2 Replies to “New Thune Video: New International Tax System Would Help American Small Businesses”

  1. Anonymous

    Republicans just stuck a dagger in the realtor business, small business or large. Capping the mortgage deduction at $500,000 is a hard pill to swallow just to help large corporations. Remember, every billionaire is actually a conglomeration of corporations and keeping their tax rate the same means little to their new wealth under a lowering of corporate taxes to 20%z

  2. Troy Jones

    What a great plan which will stimulate economic growth, jobs, higher wages for working people, job security for working people and working people’s capacity to buy a home. Reducing the tax deduction for rich people in homes over $500,000 (while likely giving them other tax reduction) to do so much for the average Joe is a small price to pay.

    Way to go President Trump and Senator Thune. Don’t listen to those trying to protect their personal sacred cows by claiming this is about billionaires.


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