Photos from the Brookings Co. GOP Picnic Friday Night

While this overcast, rainy Sunday isn’t outdoors weather, Friday night was great. And the nice weather coincided with the Brookings County GOP’s annual summer picnic with loyal Republicans, candidates and more!

Here Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg hunkers down with a local, and discusses the ballot issues coming up in 2018:

Master of picnic ceremonies and County Chair Jim Gilkerson makes introductions, and invites everyone over to the serving line..

Dusty Johnson brought cookies to the picnic..

Thumbs up, they were pretty good.

PUC Commissioner Chris Nelson gave everyone an update on wind power issues…

And School and Lands Commissioner Ryan Brunner spoke about his office’s activities.

The Jackley Campaign for Governor was represented by Robert Peterson (you might recognize his Mom & Dad).  Both Marty and Kristi Noem were at the Governor’s Meeting in Nashville.

State Senator Larry Tidemann and Representative John Mills spoke about the issues of the day, and their experiences in the State Legislature this past session.

It was a great picnic, and all the candidates and elected officials who attended hung around to the bitter end speaking with the attendees. Great job Brookings GOP!

11 Replies to “Photos from the Brookings Co. GOP Picnic Friday Night”

  1. grudznick

    Mr. Tidemann was the boldest, not only did he show up and Mr. Jackley did not but he wore short pants. He who wears short pants always wins.

  2. grudznick

    His message may have been written on a cookie, but he was there in person and Ms. Krebs and Mr. Jackley were not. They are writing Brookings off, it appears. Go Dusty! Go Cookies!

  3. Emoluments Clause

    Yep, we have falling farm prices, as a state, South Dakota has the second slowest GNP in the country right now, we have a President who doesn’t seem to care about federal Ag programs, a President who will never say anything bad about Russia and or Putin, a President who has a very flippant attitude about the prospects of nuclear war, and a major political party (the Republicans), who have seemed to have been infected with the virus of racism and cannot get any thing done as the majority political party. Yet, apparently all that some need, or what one congressional candidate thinks the voters need in general, is a nice big chocolate chip cookie with some orange frosting on it….. (Uh, could I have an other one please?)

  4. Anonymous

    The snarky comment against Jason Ravnsborg was uncalled for. He does work. Very hard, and he drives around the state too.


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