“Native Integrity” group accusing legislators-elect of faking address.. is faking their address.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, members of the GOP and the Media have been receiving e-mails from a group calling itself “Native Integrity,” protesting the possible seating of Democrat legislators-elect Red Dawn Foster and Peri Pourier.

An e-mail came out on the 19th, and there was another one today.  Then as in now, these e-mails had some circumstantial information attached showing that these legislators-elect owned or rented property in another state, along with ominous messages about how “GOP Leadership” has been trying to quash all of these allegations:

To All Republican Delegates:

Recent information has come to light that top-level officials in the Republican party are trying to suppress an active investigation into the legitimacy of two Democratic legislator-elect and to encourage the legislature to stop them from being illegitimately seated.

There is solid evidence, which we’ve attached here, that Representative-elect Peri Pourier and Senator-elect Red Dawn Foster were materially ineligible to be placed on the November 2018 ballot per residency requirements as outlined in Article III § 3 of the South Dakota Constitution.

Having heard from large numbers of voters across this state understandably outraged that such levels of corruption haven suffered in our elections here in South Dakota, we are passing on this information to every Republican delegate in the state.

We believe that elected leadership of both parties might be duly vested in helping us work to find justice for these allegations. It should be noted that this has affected other Native American Lakotas as well, such as Maggie Ross – a Democrat Oglala Lakota Sioux Woman, who was defrauded out of her rightful place to run in the general election.

Please feel free to review the evidence provided below, as well as visiting our Facebook page for updates.


Native Integrity
Fighting for open, transparent and legitimate governance from all Native Americans.

From the 12/19/18 e-mail from “Native Integrity.

The problem with what’s being said is that there’s not much substance. And a bit of bullshit.

The part about “top-level officials in the Republican party”  “trying to suppress an active investigation?”  That would be news to the top-level officials. Because as far as I’m aware, everyone has been telling the parties who have been pushing it that these may have been things to bring up…. BEFORE the election.

When you’ve been around a while, there are a few things you pick up, especially when there’s a controversy over who wins and who makes the final call on who is seated.  Because now that we’re past the election, each chamber – House and Senate- determine the qualifications of who is seated.

The other problem with the “Native Integrity” group?  The footer from the e-mail that came out on 12/19…

So, their address is 1200 N. Lacrosse Street in Rapid City?

An anonymous group attacking people for not falling in line when they accuse people of faking their address… at the same time they won’t publicly stand behind their accusations. And they fake their address.

Yep. I’m sure people are going to be all over that one.

26 Replies to ““Native Integrity” group accusing legislators-elect of faking address.. is faking their address.”

  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    Thanks Pat. Time to make it clear that this crazy train stuff is not coming from Republicans

    The election is over. Time to work on solving our state’s challenges

  2. Larry

    Any allegations without identifying who they are is not worth the paper it is printed on.

    Plus they make such wide allegations themselves without any proof, just to stoke the fire

  3. Dave R

    Vague and unsubstantiated accusations against unnamed “officials” from an anonymous accuser in the first sentence should tip off anyone with sense that its nonsense.

  4. Charlie Hoffman

    Name a few people who don’t appreciate Republicans in positions of power and Bingo their name will appear on the sponsor list. It fits the closet type hate speech used by them

  5. Bumstead

    But these two who won have shown no proof of residence, their listed mailing addresses are fake. Those defending them, that I’ve seen on facebook, offer no proof either. Shouldn’t this bother us ? Don’t dismiss the message just because you don’t like the messenger !

    1. Anonymous

      There I no proof of guilt they do not need to prove themselves innocent….they already swore out they lived at the addresses….and the people voted them in despite this story being floated about…..this is a joke..these “allegations” have more holes than swiss cheese…..where is the proof they are not eligible?

      The postcard shown as proof is marked TEMPORARILY AWAY….maybe she had family or business for a short time out of state and rented an apartment but still was at her original SD residence? or the senator she ran in 2016 and so you claim she didn’t maintain a residence in state? Do you have proof she did not and just had another residence out of state?

      Liz May lost fair and square and these people are not getting booted out to bring her back…..let her run again in 2 years and if the people want her they can vote her in.

  6. Lee Schoenbeck

    I’ve been watching closely. Not one of the 105 newly elected legislators has publicly shown “proof of residence “ since the election. Apparently there won’t be any that can vote on these motions about seating new legislators. Taxpayers will save cash if we can’t have a session.

    1. misc

      When lawyers write the laws, interpret the laws, and then become judges to rule over the laws, how do ordinary people ever win?

    2. Anonymous

      this is interesting coming from you and your accusations this past couple years about Neal Tapio and his residency. Also, these accusations have basis and standing and going unchecked by the incoming legislature sets a dangerous precedent. We’ll see if the legislature has any backbone. If we have no accountability the next election cycle is going to be a circus.

  7. misc

    When lawyers write the laws, interpret the laws, and then become judges to rule over the laws, how do ordinary people ever win?

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