More scuttlebutt in District 19. Lots has happened over the last week, and there are rumors of things yet to come…

While the nattering nabobs of negativism in District 19 are busy calling their opponents RINOs (at the same time they’re crying to the far left liberal democrats), I’m hearing things. Maybe not everything, but, I’m hearing quite a bit.

There’s a lot going on in the Southern parts of the South Dakota’s James River Valley.

To recap the last week or so, I’m hearing about a bunch of mail being dropped in the District in a couple of races…





… Which was quickly followed up by more advertising….



And that was surprisingly followed up by an unsolicited postcard from a neighboring legislative district, which you saw earlier, where a sitting legislator took one of the other candidates to task for his negative campaigning & the bad things his political allies said about other people

negative_stace_1 negative_stace_2

Of course, that solicited a bizarre response where Stace Nelson couldn’t stop fixating on panties, and going hard negative when he claimed he wasn’t being negative….

(…Because everyone wants to hear a baritone voice talk about panties over and over during Sunday Dinner.)

And while Stace was recording his angry panty robocall, and an unknown house candidate was perseverating over an advertising piece,

other candidates were out hitting the bricks with a volunteer crew…

doorwalking crew

And the next day while the angry candidate spent their day being angry guy, blasting away at people that made him angry on social media…

…I’m hearing that while he was tweeting away, his opponent was busy matching him ad for ad on Radio, if not exceeding his radio buy.

And yet, most surprising of all, I’m hearing through the grapevine that…..that’s still not all.   I’m hearing that there’s yet more to come, and things are swirling around in the background this evening.

If you haven’t  noticed, there’s a distinct difference in style between groups of these candidates. There’s a hard-edged angry negative force that yells at people who call them out on it. And there’s the polar opposite who have just run their own race, talked to voters, and moved forward in a positive manner.

But really, all the talk on blogs is just chatter. What we think doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. It will be all up the to voters of District 19 tomorrow, from 7am to 7 pm, to decide the type of people they want representing them in Pierre.

Do they want people who can work together and accomplish things? Or do they want ineffective angry people who are there for themselves, and care little for their district, because they’re going to Pierre with an agenda.

We’ll find out tomorrow.

I’m curious as all get-out to find out what’s still coming in the race. No one is fessing up yet! And I won’t find out for a while, as I have to go write a bail bond.

4 Replies to “More scuttlebutt in District 19. Lots has happened over the last week, and there are rumors of things yet to come…”

  1. Anonymous

    I am intrigued by all this talk of funding education with drag queen competitions.
    Why wasn’t this proposed as an alternative to increasing the sales tax?

  2. Anonymous

    We need more young people to go to Pierre and work together to spend more and increase more fees and taxes.

  3. grudznick

    It seems consistent that anything involving young Mr. Nelson turns into a drama queen show. Not drag queen, drama queen.

  4. Troy Jones

    Get out your popcorn and put on a pot of coffee. Might be late especially if you wait to see what happens in California.


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