Paula Hawks making quite the impression there…

From the Argus:

“Emily Wanless, a political science professor at Augustana University, said unlike Rounds and Noem, he (Thune) is up for re-election and is in a prominent leadership position in the Senate.”

Read that here.

Getting people to realize that she’s actually running for Congress might be one of those things for Paula Hawks to add to her “to do” list.

2 Replies to “Paula Hawks making quite the impression there…”

  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    Ouch, read the article and didn’t pick up on that, double ouch. But seriously, on about any competitive scale, Rep Noem has a more serious candidate than the guy running against Sen Thune. I don’t think Sen Thune can campaign enough this summer to run his numbers up, he’s going to be stuck at around 80%