Rapid City Legislator attacks Governor in social media over Veto

Modeling School tycoon Lynn DiSanto must not offer classes on congeniality, as apparently KCCR radio is reporting she went on the attack against Republican governor Dennis Daugaard.

Why? Over the governor vetoing her permitless concealed carry legislation:

DiSanto went as far as saying “Daugaard has commented that he’s not going to be running for higher political office, which is good cause he couldn’t win dog catcher anywhere in South Dakota.”

DiSanto says frankly, Daugaard is out of touch with South Dakotans…

Read it here at Today’s KCCR.

And who says civility has gone by the wayside in politics?

19 Replies to “Rapid City Legislator attacks Governor in social media over Veto”

  1. Charlie Hoffman

    Politicians who legislate for perpituitary instead of tomorrow always win historical arguments over who was Right.

  2. mhs

    Still trying to figure out her angle. Like the rest of the Howie cabal in Rapid, she’s painfully, obviously, trying to create a media profile she can turn into making a buck. Just not sure what it’ll be yet. Anybody else here know?

  3. El Rayo X

    Ms. DiSanto needs to stick to modeling school. No where in South Dakota is the dog catcher an elected position. Maybe she could answer who is the regulating body that determines who is a model and who is a super model. That’s more her field.

  4. JoeSchmoe

    But let’s get back to this legislator’s stance on the issue. On the merits of a person’s right to bear arms, she’s absolutely correct. She’s also right that the governor is out of step with most South Dakotans on this issue. But, by all means, act like children and attack and belittle the person rather than meaningfully engaging the policy debate.

    1. Jaa Dee

      ” She’s also right that the governor is out of step with most South Dakotans on this issue.”– Got anything to support that..?—I suspect most folks seeing those with the “Little” Ralphie” complex or those to frightened to go outside without a gun the same way they would see somebody who craps in the front yard— Hey, it’s their right but they look like a fool.

    2. KM

      We agree, JoeSchmoe. The governor is out of touch with many South Dakotans. How many bills has he vetoed? A bill will make it through the House, then the Senate and he decides that is not what the majority of people agree with? We talk with our district representatives and they continue to get reelected based on the fact the majority of voters support their priorities, values and moral compass. It will be a refreshing race in 2018.

  5. Fled to Red

    She’s also right that the governor is out of step with most South Dakotans on this issue.

    He’s out of touch on many issues, and it’s probably just as well that he’s not running again. He’s a nice enough guy, just not very conservative.

  6. Lee Schoenbeck

    Fairly safe bet that in any legislative district in South Dakota, in a primary with only Republicans voting, Gov Daugaard wins a head-to-head against Rep DiSanto about 3 to 1.

    1. Fled to Red

      I certainly didn’t mean to imply that she’d be a better choice. Just disappointment with him on many levels.

    2. Liz May

      How quickly one forgets their duty as a citizen to elect public servants. We have a long history lesson that gave us our form of government and it’s not a “Democracy” it’s a “Constitutional Republic.” Citizens have a duty to choose leaders who will rule in the “FEAR” of God not the other way around! The preservation of a republican government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty. If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men/women in office the government will soon be corrupted with fraud, breaches of trust, embezzlements of public property, selfish purposes and public revenues will be squandered and citizens rights then are disregarded.Sound familiar because it should “Welcome to South Dakota Government!” You might not like Rep. DiSanto, but she speaks the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. As Republicans leaders we have all kinds of Biblical directives to follow and is a guide for citizens in choosing the right types of leaders. A “Constitutional Republic” takes a great amount of human care and maintenance and I think we’ve forgotten that! Our Governor needs a refresher course and it’s not Lynne’s fault she just happened to be the one that reminded him!

  7. Anonymous

    DiSanto is all about DiSanto and self promotion vs serving to others for the greater good.

  8. Anne Beal

    I don’t think she’s off, the Governor’s office has alienated a lot of people around the state. If you have not been aware of that, YOU are out of touch.

  9. Troy Jones

    I’m with Lee.

    Because many in my neighborhood know I’ve been active in politics, many give me their views and sometimes ask for my thoughts. After the last snow storm, a neighbor asked me to help him carry a few things and after shared a beer (yes, it was about 11 a.m. but his garage is heated). Anyway, he says “I thought you said X* was a good guy.” I said he was but what’s up. His response is “He is one of those nuts who voted for guns in the capital. If he votes to override the Governor, I’m not voting for him not matter what you say about him.”

    I tried to defend X by saying maybe he was just trying to make a point and I got lit up by being told he should be making a point about s**t that makes a difference in average people’s lives and not proving he is an idiot.

    * X is one of my three GOP legislators. BTW, my neighbor was probably the first one for Trump in our neighborhood.

  10. LM

    Haven’t met a gun-owner who supports disanto and her positions. She feeds the alt-right and somehow thinks that is “a majority of South Dakotans”. The only majority they make up is the nut job category. She not only gives legislators a bad name, but women and blondes too. She couldn’t have an original idea if she spent years trying to come up with one. I’d like to see her run for Governor, so I can work to create a PAC to go after her at every chance.

  11. anon1

    Hopefully, that ends her legislative career. Only the wing-nuts think that the Governor could not win re-election. He won by a landslide last time, and would win again if he could run again.

    1. KM

      Wing-nut present! I also would have to admit I come from a ‘wing-nut’ family and also probably live in a ‘wing-nut’ filled neighborhood:) We disagree, the governor could not win again. He has vetoed bills that were too important and we think he is out of touch on many issues South Dakotans take seriously.