Release: AFP Ratchets Up Pressure To Stop Medicaid Expansion Under Obamacare


AFP Ratchets Up Pressure To Stop Medicaid Expansion Under Obamacare
New Ads Will Air In Sioux Falls And Rapid City Encouraging Citizens To Contact Gov. Daugaard

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Americans for Prosperity South Dakota will be going on the airwaves in Sioux Falls and Rapid City today with new advertisements ratcheting up the pressure on lawmakers to reject Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare as a part of next year’s budget.

The radio advertisements will air in the Sioux Falls and Rapid City markets encouraging citizens to contact Governor Daugaard in order to stop his Medicaid Expansion proposal which will increase the national debt by more than $400 million a year.

The ads may be heard at the link below:

State Director Ben Lee offered the following statement:

“States around the nation have taken President Obama’s siren call for Medicaid Expansion only to regret later when costs have surged out of control, putting their states at risk of tax increases or cuts to critical priorities like roads and schools. The Governor’s Medicaid Expansion proposal will increase the national debt by more than $373 million a year — it’s simply not right to shackle our children and grandchildren with that kind of debt. Accepting Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare bares serious risks and our new advertisements will help the public understand these dangers.”

The new radio ads come as the chapter and its volunteers have been placing thousands of calls and hundreds of letters to legislators encouraging members of the legislature to separate Medicaid Expansion from the state budget.

12 thoughts on “Release: AFP Ratchets Up Pressure To Stop Medicaid Expansion Under Obamacare

  1. Donald Smallwood

    Reference your “concern” for the increase in the national debt where were you last month when the Republican controlled Congress passed the Highway Bill and Omnibus Budgets which added over $1.8 TRILLION in unfunded debt?
    I, for one, am sick and damn tired of your rallying cry of passing on increasing debt to children and grandchildren.
    This PAC, and others, are nothing but of waste of hot air hypocrites.

  2. PorterLansing

    American For Prosperity (an interloping branch of Koch Industries) doesn’t care about South Dakota people or their healthcare costs. AFP just wants to make South Dakota another place for their pollution producing, environment depleting and pheasant killing agenda of coal burning and water pollution.

    1. Anonymous

      Wow, what brilliant insight, Portair! Why do you hate the Koch brothers who created companies that provide jobs for a whole bunch of Americans? I think your bowtie is too tight.

  3. jimmy james

    If opposition to Medicaid expansion is focused primarily on its impact on the federal debt, then can’t the same argument be made about block grants, farm subsidies, highway funds and any other federal dollars coming into our state? Should we refuse those as well?

        1. Anonymous

          Porter Lansing you now claim that Meth dealers create better employment opportunities and are better for our country than the Koch Brothers.

          The Koch Brothers are involved with many companies that provide very good benefits and incomes for employees, pay taxes and help build communities.

          Were or are you a meth dealer? How would you know? Seriously?

        2. Anonymous

          Given the absolutely ridiculous posts by this Porter character he is either here as a caricature of a crazy socialist Democrat here for entertainment purposes or hopefully a legal guardian in Colorado can intervene.

  4. PorterLansing

    Americans For Prosperity founder, David Koch and his brother inherited great wealth. The had a choice to diversify that wealth when it became apparent that their giant coal conglomerate was causing global climate distress. Instead of diversifying to save their fortune they chose to buy as many politicians and extremist right wing pundits as were up for quick campaign donations and greasy advertising money. The Kochs deserve no quarter. They are anti-American. The SoDak politicians and pundits they monetize and control are anti-American and the agenda they fund is anti-American. It’s as true as it’s been for 50 years, folks. Burning coal causes acid rain and acid rain kills fish and pheasants.

  5. Springer

    Supposedly any expansion in Medicaid in SD will only come about if the feds agree to better fund IHS services. Um, whether it’s going to come out of our pockets in the state or in the federal monies, what’s the difference? It is still coming out of our pocket, period! The costs will be higher than stated, as can be seen by the lies told about the cost about Obamacare, and there is no way to whitewash that fact. The states can’t afford it, and neither can the feds.