of dirt on her.” Again, we have another utterly false claim with no evidence. Actually, the opposite is true, and my advertisers know that advertising does not give anyone editorial authority.

      I only seek truth, something that’s in short supply around Lora’s campaign. She might not like getting called on her BS, but I’m not going to stop. Period.

      And regarding your statement, I would strongly caution you that if you persist on making false claims, you will not be allowed to post here either.

      1. Say folks, I just talked to Lora about the gay statement.I thought along with others that it was out of line. She has many gay friends and if there was any misinterpretation or hurt feelings, she apologizes. She loves gay people, but not the gay agenda. She would make a statement, but I think she is blocked. I hope you forgive her for her misstep. She approves of this message. Thanks.

        1. So, she can lie and slander, but it’s ok because she has gay friends?


          The point is that it isn’t about anyone’s sexual orientation. It’s about Lora lying with intent to slander them. It is about bearing false witness against thy neighbor.

      2. I’m new here. What is Lora’s sexual orientation? Just askin’. It seems to me she “doth protest too much”.

          1. lol…..maybe. These days things are often not what them seem, especially in regard to sexual orientation. Love your postings Tara. Thanks.

  14. Dig dirt on Lora?…How about SHE POSTED THIS STUFF HERSELF! She is running for Governor and when you make crazy statements that is entirely relevant.

    Urgh I wish people like her would wise up and go away….an utter embarrassment with no credibility and NO CHANCE of winning or advancing any issue.

  15. I find this blog the epitome of yellow journalism and it only gets readership when my name is mentioned…but to set the record straight (no pun intended). I have many gay friends that I serve. In fact one of my best services as a Realtor was to “find” a gay couple $40,000 they thought they lost in a foreclosed home. I used Trump University knowledge to help them. I am not anti-gay….I just do not want the gay agenda changing our laws and pushing that lifestyle on our children in school (like Common Core does)….ok go back to your feeding frenzy…

  16. Pat, you really need to stop blocking people.
    Why just this morning Larry Kyrz posted on my Facebook page that the government has put chemicals into jet airplane fuel so that the chemtrails will cause a loss of libido. (His personal observation I suppose)

    You are depriving your readers of a lot of entertainment

    1. Anne,

      Larry Kurtz? I would imagine Pat would post some his Larry Kurtz material in the SDWC Classic section for G rated entertainment of course. Larry has now found a home to post over at Living Blue in South Dakota. I believe it even surprised him that he found a place where he was not banned but seems to fit right in there. Our friend Grudznick shares breakfast with him every once in a while and is a liaison.

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