MC is in the District 9 House race, and raising money!

Long-time SDWC Contributor Mike Clark has set up a Go Fund me page in support of his race for District 9 House:


I believe that common sense, is common. People know what they want and are conscious of the changes that are needed in politics. Together we will bring “Under God, the People Rule” back into South Dakota politics

Please, don’t stay on the sidelines of politics. Tuning out is saying that you are happy with the way things are going presently. I know that you actually DO care! So please, make a donation now.

What We Need

Most people work hard for what they earn, and asking them to give up some of that money is hard when I would rather they keep more of what they earn.

However, political funding is a sad reality to face and I need your help! I’m asking for $10,000.00 which will be used for internet, print, and radio advertising. If I do not reach my entire goal, the funds received will be used on exactly the same purpose.

Give Mike some love from the readers of Dakota War College, and help out with his campaign today!

12 Replies to “MC is in the District 9 House race, and raising money!”

  1. Daniel Buresh

    I wouldn’t support any candidate who wants to inject their religion into gov’t. It’s no different than him saying “Under Allah”. Just as crazy.

    1. Anonymous

      I wouldn’t support anyone who doesn’t believe in God and has no religious guidance. So we will cancel each others vote.

    2. Anonymous

      You seem to have quite the aversion to religion. So, why do you do business with Catholic Hospitals, such as Avera?

    3. Anonymous

      Daniel can you explain your statement a little better of where you are coming from on this and go into better detail?

      1. Daniel Buresh

        Sorry guys, I don’t attempt to have rational discussions with nameless cowards. I have better things to do.

        1. Anonymous

          Yes, you DO attempt, time and time again, to have conversations with “nameless cowards”.

          But go ahead and feel good about just how smart you are.

        2. Anonymous

          I see that there are 1000s of “Daniel Bureshs” out there.

          Essentially, you’re anonymous.

          I’m not sure if I should attempt to have a rational conversation with someone who is essentially anonymous.

          Am I too pompous?

  2. Troy Jones

    I love the line-“common sense is common.”

    I wish you the best MC. You will be a good public servant to your district and the state.