Newly filed State Legislative Candidates for 1/24 – A return to the House

Today’s State Legislative filings are among the most interesting to date, as two former members file to return to the House of Representatives:

D24 State Senator Jeff Monroe is setting up a 4 way primary as he jumps in the House race in his District after being termed out of office with Will Mortenson (R), Mike Weisgram (R), Bob Lowery (R)  and of course himself in the contest. 

District 18 sees Mike Stevens filing to return to the House after sitting out a term, which allowed Ryan Cwach (D) to take his vacated seat. But watch out – with Stevens back in the race, anticipating that Jean Hunhoff (R) is returning (as expected), this puts a house seat the GOP lost back in a pickup position with two very strong candidates.

Stay tuned.