New GOP House Leadership chosen

I’m hearing early reports of the new GOP House Leadership being chosen, and while not confirmed officially, here’s how I’m hearing how it shook out:

Speaker: Mark Mickelson
Speaker Pro Tem: Don Haggar
Majority Leader: Lee Qualm
Assistant Majority Leader: Kent Peterson
Whips: Lynne DiSanto, Larry Rhoden, Les Heinemann, Arch Beal & Isaac Latterell

Congratulations to all.

15 Replies to “New GOP House Leadership chosen”

  1. Anon

    Mr Face-Palm-team-player-embarrass-every-South-Dakota-Republican Isaac won a spot on the leadership team?

    1. Anonymous

      There is a super deep bench going to Pierre this session. How did the kid who desperately craves self serving attention get into a leadership position? Besides he is all fluff!

    2. chief

      I like Isaac and overall I like this team. What he did against Trump was no worse than what Thune and Daugaard did.

      1. Anonymous

        It wasn’t nearly as bad because he is inconsequential. They were worse. I wouldn’t have voted for any of them.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    Well, it looks like Mickelson in ’22 or ’26 now. Wasn’t Mark’s father and grandfather both speakers before they became governors of South Dakota?

    In fact, wasn’t Mark’s dad’s middle name “Speaker,” because of that fact?

  3. Charlie Hoffman

    Most on the outside think Leadership is all about having ones name up on the Marquee. Nothing could be further from the truth in 99% of the people we elect in South Dakota’s Legislature. Surely some rare emotional victories propel you up there but the daily grind of having to make near surgical decisions daily keep everyone very grounded in the very hard mental work encompassing those roles.
    Congratulations to to the new leaders of the Strongest single political entity in South Dakota!

  4. Anon

    Good bench of thoughtful conservatives to balance a loony senate. There will be social and fiscal challenges this year, not the least will be balancing a budget with lower than projected revenue and dealing with IM-22

    Good group of folks to put our trust in.