OK. Fess up. Who did you vote for?

I cast my ballot in Brookings early this AM for myself for Precinct Committeeman, and for Larry Tidemann for State Senate. Primarily because I want to retain the seat for the GOP in the fall, since Brookings is the biggest swing county in the state.

How about you all? Upon whom did your electoral favors fall today?

13 Replies to “OK. Fess up. Who did you vote for?”

  1. jimmy james

    I said a couple weeks ago that I would vote for Trump if he didn’t say anything stupid in the next ten days. I kept my end of the deal.

    1. Jason Sebern

      If I was a Republican I would tell Rounds, Thune and Noem to dump Trump. It is becoming that obvious. You have time to find another candidate. Hillary is extremely vulnerable in a general election. I am surprised this avenue has not been seriously explored …

  2. Spencer

    District 23 is tough. I honestly liked all of my options to varying degrees. I early voted for Cruz as a protest vote, but I will support Trump in the fall. He seems to be coming around on the life issue.

      1. Anonymous

        Napoleon Dynamite Don’t run into too many that have actually seen that movie 👍🏻