12 Replies to “New “No on V” Video – Pretty good!”

  1. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    California has a similar law in place already. In California, the Democratic Party is the dominate party like the Republicans are in South Dakota. Right now, two Democrats are vying in the fall general run-off for the California US Senate seat.
    Why wouldn’t the same thing happen in South Dakota ,too, with the passage of “V?” Except, that it would be two Republicans in the fall facing off for election against each other here in South Dakota with no Democratic candidate to be found.

    It isn’t the Republicans who have to fear “V” in South Dakota, its the Democratic Party, if anyone.

    But at least with “V,” regardless of your politics, it would give all the voters the chance to vote for sound candidates who are more concerned about teacher pay, for instance, instead of who will use what bathroom.

    1. Anonymous

      Why can’t candidates be concerned with both? I think both are important issues, and if a candidate can’t work on two things at once, should they be running for office in the first place?

  2. Anonymous

    I agree why would any Democrat support V…it is going to become a Name ID race and in the statewide races that takes money…I could easily see Mickelson and Jackley beating out Heuther and the Democrats not having anyone in the fall campaign under this crazy system.

    Republicans and Democrats should agree on one thing…to vote no on V

  3. Anonymous

    Weiland doesn’t care if these pass or not, I agree with Carole, Weiland is getting paid no matter what…these outside groups are funding 22 and V both…they should be dead on arrival.

    Really –$12Million dollars a year and you want to remove party labels and limit choice…uhhh NO!!!!

  4. Fandango

    This V thing is a big liberal scam to elect liberals. Would like to know how much zero ratings Knobe is getting paid. Go back to Chicago!

    1. Anonymous

      Knobe is for V? I guess I haven’t listened to Viewpoint “University” for so long, I don’t know what positions he takes on anything. If he is teaching at the “University” I think I’ll attend class elsewhere.

      1. Anonymous

        Yeah Knobe has gone liberal…class should be dismissed…he took a good show and his audience has tanked…..

  5. Tyler Schumacher

    While I agree that taking away information from voters doesn’t seem like a good idea, it doesn’t seem like it should matter. If people need that on the ballots then the problem is with voters being uninformed, which we should try to remedy. I don’t think the negative of removing party affiliations outweighs the good of the open primaries. In SD, the primaries are often where elections are won. Why shouldn’t all voters have a voice in who gets elected?

    1. Anonymous

      How about the negativity of not having choice in the general election…if V passes hold on to your that the games will begin…what did they have 35 candidates in CA? and now one party doesn’t have anyone to vote for…how is that fair?

      Bob Smith
      Robert Smith

      Are you 2 candidates…..no party labels…good luck educating the public!

      V is the dumbest idea ever…if they would have limited to the legislature I might have listened but they went all out for all the statewide offices too…