Quote of the day – Susan Wismer says to thank Republicans!

From the Aberdeen American News, the hyperpartisan liberal Democrat Susan Wismer offers an observation:

“The reason South Dakota is in the shape it is, is because Republicans have maintained a stranglehold on the process.”
-Susan Wismer

From the Tax Foundation:

2018 State Business Tax Climate Index

The Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index enables business leaders, government policymakers, and taxpayers to gauge how their states’ tax systems compare. While there are many ways to show how much is collected in taxes by state governments, the Index is designed to show how well states structure their tax systems, and provides a roadmap for improvement.

The 10 best states in this year’s Index are:

1. Wyoming
2. South Dakota

Read that here.

And here’s an expanded List from GOED:

Subject Rank Year Source Link
Tax Revenue – Least Volatility 1 2017 Pew Charitable Trusts pewtrusts.org
Best States For Business – Business Costs 1 2016 Forbes Magazine forbes.com
Enterprising States – Business Climate 1 2015 US Chamber of Commerce Foundation uschamberfoundation.org
American Dream Composite Index 1 2017 Xavier University  americandreamcompositeindex.com
America’s Top States for Business – Business Friendliness 2 2016 CNBC cnbc.com
Small Business Policy Index 3 2017 Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council sbecouncil.org
Gallup-Healthways   Well-Being Index 3 2016 Gallup-Healthways healthways.com
Tax Freedom Day 4 2016 Tax Foundation taxfoundation.org
Camelot Index 6 2016 State Policy Reports, FFIS ffis.org
Entrepreneurial Activity Among Small States 9 2016 Kauffman Foundation kauffman.org

Thanks Republicans!

18 Replies to “Quote of the day – Susan Wismer says to thank Republicans!”

  1. G

    …sounds like a Democrat, just criticize on a false problem and then have no solutions to fix it, just blame the Republicans over and over again

  2. Anonymous

    You can be positive and forward looking, or negative and reactionary. Susan Wismer is always the latter. The glass is always half empty. In fact, a full glass is even bad, because not could spill.

    It doesn’t matter what you political philosophy is – an attitude like Wismer’s always leads to losing in politics.

    The only reason she gets elected to the legislature is that Democrats maintain a stranglehold in District 1 due to redistricting.

  3. Troy Jones

    And, now that we see most major econometric firms (international and national) are giving 2018 US Growth guidance of up to 4%.

    A year ago when what’s his name was President, the same people were predicting 2% growth for 2018.

    Finally, we have a President who is pro-growth and pro-opportunity for the poor. Finally the poor haters and faux feminists (mysogynists in real life) have been exposed for who they are. In all honesty, its been 28 years since we had such a President who cared more for the poor than the elite.

    Trump-Pence in 2020!!

  4. Jaa Dee

    “The reason South Dakota is in the shape it is, is because Republicans have maintained a stranglehold on the process.”—-

    “10 most corrupt states (forbes)
    1. Mississippi
    2. Louisiana
    3. Tennessee
    4. Illinois
    5. Pennsylvania
    6. Alabama
    7. Alaska
    8. South Dakota
    9. Kentucky
    10. Florida
    “Other big losers in the Center for Public Integrity study included South Carolina, Maine, Michigan, South Dakota, Wyoming”– WAPO

    Grades for all 50 states on corruption


    1. Anon

      It was an emergency. The only place to find the $12 million that was to be paid to political campaigns, as IM 22 required, was in the education budget. The teachers would have been rioting and holding the children hostage if their budgets were cut. They might have even burned down some schools, because you never know what they are capable of.
      So to keep the teachers from killing the children, the legislature declared an emergency. Because it was.

  5. anon1

    Lists published on the internet, even with no facts to back them up, are always the truth, aren’t they!!

    Sad when that’s the only thing the dems have to campaign on.

  6. amon

    We have also become the highest costing vocational schools. That we have an effect on the future workforce. College costs have also taken drastic increases.