MInnehaha County Democrats attacking multiple candidates in run up to election day

According to facebook, Minnehaha County Democrats aren’t just attacking Tom Pischke, as noted in the prior post – they’re going after several Republicans in their effort to get their candidates elected. According to records, they’ve targeted 4 races with negative facebook advertising:

Speaker of the House Steve Haugaard..

State Representative Sue Peterson..

State Representative Tom Pischke, in additional messaging as reflected on the website they’ve set up…

And State Senator Wayne Steinhauer. In fact, they’re not just banging on Wayne Steinhauer with facebook ads, they’ve also sent a negative postcard against him this week as well.

(words words words) The question is, how effective is all of this going to be?

This flurry of advertising is coming after a massive chunk of the vote has already come in, and at the end of a campaign when many are already weary of a lot of things. I’ve spoken with many who are tired of the campaign, so I don’t know that blasting negative ads on facebook is going to punch through, especially at the weak level that they’re hitting.

Do they really think that spending less than $50 against Sue Peterson is even going to amount to anything? It’s going to be less of a bump than a filled Sioux Falls pothole.

Anyone else seeing any negative ads out there? Drop me a note!

4 thoughts on “MInnehaha County Democrats attacking multiple candidates in run up to election day”

    1. You’re talking about Erin Healy, the one who said Trump supporters don’t truly believe in Democracy?

      Didn’t Healy also attack Noem for wanting to commemorate our founding fathers?

  1. Repeating what Haugaard said isn’t attacking him. It’s showing the people what he said, and if it Ames him look like bad, then he probably shouldn’t have said it. Holding a mirror to see your own reflection and blaming the mirror for the ugliness isn’t an attack.

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