Release: Jackley Shreds “Clean” Campaign Pledge, Doubles Down on False Attacks Against Noem

Jackley Shreds “Clean” Campaign Pledge, Doubles Down on False Attacks Against Noem

Again violating his “clean” campaign pledge, Marty Jackley doubles down on his false attacks against Noem in his latest negative ad.

CHECK THE RECORD: Kristi Noem pushed for passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

• Kristi Noem’s office budget has fallen 17 percent since she took office. Meanwhile, the Attorney General’s budget has grown 44.3% during Marty Jackley’s tenure, costing taxpayers $8+ million more today than when Jackley first took office.

CHECK THE RECORD: Kristi Noem got more than $6 trillion of spending cuts passed through the House.

• Pierre Capital Journal: Some highlights of Noem’s tenure in office include: “Congress’s cutting of discretionary spending for the past two years, the House passage of a budget every year and her voting in favor of $6 trillion in spending cuts.”

CHECK THE RECORD: In addition to gutting Obamacare through tax reform, Kristi Noem pushed a full repeal of Obamacare through the House, relentlessly pushing 50+ repeals or delays in the years prior.

• Washington Post: The House has voted 54 times in four years on Obamacare

• Argus Leader: Noem votes to repeal, replace Obamacare

• The Hill: Congress repeals ObamaCare mandate, fulfilling longtime GOP goal

32 thoughts on “Release: Jackley Shreds “Clean” Campaign Pledge, Doubles Down on False Attacks Against Noem”

    1. Yeah, and it’s nice to see Kristi’s campaign bragging about the right things for a change.

      #CuttingAndGutting #Liberty

  1. That “clean campaign pledge” may be the error of the season…every time Jackley attacks Noem hits him over the head with it.

  2. Received a pretty good Fact Check sheet from MJ’s campaign after Thursday Night’s debate…this one actually had the sources to back up their facts. I’m sure they would be glad to share it with those of you that don’t believe believe everything you see and want the complete truth.

    1. Fact sheet was PROOF (congressional record…opinions from court, etc). that Noems statements are lies!

  3. MJ should have offered to sign a pledge IF NOEM ALSO DID. Now he’s either playing with one hand tied behind his back, or he’s breaking a pledge he never should have taken.

    1. If you sign a bill of sale to give me your car and I don’t give you any money, do you still have to give me your car?

      No document is effective unless both parties agree.

      1. Yes, and a lawyer would understand that. But he set himself up for this by announcing that he had signed it.

        1. then he missed the trick by not loudly pointing out that she would not and will not sign one.

  4. If Kristi wins, I vote Sutton in November. I do not want Washington in Pierre.

    1. Bye then. I don’t want a stagnated version of current Pierre in future Pierre.

      1. STOP–none of them are bad persons…question their judgment or tactics, Marty, Kristi, Billie whomever…but they are all good people in different ways

  5. Never voted Democrat in my life but if Satan shows his head and Noem pulls it off I will campaign as hard as I ever have for Billy! We do not need any more Washington corruption in our state!

    1. #Whatever

      If Kristi wins she cruises to victory, what will Sutton talk about? It will be a traditional GOP v Dem matchup and GOP will win running away.

      If Marty wins, Sutton talks about Corruption, cleaning Pierre, EB 5 Gearup, Kaiser Verdict & Settlement, and more

      Marty might still win, but it will be a lot more difficult and it gives the Democrats a platform to talk about corruption all fall

    2. Hahaha. You HAVE to be from Marty’s team. Only a sore loser would write such psychotic nonsense.

    3. You don’t think that the DC Democrats are licking their chops at even the slightest of chances they could gain a governorship in a red state? And with that comes good ole Washington corruption like we’ve never seen.

      1. We sent Kristi to Washington because we trusted her, because she’s a real South Dakotan who lost a chunk of her family farm to the IRS. Now you’re saying she’s flipped or something, like a secret agent for some non-descript Washington mob? Give me a break.

  6. Whichever of these two is nominated is the one I will most likely vote for in November. I fear there will be a lot of bad blood after this campaign. Surely these two people can say they believe their opponent is the second most qualified for the governorship.

    1. duggersd–you bring up a good point……the smartest thing would be that they take a breath enjoy the victory this week or lick the wounds of the loss and nominate the loser as Lt gov the next week…brings the party instantly together and we know that the loser is qualified to be governor–thoughts?

  7. To be honest, I just don’t like Marty anymore.

    I think he is a total phony. The fakest rancher/farmer ever…blanketing Kristi’s real experience just to get votes. It shows a real character flaw and decreases my trust in someone who is willing to intentionally misrepresent himself in such a way.
    To any real farmer/rancher, Marty is a joke.

    Then the victim mentality. Constantly playing victim, and trying to convince others that they are victims of Kristi. That’s not what a leader does, that’s what an instigator does.

    And the “blame DC” strategy. Playing these stupid games trying to put all the dysfunction of DC on Kristi’s shoulders when she’s been there doing the right thing is annoying and insulting to the voters intelligence.

    I voted for Noem already, but if Marty happens to pull this one off, you can be damn sure I’ll put my ego aside and support the republican nominee through the general.

    1. WD, agree totally with this. Marty’s victim ploy is old. And it seems like he’s reactive to everything. But still no answers to Kaiser issue. Just that he’s getting picked on. Ugh.

  8. SO tired of MJ not owning to his misdeeds. I might find a sliver of respect if he owned it and addressed the various situations appropriately. But, MJ has the personality type that would never do that. I wonder who would balance him out as a Lt. Gov. Let’s just say….that ticket will be heavy on EGO, EGO, EGO. Did I say ego? Noem on the other hand….oh, how SD would sing a very different, much more nostalgic tune.

  9. Anybody have a feel on who has a better GOTV organization for Tuesday? Might be the difference.

    Last Governor primary 75,000 voted. That year we also had a open Senate primary so that looks like a good comparison to this Governor/open Congress race. Maybe a bit more with both races being open.

    So let’s say it is 80,000. It will take 40,001 to win. In a close race having a 1,000 vote better GOTV effort can be the difference.

    1. P.S. It will also be interesting if the downtown Sioux Falls is a crime Mecca is going to have an effect and Kaiser ad(s). My point is in close races, you never know what will actually move the undecided. Too often conventional wisdom is wrong and it is only determined after the election.

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