Pot bill submitted in the Senate. Sort of.

A measure to legalize pot for medical purposes has been introduced in the State Senate, and I’m not thinking the sponsors put a lot of time into this:


Introduced by: Senators Buhl O’Donnell and Rampelberg and Representative Bordeaux

FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to permit the compassionate use of medical cannabis.
Section 1. That the code be amended by adding a NEW SECTION to read:

The compassionate use of medical cannabis is permitted and the use shall be regulated.

Yeah…. I can’t wait to see them explain how they’re going to codify this.

I suspect it’s a placeholder bill, awaiting extensive amending. And from there we can see how silly it’s going to get.

22 thoughts on “Pot bill submitted in the Senate. Sort of.

  1. PorterLansing

    It would codify quite simply. We liberals in CO have created a template for use nationwide with extensive research and tweaking over three years. It’s free to Democrats. Republicans need to try and write their own as it would certainly be oppressive to the very business climate you’re trying to foster before Sodak’s economy dies completely.

  2. Anonymous

    The stoners are really upset I guess as much as they can being stoned by the ballot measure not making the cut and this bill soon to be killed. No surprise with the high error rate for anyone that had the unpleasant experience of being stuck working with potheads and their inability to do their jobs.

    It is funny watching Krazy Larry go on and on with his anger filled crazy tirades since finding out the pro-pot efforts were and will be stopped. Classic! πŸ™‚

  3. Be part of the solution

    Why is South Dakota so afraid of Science? We are talking about medical cannabis, not opening up marijuana sales in Hy-Vee grocery stores people.

    1. Anonymous

      High Times science? How about the 24/7 bring a friend and get a coupon medical marijuana clinics advertised in college newspapers in Colorado? Get a Med MJ script writtten for $25.00 in California?

  4. Anonymous

    Like, it would be compassionate, man, if I could, you know, like, escape this reality thing by smoking some grass, dude, so, like, why do you have to be such a buzzkill about what should be, you know, a really simple law-thingy, without all that weird language, man? Pass the, you know, Doritos.

  5. Be part of the solution

    Hey anonymous, let’s chug some beers and go spot-lighting with our rifles bro! Hell yeah! Yee-Haw, I will grab a sixer for the road trip dude! Sounds pretty dumb doesn’t it, almost as dumb as your post. Drop the stereotypes and look at the actual medical breakthroughs cannabis has been able to do. Again, I am not talking about opening sales for recreational marijuana, I am in support of the medical science this plant is capable of providing. If your not open to trying new things then you cannot expect our state to do great things.

    1. Anonymous

      It won’t be too funny when those people who are actually sick and have medical conditions realize they were lied to with all the claims by the pro-pot advocates just so a few can get rich or satisfy those who are chemically dependent/addicted to weed! Just more social costs and burdens on society with legalization far outweighing any tax revenue.

  6. Be part of the solution

    I would like to know what claims you are eluding to that are false or cases where clients were lied to. They call it practicing medicine for a reason, not all drugs will work the same on every patient, that is why we need to open up our arsenal to help fight different medical conditions. I will not disagree that there are some folks who will abuse the system, just like we have now who abuse the system to get their Oxy, hydros, and valium. Should we outlaw these drugs as well? They help people, yet there are many addicts who abuse them. While we are at it we should outlaw alcohol as well. Alcohol is by far the most dangerous of all these drugs, yet it is the easiest to get.

    1. Anonymous

      Ryan Gaddy and gang, SDAP, New Approach South Dakota and others pushing legalization of medical marijuana have claimed it cured every malady known to mankind. SDAP has posted it should be used like a vitamin supplement daily even for kids with zero negative effects. They even had a Cannabis cone like an ice cream cone shown.

      1. Anonymous

        ‘have claimed it cured every malady known to mankind.’

        They have? You have any proof to back up your statement? Links to those claims?

          1. Anonymous

            Ha! I knew I, you don’t. You have no integrity. Especially when you call someone you don’t know a pothead who has never touched the stuff. You are an uneducated, trailer-park trash idiot.

            1. Anonymous

              Go to SDAP, New Approach’s facebook page. All it takes is a very easy look on the internet by those pushing it to see the wild far out claims. You obviously can use a computer can you or do you need to be spoon fed? Anonymous. Hahaha πŸ™‚

              1. Anonymous

                I don’t hang out on Facebook. I have a life. It’s obvious you made up what you posted above and now that you’ve been called on the carpet, you’re trying to squirm your way out of proving your statements. When one makes wild, unproven comments in print, one can be held liable for said comments. And that would hilarious. Hahaha πŸ˜€

  7. Anonymous

    Listened to testimony today and heard a few potheads ramble on an on. Did Andrew Ziegler from Sioux falls drive all that way to Pierre just to share how much he enjoyed smoking pot? Did he forget the bill was for supposed medical reasons?